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lanug-o, inis, f. fur upon fruits, G. ii. 51. lapsus, par. piercing, penetrating, G. iii. 457. lar, laris, m. substance, G. iii. 344.

lentus, adj. viscid, clammy, viscous, G. iii. 281. iv. 160. slender, pliant, flexible, E. i. 26. iii. 8, 83. v. 16, 31. ix. 42. x. 40. G. i. 265. ii. 12. iii. 208, 434, (bending,) 558. softened, malleable, ductile, G. iv. 170. drizzling, falling by drops, G. i. 290. lying careless, at ease, E. i. 4.

lex, legis, f. a term, condition, covenant, G. iv. 487. a league, G. i. 510.

lim-es, itis, m. a path between the rows of vines (glade,) G. ii. 278. lino, v. 3. I fill up, stop, G. iv. 39.

liquidus, adj. pure, serene, G. i. 404.

longe, adv. long beforehand, G. iv. 70. xii. 452.
loqu-ens, entis, par. echoing, whispering, E. viii. 22.
lustro, v. 1. I wander over, G. iv. 519.
lux, lucis, f. life, G. iv. 255.

Malignus, adj. not to be cultivated, barren, G. ii. 179.

mal-um, i, n. an apple, E. vi. 61. viii. 53. G. ii. 33. (and is taken for other fruits,) a quince, E. ii. 51. a citron, G. ii. 127. marit-us, i, m. a stallion, horse, G. iii. 125.

mas, maris, m. a bull, G. iii. 64.

mat-er, ris, f. parent-tree, plant, G. ii. 19, 23, 55. parent-earth, G. ii. 268.

maturo, v. 1. (I do a thing at leisure,) G. i. 261.

meditatus, par. bringing (upon,) exercising (with,) G. iii. 153. meditor, v. 1. I practise, play, tune, E. i. 2. vi. 8. Í devise, E. v. 61. memini, v. def. I rehearse, recite (by turns,) E. vii. 19. I make mention of, (sing,) G. iii. 90.

merc-es, edis, f. pains, labour, G. ii. 62.

metior, v. 4. I survey, pass, ride over, G. iv. 389.

mico, v. 1. I prick up, (quicken,) G. iii. 84. I dart out, G. iii. 439. minist-er, ri, m. a minister, priest, G. iii. 488.

misceor, v. 2. I am disturbed, troubled, G. i. 359. I crowd, thicken, muster, G. iv. 76, 311.

mit-is, e, adj. mellow, ripe, E. i. 81.

molitus, par. having worked (with a plough,) G. i. 494.
monstr-um, i, n. a pernicious animal, G. i. 185.
morb-us, i, m. tainted, infected, air, G. iii. 478.
mors, mortis, f. annihilation, exinanition, G. iv. 226.

mun us, eris, n. an offering, E. iii. 63, 68. a sacrifice, oblation, G. iv. 534. a rite, G. iv. 520. use, purpose, G. iv. 40. tempting appearance, G. iii. 391.

mutatus, par. transplanted, G. ii. 50..

Nat-ans, antis, par. floating, waving, G. iii. 198.

nem-us, oris, n. the trees of a grove, forest, or vineyard, G. ii. 308. vines, G. ii. 401.

nid-us, i, m. (a bee-) hive, G. iv. 56.

nit-ens, entis, par. (v. niteo,) rich, fertile, G. i. 153.
nitor, v. 3. I tend, grow, shoot, G. ii. 428.

novus, adj. admirable, excellent, extraordinary, E. iii. 86. darkness,
G. i. 328. dark cloud, G. iv. 497.

nub-es, is, f. a swarm (of bees like a cloud,) G. iv. 60, 557.
numer-us, i, m. the measure or time of a dance, E. vi. 27.
nux, nucis, f. a chesnut, E. ii. 52. an almond, G. i. 187.

