The Scottish Historical Review, Zväzok 15

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James Maclehose
Edinburgh University Press for the Scottish Historical Review Trust, 1918
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A new series of the Scottish antiquary established 1886.

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Strana 296 - From councils senseless as intolerant Their warrant. Bodies fall by wild sword-law ; • But who would force the Soul, tilts with a straw Against a Champion cased in adamant.
Strana 23 - At first in heart it liked me ill, When the King praised his clerkly skill. Thanks to St. Bothan, son of mine, Save Gawain, ne'er could pen a line.
Strana 62 - Far, far aloof th' affrighted ravens sail ; The famish'd eagle screams, and passes by. Dear lost companions of my tuneful art, Dear as the light that visits these sad eyes, Dear as the ruddy drops that warm my heart, Ye died amidst your dying country's cries — No more I weep.
Strana 185 - We are now members for a rich commercial city, this city, however, is but a part of a rich commercial nation, the interests of which are various, multiform, and intricate.
Strana 341 - Any Paper containing public News, Intelligence, or Occurrences printed in any Part of the United Kingdom to be dispersed and made public...
Strana 71 - I will not, I cannot enter into the merits of the cause, but I dare say the American Congress, in 1776, will be allowed to be as able and as enlightened as the English Convention .was in 1688 ; and that their posterity will celebrate the centenary of their deliverance from us, as duly and sincerely as we do ours from the oppressive measures of the wrong-headed house of Stewart.
Strana 277 - The story ran that these wicked men used in their revels to play at the torments of hell, and to call each other by the names of devils and damned souls. The chief of this Tophet, a soldier of distinguished courage and professional skill, but rapacious and profane, of violent temper and of obdurate heart, has left a name which, wherever the Scottish race is settled on the face of the globe, is mentioned with a peculiar energy of hatred.
Strana 4 - ... be your rulers and princes. For albeit God hath put and ordained distinction and difference betwixt the king and subjects, betwixt the rulers and the common people, in the regiment and administration of civil policies, yet in the hope of the life to come He hath made all equal.
Strana 343 - ... and which shall not exceed Two Sheets as aforesaid, or which shall be published for Sale at a less Price than Sixpence ;' Be it therefore enacted, That from and after Ten Days after the passing of this Act, the Printer or Publisher of any Pamphlet or other Paper for Sale, containing any Public News, Intelligence or Occurrences, or any Remarks or Observations thereon, or on any Matter in Church or State...
Strana 317 - Doctor, notwithstanding that his owne confession appeareth, remaining in recorde under his owne hande writting, and the same thereunto fixed in the presence of the Kings Majestie and sundrie of his Councell, yet did hee utterly denie the same. Whereupon the Kings Majestie, perceiving his stubborne wilfulnesse, conceived and imagined, that in the time of his absence, hee had entered into newe conference and league with the Devill his maister'.

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