Heaven Opened: The Riches of God's Covenant

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Reformation Heritage Books, 20. 1. 2021 - 352 strán (strany)
In Heaven Opened, Richard Alleine discusses the nature and blessings of God's gracious covenant with His people. He outlines in great detail the roles in this covenant of God, Christ, the Spirit, the earth, the angels of light, the powers of darkness, death, and the kingdom. Furthermore, he explains and admires the fruits of the covenant in the believer's life as it manifests itself in a renewed heart. The book ends with an equally moving exhortation to sinners and saints. See how God graciously opens the vaults of heaven to bless the souls of all those who come to Him in faith.

Table of Contents:
  • God in the Covenant
  • Christ in the Covenant
  • The Spirit in the Covenant
  • The Earth in the Covenant
  • The Angels of Light in the Covenant
  • The Powers of Darkness Delivered Over in the Covenant
  • Death in the Covenant
  • The Kingdom in the Covenant
  • All the Means of Salvation in the Covenant
  • A Heart to Know the Lord
  • One Heart
  • A Heart of Flesh
  • A Heart to Love the Lord
  • A Heart to Fear the Lord
  • Obedient in the Covenant
  • Perseverance in the Covenant
  • God Speaking from Mount Gerizim
  • A Soliloquy Representing the Believer's Triumph
  • An Exhortation to Sinners
  • An Exhortation to the Saints

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O tomto autorovi (2021)

Richard Alleine (1611-1681) was an English Puritan who served as a gospel minister at Batcombe, Somerset, for twenty years. He was removed from the ministry in 1662 with other Puritans for nonconformity and served as a preacher in Frome Selwood for the remainder of his life.

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