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Various, that the mind of desultory man, studious of change and pleased with novelty, may be indulged-Cowp.

Vol. V.

Philadelphia, Saturday, January 2, 1808.

No. 1.



will be generally predominant in For The Port Folio.

those visions of Futurity, with

which, we may presume, men of reTHE LAY PREACHER.

flection as well as sensibility are fa"See, then, that ye walk circumspectly, voured. They will sorrow for the not as fools

, but as wise, redeeming the negligences and errours of the past TIME.”

time, but they will exult in pleasing IN the calendar of every contem- dreams of better days to come. The plative man, the arrival of a new face of every moralizer, at such a YEAR will be noted as a memorable period, is the changeful face of April. epoch. Amid the bustle of busi- | As his emotions are various, their ness, or the blandishments of plea-expressions will be so. Sometimes sure, he will hear, distinctly, the there will “ appear much joy in voice of Time, and, by a natural as- him," but then joy cannot show itsociation, be led to meditate on the self without a badge of bitterness. past, and to project for the future. “He will break out into tears, a As he communes with his own kind overflow of kindness;" but heart, in the recesses of retirement, we hardly need the authority of various powers will hover over his SHAKSPEARE's affectionate goverhead, in Reflection's hour. Memo- nour of Messina to assert, that there ry will sometimes appear to him are no faces truer, than those that with a gay, and sometimes with a

are so washed. ghastly train, and pining Regret and To me, January generally comes corroding Remorse will insert their up with a jocund air, and kind asthorns amid the buds of sanguine surances, like a liberal friend, with Expectation, and the fairest roses of not only brightness in his eye, and Promise. Buthonest Purposes, good a smile on his cheek, but warmth in Resolution, and cheering Hope his heart, and gifts in his hand.



Though this personage is generally curately informed, nor is it very reputed austere, and many shudder material to inquire. It is highly at his approach, and shiver in his probable, from the antithesis in the presence, I have always found my- text, that they were so. Perhaps self very comfortable in his compa- every Ephesian would waste many ny. He treats me with benignity, a year either asleep in the dormitoand after the

very law of kindness. ry of Indolence, or broad aw ke and He amuses my imagination with his vociferous in the pavilion of Revelry, holydays and his pageants. He or wallowing in the sty of Intempesooths my car with merry musick, rance. Prodigal of his fortune, and he regales my palate with those prodigal of his health, and more laChristmas pies, which my Mother vish of his hours, he would lend Church has made so sweet and sa-them to every impertinent and pervoury. But this is only the least fidious borrower, and never think part of his benevolence. With his of redeeming the precious pledge. admirable admonitions he NOU- Such egregious Folly, and such au

He urges me to dacious Vice deserved all the admoforsake the Fair of Vanity and the nition of an Apostle. He could not mob of men, and by the radiance of behold these infatuated Ephesians, his bright fires, and brighter lamps, thus wandering in the mazes of Abto read, what deserves to be re- surdity and Iniquity; all desperate membered, and to write what, possi- on the very brink of Destruction; bly, some may read. The wind, and all darkling in the shadow and rain, and hail, that often beat of Death. Like an experienced, about his dwelling I heed not, nor a faithful, and a trusty guide, he inam I chilled into torpor by that be- dicates the paths of Honour, Peace, numbing Frost, and that cold, spe- and Security, and then to each pilcious dissembler, Snow, who some- grim exclaims, See that ye walk times appear by his side. Let all circumspecily, not as foois, but as the Demons of the Tempest howl wise. He does not content himself for admission at my casement, I am merely with suggesting a plan of careless of their importunity, for I Prudence, but correctly indicates the have my Bible and my Shakspeare mode of its accomplishment. A for my protection and solace. better mode the wit of man could

At the very mention of the Bles- not devise, or even the eloquence sed Book I open it, with reverence; of an Angel enforce. This was by and in the very elegant epistle to


with the Ephesians, what admirable ad- equal emphasis and elegance, it is vice do I receive from Saint Paul, expressed in the Epistle. This is and how appropriate, at this season, one of those brilliant metaphors, by to my readers and to me.

whose glory the Scriptures are injunction of Prudence, uttered with so often illuminated, and whose the most friendly voice of Caution. splendour, like that of the Sun, is

“See, then, that ye walk circum- not merely a sparkling, but a salutaspectly, not as fools, but as wise, re- ry light. The weight of the Aposdeeming the time.

tle's admonition is much more forWhether the citizens of Ephe- cibly impressed by this figure than sus, like most of the inhabitants of by that plainness of speech, which he every other metropolis, were some judiciously employed on other octimes gay, and careless, and thought-casions. With his usual artfulless, and dissipated, we are not ac- ness of address, and his consum


It is an

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