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MAID of unboaftful charms! whom white-rob'd Truth

Right onward guiding through the maze of youth,
Forbade the Circe Praise to witch thy foul;

And dash'd to earth th' intoxicating bowl:
Thee meek-ey'd Pity, eloquently fair,
Clafp'd to her bosom with a mother's care;
And, as she lov'd thy kindred form to trace,
The flow smile wander'd o'er her pallid face.

For never yet did mortal voice impart
Tones more congenial to the fadden'd heart :
Whether, to rouse the fympathetic glow,

Thou poureft lone MONIMIA's tale of woe;
Or haply cloatheft with funereal vest

The bridal loves that wept in JULIET's breast.

Mavis fingere te fequuntur Horror,
Arrectufque comas Pavor; viciffim
In fletum populus jubetur ire,
Et fufpiria personant theatrum.

Mox divinior enitefcis, altrix
Altoris vigil et parens parentis :
At non Græcia fola vindicabit
Paternæ columen decufque vitæ

Natam; reftat item patri Britanno

Et par EUPHRASIÆ puella*, quamque

Ad scenam pietas tulit paternam.

O BRUNTONA, citò exitura virgo

Et visu citò subtrahenda nostro,

Breves delicia dolorque longus!

* Quippe quæ (claufis in urbe, ob Ducis Cumbrienfis mortem, theatris) in arenam municipalem, ubi pater tunc temporis ludos fcenicos edebat, defcendere non erubuerit.

O'er our chill limbs the thrilling Terrors creep,
Th' entranced Paffions their ftill vigil keep;
While the deep fighs, responsive to the song,
Sound through the filence of the trembling throng.

But purer raptures lighten'd from thy face,
And spread o'er all thy form an holier grace;
When from the daughter's breasts the father drew
The life he gave, and mix'd the big tear's dew.

Nor was it thine th' heroic ftrain to roll
With mimic feelings foreign from the foul:
Bright in thy parent's eye we mark'd the tear;
Methought he said, "Thou art no Actress here!

"A femblance of thyself the Grecian dame,
"And BRUNTON and EUPHRASIA ftill the same !"


Greffum fifte parumper, oro; teque Virtutefque tuas lyrâ fonandas

Tradet Granta fuis viciffim alumnis.


O foon to seek the city's busier scene,

Pause thee awhile, thou chafte-ey'd maid ferene! 'Till Granta's fons from all her facred bowers

With grateful hand shall weave Pierian flowers
To twine a fragrant chaplet round thy brow,
Enchanting ministress of virtuous woe *


* This tranflation was fent to Miís BRUNTON, fifter of the lady (Mrs. MERRY) who is the subject of the original verses, with the following lines, which I shall be excused for inserting :

That darling of the Tragic Mufe—
When WRANGHAM fung her praise,
THALIA loft her rofy hues

And ficken'd at his lays :

But tranfient was th' unwonted figh;
For foon the Goddess 'fpied

A fifter form of mirthful eye,

And danc'd for joy and cried :

"Meek Pity's sweetest child, proud dame,
"The fates have given to you!

"Still bid your Poet boast her name;
"I have my BRUNTON too."

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