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On the following SUBJECTS,

VIZ I. Of Prayer.

|XIII. Of Right IntentiII. Of Forms of Prayer. on.

XIV, Wicked Men inju

rious to their own Soals. V. An Exposition XV. The Misery of a Lare VI.

} VII.

Repentance. of the

XVI. The natural TenVIII. LORD's Prayer. dency of Well-doing to IX.

secure us against Harms

from Men. XI. Of Religious Fasting. XVII. The Government XII. Of Spiritual Wor- of the Passions.

Ill. IV.


By the late Reverend Dr. WILLIAM C LAG ETT,

P R E A CHER to the Honourable Society of Grays-Inn. Now first publishd from the ORIGINALS, by N. Clagett, D. D. Archdeacon of Sudbury, the AUTHOR's Brother.

V O L. II.

.LO N D ON, Printed for JAMES KNAPT ON at the

Crown, and JOHN Wyat at the Rofe, in
St. Paul's Church-yard, MDccxx.

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