Oblitus, par. having lost, G. ii. 59.
operatus, par. sacrificing, G. i. 339.
oppid-um, i, n. a hive, cell, G. iv. 178.

oppositus, par. lying between, G. iii. 213.

or-a, æ, f. a cranny, air or vent-hole, the side or edges of a bee-hive,
G. iv. 39, 188.

ord-o, inis, m. ex ordine, without intermission, continually, G. iii.
341. iv. 507.

orig-o, inis, f. the first breed, G. iii. 122, 473.

ornatus, par. crowned, E. vi. 68. G. iii. 21.

os, oris, n. a muzzle, G. iii. 399. a bill, beak, G. iv. 17. a vizard,
mask, G. ii. 387. a discourse, G. iii. 9.

Pabul-um, i, n. materials for making honey, G. iv. 9.
partes, pl. f. the secrets, mysteries, G. ii. 483.

parturio, v. 4. I bloom, bud, E. iii. 56. G. ii. 330.
penetrabilis, adj. penetrating, G. i. 93.

peto, v. 3. I court, woo, G. iv. 218. I run towards, G. iii. 522.
I attack, invade, G. ii. 505. I pelt, E. iii. 64. I butt, E. iii. 87.
pix, picis, f. the pitch-tree, (pine, fir,) G. ii. 438.
placit-um, i, n. what one cares for, what seemeth good or just,

E. vii. 27.

plant-a, æ, f. a plant, sprig, slip, cion, G. ii. 23, (seedling,) 65, 80,

300. iv. 115.

plausus, par. patted, G. iii. 186.

pocul-um, i, n. a watering trough, E. viii. 28.

podagr-a, æ, f. the foot-rot, G. iii. 299.

pom-um, i, n. a prune, plum, E. ii. 53. a pear, E. ix. 50. an apple-

tree, or any tree that beareth fruit, G. ii. 426.

portit-or, oris, m. a ferry-man, (Charon,) G. iv. 502, &c.

potus, par. being drunk up, G. iv. 120.

præcipio, v. 3. I dry up, E. iii. 98.
præd-a, æ, f. provision, food, G. ii. 60.

præs-ens, entis, adj. favourable, propitious, E. i. 42. G. i. 10.
speedily efficacious, G. ii. 127.

præsep-e, is, n. a bee-hive, G. iv. 168.

prætendo, v. 3. I raise before, inclose, fence, hedge, G. i. 270.
præveni-ens, entis, par. ushering in, E. viii. 17.

prem-ens, entis, par. keeping-curbing-in, G. iii. 85. setting,
planting, G. iv. 131. lop, G. i. 157.

pressus, par. laden, G. i. 303.
prior, adj. native, G. ii. 59.
prohibeo, v. 2. I keep off, sever, G. iii. 398.
prol-es, is, f. a shoot (of a tree or plant,) G. ii. 3.

propag-o, inis, f. a branch, tendril, shoot, G. ii. 26. a layer, or inarching (by a tendril,) G. ii. 63.

prosequor, v. 3. I tell, describe, treat of, G. iii. 340. pub-ens, entis, par. young and juicy, G. iii. 126. pub-es, is, f. a young bullock, steer, G. iii. 174. puls-ans, antis, par. beating, G. iii. 106. throwing, (twanging,) G. iv. 313.

putris, adj. light, loose, hollow, crumbling, mouldering, G. i. 44, (mellow,) 215. ii. 204, 262.

Quirit-es, ium, (um,) pl. m. free members or subjects of their commonwealth, G. iv. 201.

Radius, i, m. astronomical rod, E. iii. 41. longish lank olive, G. ii. 86. rarus, adj. in wide ranks or lines, G. iv. 130.

raucus, adj. cooing, E. i. 58.

recludo, v. 3. I spread out, enlarge, G. iv. 52.

reductus, par. retreating, winding backward, retired, G. iv. 420. refero, v. irr. I claim, G. iii. 121. transmit, bear about them the

mark of, G. iii. 128.

remitto, v. 3. I discharge, G. ii. 218. I thaw, dissolve, G. iv. 36. repono, v. 3. I no longer ask or require, G. ii. 416. I shift nimbly,

