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and eyes.


70 To J. Hill Esq. With the memorable law-case between nose

Dec. 25.236
71 To the Revd. W. Unwin. With the same. Dec. ..240

72 TO J. Hill, Esq. On metrical law-cases; old age. Feb. 15.• 242
73 To the Revd. W. Unwin. Consolations on the asperity of a

. • April 2..244
74 To the same. Publication of his first volume. - May 1•• 248
75 To J. Hill, Esq. On the composition and publication of his
first volume.

May 9..250
76 To the Revd. W. Unwin. Reasons for not shewsng his pre-
face to Mr. Unwin.

May 10.. 252
77 To the same. Delay of his publication ; Vincent Bourne,
and his poems.

May 23..255
78 To the same. Correction of his proofs; on his horseman-

May 260
79 To the same. Mrs. Unwin's criticisms; a distinguishing

• June 5..262
80 To the same. On the design of his poems; Mr. Unwin's

June 24.. 265
81 To the same. Thanks for some rugs; on the fashion of
wearing wigs.

July 6..970
82 To the Revd. J. Newton. In rhyme, on his poetry,July 12.• 279
83 To the Revd. W. Unwin. Brighton amusements ;


jected authorship.

. Oct. 6. . 274
84 To Mrs Cowper. His first volume; death of a friend. 19.• 277
85 To the Revd. W. Unwin. Brighton dissipation ; education
of young Unwin.

. . Nov. 5..231
86 To the same. Origin and causes of soical feeling. Nov 26..284

87 To the same.
Johnson's character of Prior and Pope.

Jan. 5..288
88 To the same. Danger of criticism to the taste; young
Unwin's education. •

• Jan, 17.292


89 To the Revd.J. Newton. His intended publication. Feb. 2.297
90 To the same. Pleasures of authorship. ........Feb. 16.301
91 To the Revd. W. Unwin. Mr. Newton's preface ; the dig-
nity of authorship....

Feb. 24.. 303
92 To Lord Thurlow. With his first vol. of poems. Feb. 25..305
93 To the Revd. J. Newton. Thoughts on reproving kings.

Feb. ..307
94 To the same. Past and present politics. ...... March 6..310
95 To the Revd. W. Unwin. On the news-papers. March 7.813
96 To the Revd. J. Newton. Mr. Newton's preface, and John-
Sou's criticisms.

• March 14..315
The immediate success of his first volume not equal to its me-

Probable reasons of the neglect it at first experienced.......318
Example of Cowper's ingenuousness in speaking of himself. 319
The various kinds of excellence in his first volume........320

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