Biblical theology of the New Testament, tr. by D. Eaton (J.E. Duguid).

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Strana 451 - This work will prove of great service to many; it supplies a distinct want in our theological literature, and it is sure to meet with welcome from readers who wish a popular book of reference on points of historical, biographical, and theological interest. Many of the articles give facts which may be sought far and wide, and in vain in our encyclopaedias.
Strana 97 - And if it is said, Eph. iii. 9, that the mystery of salvation was hid from eternity in God, who created the universe, it is indicated by this characteristic of God, that the purpose of salvation is connected in the closest way with the plan of the world, which began to be realized in creation ; and that purpose having been formed by the Creator before the creation of the world, was regulative even in its creation.
Strana 273 - Jesus here appears, is the image of a lamb (apvLov : twentynine times), and, to be sure, as slain (v. 6, 12, xiii. 8 ; comp. vii. 14).2 From this it is clear that His suffering and death is the foundation of His Messianic work, as He then also, like the Messianic High Priest of the Epistle to the Hebrews (§ 119), appears & priori in priestly garments (i. 13). If the Christians have washed their robes and made them clean in the blood of the Lamb (vii.
Strana 107 - Schenkel, p. 283, footnote 3), is contrary to the Scriptures. A bringing back of the world of spirits hostile to God — which, moreover, is considered as definitely bad — is as far away from the biblical view as is also a need of redemption on the part of the angel world, and therefore the author felt no need to guard his expressions against both these thoughts. In the work of redemption the angels have no share, because they do not need it, and hence they appear, as with Peter (comp. § 50, a,...
Strana 451 - As a comprehensive work of reference, within a moderate compass, we know nothing at all equal to it in the large department which it deals with.
Strana 246 - Jude 10 ; comp. ii. 12, 19}. special sense, for which this present form of the world is, so to speak, reserved (ver. 7). On the day of the Lord the heavens will be dissolved in fire, and will pass away with a noise ; their firm elements, by which, perhaps, he is thinking of the stars, will melt with the heat, and the earth with all its works will be burnt up (vv. 10, 12). Since, now, the godless will be destroyed on that day (ver. 7), and, according to ver.
Strana 142 - Naturally it is required throughout that the disciple follow the doctrines of the master, is guided by them in all his teaching (I. iv. 6 ; II. iii 10, 14). But the most important interest of our Epistles is how doctrine is to be kept pure for the future in the Church, which is the pillar and ground of the truth (I.

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