The Queen's Comrade: The Life and Times of Sarah, Duchess of Marlborough, Zväzok 2

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Hutchinson & Company, 1901 - 658 strán (strany)

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Strana 547 - There is no example of any one that has died in it ; and you may believe I am well satisfied of the safety of this experiment, since I intend to try it on my dear little son. I am patriot enough to take pains to bring this useful invention into fashion in England...
Strana 355 - I have not time to say more, but to beg you will give my duty to the queen, and let her know her army has had a glorious victory. M. Tallard and two other generals are in my coach, and I am following the rest. The bearer, my aide-de-camp, Colonel Parke, will give her an account of what has passed. I shall do it, in a day or two, by another more at large. MARLBOROUGH.
Strana 626 - is dying — but who can tell ! last year she had lain a great while ill, without speaking ; her physicians said, 'She must be blistered, or she will die.' She called out, ' I won't be blistered, and I won't die.
Strana 532 - The queen has told all the lords the reasons of her parting with him, viz., "that he neglected all business ; that he was seldom to be understood ; that when he did explain himself, she could not depend upon the truth of what he said ; that he never came to her at the time she appointed ; that he often came drunk ; lastly, to crown all, he behaved himself towards her with bad manners, indecency, and disrespect.
Strana 635 - Our friend Pope, it seems, corrected and prepared for the press, just before his death, an edition of the four Epistles that follow the Essay on Man. They were then printed off, and are now ready for publication. I am sorry for it, because, if he could be excused for writing the character of Atossa formerly, there is no excuse for his design of publishing it after he had received the favour you and I know ; and the character of Atossa is inserted. I have a copy of the book.
Strana 578 - St. James's, Dec. 17. 1720. — Whatever I may have been told upon your account, I think I have shown, on all occasions, the value I have for the services of the duke, your husband ; and I am always disposed to judge of him and you by the behaviour of each of you in regard to my service. Upon which, I pray God, my Lady Marlborough, to preserve you in all happiness.
Strana 432 - ... there. I said that was impossible ; what could she do in such a dismal place ? and I made use of all the arguments that are common upon that head, but all in vain ; she persisted that she would stay at Kensington.
Strana 370 - I believe dear Mrs. Freeman and I shall not disagree, as we have formerly done, for I am sensible of the services those people have done me that you have a good opinion of [the Whigs'], and will countenance them, and am thoroughly convinced of the malice and insolence of them [the Tories] that you have been always speaking against.
Strana 485 - Though I never thought of troubling your majesty in this manner again, yet the circumstances I see my lord Marlborough in, and the apprehension I have that he cannot live six months, if there is not some end put to his sufferings, on my account, makes it impossible for me to resist doing every thing in my power to ease him...
Strana 497 - Madam ; I am very sensible of the honour your majesty does me, in dismissing me from your service, by a letter of your own hand, though I find by it that my enemies have been able to prevail with your majesty, to do it in the manner that is most injurious to me. And if their malice and inveteracy against me had not been more powerful with them than the consideration of your majesty's honour and justice, they would not have influenced you to impute the occasion of my dismission, to a false and malicious...

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