Teaching Christianity at Key Stage 2

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Church House Publishing, 2001 - 96 strán (strany)
Teaching Christianity at Key Stage 2 offers a wealth of invaluable resources and information. Each chapter introduces children to key Christian beliefs and practices, as well as providing plenty of practical activities and ideas for use in the classroom or for collective worship. Each of the chapters takes the pupils on a journey:

Through the Gospels - introducing the non-specialist teacher to some simple background theology;
Through the history of the Christian Church - offering cross-curricular opportunities with History;
Through the Church ́s year and practice of the Anglican Church today;
To the Church building, helping pupils to see not only the  ́bricks and mortar ́ but also the significance of these buildings for Christians.

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A journey through the Church past and present 15
A journey through the Church year 29
The Christian journey through life 58
A journey to a church 73
The Stations of the Cross 89
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