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Or if, ordain'd by stubborn fate,

I drag th' eternal chain;

Doom'd, as I bend beneath its weight,

To court relief in vain :

To MYRA equal toil impart,

On her thy pang bestow


Thrill with love's agony her heart,

And bid her fuffer too.

Sin, quæ difpenfant mortalia fila, forores

Impofito prohibent folvere colla jugo; Si me fata jubent æternam ferre catenam, Nec prodeft votis follicitâffe Deos—

Tu faltèm MIRÆ parilem, puer, incute plagam;
Languefcat, quæfo, vulnere nympha pari :
Hæc quoque cognofcat quid fit fuccumbere amori,
Tranfadigatque animas una fagitta duas.

Quæritis, undè mihi toties scribantur amores?
Undè meus veniat mollis in ora liber?
Non mi Calliope, non hæc mihi cantat Apollo ;
Ingenium nobis ipfa puella facit.

PROPERT. II. i. 1.


Y many forrows pierc'd before,

In early youth I bow'd;

Nor least the pang my bosom bore,

When love's first fury glow'd:

'Till her harsh medicine Defpair,

Severely kind, apply'd;

Tugg'd at the fhaft with friendly care,
And wrung it from my fide:

Stern is her art, but fure to heal

Love's woes (those woes abound!) If memory with officious zeal

Vex not the closing wound.

And fhall again infidious Hope

With firen voice beguile ?

Twice muft I with the terrors cope,

That throng a woman's fmile?

Upon that fair and faithless main,

heart was tost,


my young

Shall I embark-to be again

In fecond ruin loft?


yes. I reck not, let it come;

Love's tempeft I defy:

With conscious rashness court my doom,

And dare--although I die.



è Grantâ exituram.

NOSTRI præfidium et decus theatri,

O tu Melpomenes feverioris

Certè filia! Quam decore formæ
Donavit Cytherea; quam Minerva

Duxit per dubiæ vias juventæ,

Per plaufus populi periculofos,
Nec lapfam-precor ô nec in futurum
Lapfuram :-fatis at Camœna dignis
Quæ te commemoret modis ? Acerbos
Seu proferre MONIMIE dolores,
Frater cum vetitos (nefas!) ruebat
In fratris thalamos parùmque cafto
Vexabat pede; five JULIETTÆ

Luctantes odio paterno amores

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