A Collection of Old English Plays: The tragedy of Nero. 1624. The mayde's metamorphosis. 1600. The martyr'd souldier [by] H. Shirley. 1638. The noble souldier, by S. R[owley] 1634

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Arthur Henry Bullen
Priv. print. by Wyman & sons, 1882

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Strana 255 - The Epilogue to the Reader. That this play's old, 'tis true ; but now, if any Should for that cause despise it, we have many Reasons, both just and pregnant, to maintain Antiquity, and those, too, not all vain. We know (and not long since) there was a time, Strong lines were not look'd after ; but if rhyme, Oh ! then 'twas excellent...
Strana 53 - Anchisae domus arboribusque obtecta recessit, clarescunt sonitus, armorumque ingruit horror. Excutior somno, et summi fastigia tecti ascensu supero, atque arrectis auribus adsto : in segetem veluti cum flamma furentibus austris incidit, aut rapidus montano flumine torrens sternit agros, sternit sata laeta boumque labores, praecipitisque trahit silvas, stupet inscius alto accipiens sonitum saxi de vertice pastor.
Strana 258 - When You See Me You Know Me; or the famous Chronicle Historic of King Henry VIII. with the Birth and virtuous Life of Edward Prince of Wales.
Strana 79 - ... et brevis atque eadem nocte dieque toga, o quam magnus homo es qui faece rubentis aceti et stipula et nigro pane carere potes! Leuconicis agedum tumeat tibi culcita lanis constringatque tuos purpura pexa toros...
Strana 118 - But beare that sound vpon her airie tong. Adorned with the presence of my loue The woods, I feare, such secret power shal proue As they'll shut vp each path, hide euery way, Because they still would haue her go astray, And in that place would alwaies haue her seene Only because they would be euer greene, And keepe the wingged Quiristers still there To banish winter cleane out of the yeare. But why persist I to bemone my state, When she is gone and my complaint too late?
Strana 55 - Bath'd in the blood of Priams fifty sonnes. Yet am not I appeas'd ; I must see more Then Towers and Collomns tumble to the ground ; 'Twas not the high built walls and guiltlesse stones That Nero did provoke : themselves must be the wood To feed this fire or quench it with their blood. Enter a Woman with a burnt Child.
Strana 129 - T/uy all daunce in a ring and sing, as followeth. Round about, round about, in a fine ring a, Thus we daunce, thus we daunce, and thus we sing a : Trip and go, too and fro, ouer this Greene a, All about, in and out, for our braue Queene a.
Strana 276 - Balta^ar, slighted by Dons. Bal. Thou god of good Apparell, what strange fellowes Are bound to do thee honour! Mercers books Shew mens devotions to thee; heaven cannot hold A Saint so stately. Do not my Dons know Because I'me poor in clothes? stood my beaten Taylor Playting my rich hose, my silke stocking-man Drawing upon my Lordships Courtly calfe Payres of Imbroydered things whose golden clockes Strike deeper to the faithfull shop-keepers heart Than into mine to pay him; — had my Barbour Perfum'd...
Strana 131 - Amilchars sonne, a gallant comely boy (Hight Hiacinth), full fifteene yeares of age, Whom I intended to haue made my Page; And bare as great affection to the boy As euer loue in Ganimede did ioy. Among the games my selfe put in a pledge, To trie my strength in throwing of the sledge; Which, poysing with my strained arme, I threw So farre that it beyond the other flew: My Hiacinth, delighting in the game, Desierd to proue his manhood in the same, And, catching ere the sledge lay still on ground, With...
Strana 82 - Linquenda tellus et domus et placens Uxor, neque harum quas colis arborum Te praeter invisas cupressos Ulla brevem dominum sequetur.

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