G. iii. 76.

rescindo, v. 3. I scale, rend, G. i. 280. I lance, G. iii. 453.

resolvo, v. 3. I dispel, G. i. 302. open, G. iv. 452. respondeo, v. 2. I echo back, E. x. 8.

revertor, v. 3. I shoot again, G. ii. 312.

rid-ens, entis, par. green, blooming, E. iv. 20.

mor, v. 1. I haunt, grope (in the manner in which aquatic birds suck their food in morassy ground,) G. i. 384.

riv-us, i, m. vein, G. ii. 165.

rostrum, i, n. a proboscis, G. iv. 74.

rumpo, v. 3. I rend, tire out, stun as it were, G. iii. 328. I cut short, G. iii. 43.

ruo, v. 3. I break or spread abroad with the harrow, G. i. 105. I am hastening to its period, G. i. 313. I dart up, throw, G. ii. 308.

Sacell-um, i, n. a sacred cave, E. iii. 9.

sacer, adj. cursed or execrable, G. iii. 566.

sacr-a, orum, pl. n. sacra fero, I am a priest, G. ii. 476.

salio, v. 4. I bound from, patter, G. i. 449.

salt-us, ûs, m. glades or passes, E. vi. 56.

sal-us, utis, f. remedy, resource, G. iii. 510.

sat-a, orum, pl. n. tendrils, vine-plants, G. ii. 350. olive plants,

G. ii. 423.

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>celeratus, adj. sharp, nipping, G. ii. 256. secul-um, i, n. men, G. i. 468.

sed-es, is, f. cells, G. iv. 228. abyss, G. iv. 471.

seg-es, itis, f. a nursery where the cuttings of the vines are first planted, G. ii. 267. the vines, G. ii. 411. soil, land, G. iv. 129. segni-or, us, adj. less prolific, G. ii. 275. impotent, disabled, G. iii.


segnis, adj. exhausted, (as land is said to be,) G. i. 72. sem-en, inis, n. principles, elements, E. vi. 32. young, whelps, G. ii. 152. transplanted slips, G. ii. 268. tender shoots, G. ii. 302. a plant, G. ii. 317, 354.

sens-us, ûs, m. taste, G. ii. 247.

sequor, v. 3. I relate, report, E. vi. 74. I name, mention, insist on,

G. ii. 434. I seize, cleave to, G. iii. 565.

serviti-um, i, n. servitude, bondage, a yoke, G. iii. 168.
sign-um, i, n. signa movet, he marches on or forwards, G. iii. 236.
sin-us, ûs, m. a notch, incision, G. ii. 76. bound, limit, recess,
G. ii. 123. billowy train, G. iii. 238. a spire, joint, G. iii. 424.
siti-ens, entis, par. eagerly, G. iii. 137.
sordeo, v. 2. I am scorned, E. ii. 44.
sortior, v. 4. I substitute, renew, G. iii. 71.
sp-es, ei, f. the young (lambs,) G. iii. 473.
squal-ens, entis, par. speckled, G. iv. 13, 91.

stabul-um, i, n. (a bee-) hive, G. iv. 14, 191. herd, G, iv. 433.
stagn-ans, antis, par. overflowing, G. iv. 288.
stell-a, æ, f. starlike meteors, G. i. 365.

sterno, v. 3. I dispirit, sink, dismay, G. i. 331.
strid-or, oris, m. flapping, G. i. 407.

stringo, v. 3. strip, collect, gather with the hand, E. ix. 61. G. i.
305. I prune, strip, G. ii. 368.

stupefactus, par. charmed, E. viii. 3.

suadeo, v. 2. I invite, E. i. 56.

subactus, par. well prepared, (or managed,) G. ii. 50.

subditus, par. insinuated into, G. iii. 271.

subjicio, v. 3. I sprout, shoot up, E. x. 74. or shelter, G. ii. 19.

sublego, v. 3. I learn privately, E, ix. 21.

