From an Island: A Story and Some Essays

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Bernhard Tauchnitz, 1877 - 280 strán (strany)

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Strana 241 - The berries crackle, and the mill turns round; On shining altars of Japan they raise The silver lamp; the fiery spirits blaze: From silver spouts the grateful liquors glide, While China's earth receives the smoking tide: At once they gratify their scent and taste, And frequent cups prolong the rich repast.
Strana 124 - After these two noble fruits of friendship, (peace in the affections, and support of the judgment,) followeth the last fruit ; which is like the pomegranate, full of many kernels ; I mean aid and bearing a part in all actions and occasions. Here the best way to represent to life the manifold use of friendship, is to cast and see how many things there are which a man cannot do himself; and then it will appear that it was a sparing speech of the ancients, to say, that a friend is another himself; for...
Strana 12 - Still Waters," Author of— Still Waters I v. Dorothy i v. De Cressy I v. Uncle Ralph I v. Maiden Sisters Iv. Martha Brown I v. Vanessa I v. MC Stirling: Two Tales of Married Life 2v. Vol. II, A True Man, Vol. I. vide GM Craik. "The Story of Elizabeth,
Strana 145 - I hope I do justice to all that is felt by you, and by those who resemble you. G-od forbid that I should undervalue the warm and faithful feelings of any of my fellow-creatures! I should deserve utter contempt if I dared to suppose that true attachment and constancy were known only by woman. No, I believe you capable of everything great and good in your married lives.
Strana 145 - All the privilege I claim for my own sex (it is not a very enviable one; you need not covet it), is that of loving longest, when existence or when hope is gone.
Strana 10 - Chapel 2 v. The Perpetual Curate 2 v. Miss Marjoribanks 2 v. Ombra 2 v. Memoir of Count de Montalembert 2 v. May 2 v. Innocent 2 v. For Love and Life 2 v. A Rose in June i v.
Strana 13 - S. Warren: Passages from the Diary of a late Physician 2 v. Ten Thousand a-Year 3 v. Now and Then i v. The Lily and the Bee I v. "Waterdale Neighbours/
Strana 15 - Flower, Fruit and Thorn Pieces: or the Married Life, Death, and Wedding of the Advocate of the Poor, Firmian Stanislaus Siebenkas.
Strana 5 - Poor Miss Finch 2 v. Miss or Mrs. ? i v. The New Magdalen 2 v. The Frozen Deep i v. The Law and the Lady 2 v. The Two Destinies i v. My Lady's Money, and Percy and the Prophet i v.
Strana 4 - Dunbar 2 v. The Doctor's Wife 2 v. Only a Clod 2 v. Sir Jasper's Tenant 2 v. The Lady's Mile 2 v.

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