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Return, and let advancing Time behold
Regenerate man, and other years of gold.

Then shall no feuds our triple realm divide,
No traitor point the dagger at its fide;

But each with patriot toils his hours shall crown,
And in his country's welfare find his own.

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Tempore quo primum veftis mihi tradita pura eft,
Jucundum cùm ætas florida ver ageret,
Multa fatis lufi: non eft Dea nefcia noftri,
Que dulcem curis mifcet amaritiem.

CATULL. Ixvi. 15.



on my early youth I love to dwell,"

When by my father's fide, a ftripling boy,

I paced with steps unequal; fain to tell

Of fome new-practised game, fome new-bought toy.

How oft with blifs, which later days deny,
My prattling tongue its story would repeat !
Bounding beneath his tender fmile, how high
With blameless pride my filial heart would beat!

O for those hours of extasy again,

Which thus on life's sweet prime their luftre fhed!

The radiant season I invite in vain,

With second beam to gild this orphan head:

It comes not twice. Nor boots it to repine;

I with his ashes foon may mingle mine.

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