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Cernunt effigiem, dies tenebris

Visa horrefcere publicisque pompa

Defleri lacrymis: canente nullâ

Io voce Triumphe, victor orbis
Solus fecum ovat: ultimum fuorum
Mavult Roma dolere; CESARIque
Minor gloria quam fuit CATONI.

Hunc tu foveris: hic tuos, Britanni
Quifquis nomine gaudeas, moveto
Plaufus. Non potuit CATO ille Major
Urbem ferre fcientiâ inquinatam
Græca; Gallica nos fatis theatra,
Fractæque ex Italo ore cantilenæ
Ceperunt; fapiat fibi, atque scena

Æftu jam patrio fremat: Britannis
Ifthæc fabula convenit, feverus

Quam non ipfe CATO audiens ruberet.


COME here, fond youth, whoe'er thou be

That boaft'ft to love as well as me;

And, if thy breast have felt so wide a wound,

Come hither and thy flame approve :

I'll teach thee what it is to love,

And by what marks true paffion may be found.

It is to be all bath'd in tears,

To live upon a smile for years, To lie whole ages at a beauty's feet;


To kneel, to languish, to implore,

And ftill-though she disdain-adore:

It is to do all this, and think thy fufferings sweet.

*SHAKSPEARE has given us fimilar characteristics of this paffion:

It is to be made all of fighs and tears ;

It is to be all made of faith and service ;

It is to be made all of fantafy,

All made of paffion, and all made of wishes;
All adoration, duty and obfervance ;



FERRE parem noftris qui te, puer, ignibus ignem

Jactas-fi caleat quis tamen igne pari;

Infelix, tua vota refer: referam ipfe viciffim,
Quid fit Amor; pateat qualibus ille notis.


Eft-unum in totos rifum depascier annos;

Eft-folvi in lacrymas; fundere vota, preces:
Ante pedes femper volvi et languere puellæ ;
Si fugit illa, fequi-fic cupere ufque fequi.

All humblenefs, all patience and impatience;
All purity, all trial, all observance.

AS YOU LIKE IT, act v. fc. 2.

In a French writer we find a parallel description:
Par fon refpect l'Amour vrai fe declare;
C'est lui qui craint, qui fe fuit, qui f'egare;
Qui d'un regard fait son suprême bien,
Défire tout, prétend peu, n'ofe rien †.

+ Brama affai, poco fpera, nulla chiede.

Le Taffe.

It is to gaze upon her

With eager joy and fond furpriseYet temper'd with such chaste and awful fear, As wretches feel who wait their doom; Nor muft one ruder thought prefume, Though but in whispers breath'd, to meet her car.


It is to hope, though hope were lost,

Though Heaven and earth thy wishes crofs'd; Though fhe were bright as fainted queens above, And thou the leaft and meanest swain

That folds his flock

upon the plain,

Yet if thou dar'st not hope-thou dost not love.

It is to quench thy joy in tears,

To nurse strange thoughts and groundless fears;

If pangs of jealousy thou haft not prov'd,

Though fhe were fonder and more true

Than any nymph old poets drew,

O never dream again that thou haft lov'd.


Eft-in virgineo defixum hærere obtutu;

Pectora dum cohibet (ceu peritura) timor,

Ne quà fortè procax vel ab imo corde fufurrus

Auriculas ftringat commaculetque genas.


Eft-fpe dimiffâ, non defperare; refiftant

Si votis homines, fi Deus ipfe, tuis: Illa licèt Venerem fuperet, tuque infimus, acris Ni te fpes foveat-non tibi notus Amor.


Eft-lacrymas inter gaudere, et gaudia luctu
Mifcere; eft pactâ contremere usque fide :
Namque licèt caftâ fit caftior illa Dianâ,

Ni fic horrueris-non tibi notus Amor.

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