The Diary of Frances Lady Shelley, Zväzok 2

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Strana 39 - When the broken arches are black in night, And each shafted oriel glimmers white ; When the cold light's uncertain shower Streams on the ruined central tower ; When buttress and buttress, alternately, Seem framed of ebon and ivory ; When silver edges the imagery, And the scrolls that teach thee...
Strana 267 - You are aware that I have for years been sensible of the alteration produced in maritime warfare and operations by the application of steam to the propelling of ships at sea.
Strana 269 - Portsmouth, and I say that, excepting immediately under the fire of Dover Castle, there is not a spot on the coast on which infantry might not be thrown on shore at any time of tide, with any wind, and in any weather, and from which such body of infantry, so thrown on shore, would not find within the distance of five miles a road into the interior of the country, through the cliffs, practicable for the march of a body of troops.
Strana 121 - Ay, ay, sir," said old Baragat. "There she stands, the same as usual." "That makes it plain," said the captain, "that we are not yet half-way across, and I am very much afraid that I shall not be able to reach my dear daughter's house before Christmas.
Strana 267 - I have in vain endeavoured to awaken the attention of different Administrations to this state of things, as well known to our neighbours (rivals in power, at least former adversaries and enemies) as it is to ourselves.
Strana 272 - I am bordering upon seventy-seven years of age, passed in honour. " I hope that the Almighty may protect me from being the witness of the tragedy which I cannot persuade my contemporaries to take measures to avert.
Strana 40 - When buttress and buttress, alternately, Seem framed of ebon and ivory; When silver edges the imagery, And the scrolls that teach thee to live and die; When distant Tweed is heard to rave, And the owlet to hoot o'er the dead man's grave, Then go— but go alone the while — Then view St David's ruin'd pile ; And, home returning, soothly swear, Was never scene so sad and fair ! ii.
Strana 270 - I have done more. I have looked at and considered these localities in great detail, and have made up my mind upon the details of their defence. These are questions to which my mind has not been. unaccustomed. I have considered and provided for the defence, the successful defence, of the frontiers of many countries. You are the confidential head of the principal defensive part of the country.
Strana 312 - Not only that thy puissant arm could bind The tyrant of a world; and, conquering Fate, Enfranchise Europe, do I deem thee great; But that in all thy actions I do find Exact propriety: no gusts of mind Fitful and wild, but that continuous state Of ordered impulse mariners await In some benignant and enriching wind, — The breath ordained of Nature.
Strana 67 - HUNT 69 present them in Parliament. They also demanded the adoption of Major Cartwright's Bill. An assemblage of this kind was, in those days, an illegal proceeding, which amounted to an act of treason. The Manchester magistrates, in the exercise of their duty, forthwith issued a proclamation prohibiting the proposed meeting. This was bitterly resented by the demagogues, who determined to hold their meeting notwithstanding all orders to the contrary. The date of the meeting was postponed from August...

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