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FLED is that feafon of delight,

In which my heart from morn 'till night

Its fimple story joy'd to tell;


you approv'd, and—all was well.

offer'd ear

Breathe (not unheard) the hope-mix'd fear

Such was my happy lot of yore;

Such lot, alas! is mine no more.

To love, and in


Now all is chang'd; if at your feet
My tender paffion I repeat,

With dull cold smile you bid me rife;

While anger flashes from your eyes.

Those eyes once Love and


With fofter radiance could inspire:

Mild luftre once their orbs could dart ;

Now all is chang'd-except my heart!

H 2



farewell! And with thee too adieu,

Joys left as foon as tafted! They are gone, Even like some pleasant dream by hasty dawn Scar'd from the lover's pillow: Fast they flew,

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And long will they be abfent. I meanwhile
(Sooth'd by the memory of the white-arm'd maid,
With whom among thy moonlight scenes I ftray'd)
With melancholy minftrelfy beguile

The lonely hour. But me whate'er betide,
Whether on life's tempeftuous ocean toft
Hopeless I view the ftill-retiring coast,
Or my frail bark propitious Tritons guide




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Through fmiling feas-on Her may profperous fate, With its long train of changeless raptures, wait!


GROVES, that of late I lov'd so well, adieu !

Dear to my foul, accept its parting figh:

Yet oft fhall Memory your loft shades review,
Still shall you flourish to her faithful eye.

There was a time when through your bowers to rove, And with untutor'd fingers touch the lyre;

My breast unvifited of other love,

Than fuch as PHŒBUS and his train inspire,

Delighted me, Ah! Time of bliss, return

With healing on thy wings!-In vain I cry : Deftin'd in hopeless mifery to mourn,

In vain I roam beneath another sky;

And 'mid new scenes the fugitive explore :
For joy fhall folace this fad heart no more.



as through thy cliff-fprung woods I rove (Still pausing, while I muse on Youth's brief day: How faft his fhadowy raptures fleet away; How oft his heart, that seat of faithful love,

Is doom'd to love in vain) my anguish'd mind
Sighs to behold in spiral eddies round
Thy foliage, fcatter'd by the wild Northwind,
With faded verdure ftrew the fallow ground.

-But 'tis the season's wreck: Not unforeseen,
The deepening tempeft howls in Autumn's ear;
Me the storm blasted, ere I learn'd to fear
Its fatal rage, while yet my leaf was green:

Scarce had my May begun her foft career,
When stern December clos'd the hafty year.


IN times fo long paft (though I still am but young)

That I scarcely their transports can trace, Enraptur'd I caught the soft lifp of thy tongue; And totter'd-for then I but totter'd-along, To clasp thee in childish embrace.

As we grew up together, each day I beheld,
With feelings unkindled before,

Thy yesterday's beauties by new ones excell'd;
Nor, boy as I was, from those beauties withheld

My heart :-Could I offer thee more ?

Even now, when the fever of youth is gone by,
And I glow with more temperate fire,
Delighted I dwell on thy foul-beaming eye;
And, heaving perhaps ftill too ardent a sigh,
Survey thee with chaften'd defire.

Oh! come then and give me, dear Maiden, thy charms;

For life is alas! on the wing:

Our fummer ere long will be fled; in these arms

Let me fhield thee, my Fair One, from winter's alarms:

Oh! listen to love, while 'tis spring.

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