submitto, v. 3. I select for stallions, keep for breed, G. iii. 73, 159. sufficio, v. 3. I propagate, secure, G. iii. 65.

sulc-us, i, m. passages, pipes, G. iii. 136.

sumo, v. 3. I put on, wear, G. ii. 387.

supell-ex, ectilis, f. implements of husbandry, furniture, G. i. 165.
supero, v. 1. I crawl or step over, G. iii. 317.

surg-ens, entis, par. built with, swelling from, G. iii. 29.
suscito, v. 1. I procure, bring down by curses, G. iv. 456.
suspendo, v. 3. I imprint or turn up lightly, G. i. 68. I build in
arches, G. iv. 162.

suspici-ens, entis, par. tossing her head up to, G. i. 376.
sylv-a, æ, f. a nursery of plants or seedlings, G. ii. 181. a number
of stalks, G. iv. 273.

Tabulat-um, i, n. the branches of a vine that run horizontally; ringlets, twists, or curls of the vine, or from stage to stage, G. ii. 361.

tacitus, adj. (though) nothing is said (of it by me,) evidently, G. ii. 254.

tædi-um, i, n. neglect, disregard, G. iv. 332. tamen, con. by and by, E. ix. 62.

tardus, adj. that lasteth, or dwells upon the palate, clammy, G. ii. 126. summer months, slow in coming on, G. i. 32. ii. 482. tempest-as, atis, f. the plague, G. iii. 479. temp-us, oris, n. leaping time, G. iii. 123. tener, adj. kindly, teeming, genial, G. ii. 331. tenu-is, e, adj. shallow, G. i. 68. ii. 289. clear, limpid, G. iii. 335. iv. 410. ethereal, immaterial, G. iv. 224.

terg-um, i, n. ridges, furrows, G. i. 97, 236. side, G. ii. 271. surface, G. iii. 361.

tero, v. 3. I tread, beat out, thresh, G. i. 192, 298. I work, finish, turn, G. ii. 444.

terr-a, æ, f. dust, G. iv. 97.

test-a, æ, f. (potsherd) lamp, G. i. 391.

thalam-us, i, m. cells, G. iv. 189. bottom, chambers, G. iv. 333. grot,

G. iv. 374.

thesaur-us, i, m. honeycomb, G. iv. 229.

tondeo, v. 2. I browse, graze, G. i. 15. I lop, G. ii. 368.

tonsus, par. clipped, sheared, shorn (lately grazed, G. i. 71.) new mowed, G. iv. 277. wreathed with foliage, cut into a wreath, G. iii. 21. soft and fine, G. iv. 377.

tractim, adv. with a drawling hum, G. iv. 260.

traho, v. 3. I turn, change, G. iii. 485.

tunic-a, æ, f. a rind, G. ii. 75.

turp-is, e, adj. disproportionately large, G. iii. 52. offensive, G. iii. 299. unformed, shapeless, monstrous large, G. iv. 395.

Val-ens, entis, adj. et par. fairest, ruddiest, G. ii. 70. varius, adj. incrusted, inlaid with, G. ii. 463.

ub-er, eris, n. fruitfulness, (richness and fatness of soil,) G. ii. 185, 234, 275.

vel, conj. or, passim, even, E. iii. 50. viii. 69. G. ii. 289. iii. 202. veni-ens, entis, par. being at hand, E. v. 82. hovering over, E. ix. 13.

vent-er, ris, m. large size, a swelling like a belly, G. iv. 122.

verso, v. 1. I tend, feed from place to place, E. x. 68. I fan, G. iii. 258. I carry about, stir up, G. iv. 83.

verto, v. 3. I plough, G. i. 2, 147.

vescus, adj. small grained, G. iv. 131.
vestibul-um, i, n. an entrance into an hive, G. iv. 20.

vi-a, æ, f. temper, qualities, G. i. 418. a pass, ditch, G. iii. 141.
victus, par. (animi) being no longer muster of, G. iv. 491.
vid-ens, entis, par. opening his eyes, E. vi. 21.

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