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Discourse On The Method Of Rightly Conducting The Reason
And Seeking The Truth In The Sciences

By Rene Descartes Pace

Part I 5

Part II 12

Part III 21

Part IV 28

Part V 35

Part VI 49

Letters On The EnglishBy Voltaire

Letter I—On the Quakers 65

Letter II—On the Quakers 69

Letter HI—On the Quakers 71

Letter IV—On the Quakers 74

Letter V—On the Church of England 78

Letter VI—On the Presbyterians 81

Letter VII—On the Socinians, or Arians, or Antitrinitarians . 83

Letter VIII—On the Parliament 85

Letter IX—On the Government 88

Letter X—On Trade 92

Letter XI—On Inoculation 93

Letter XII—On the Lord Bacon 98

Letter XIII—On Mr. Locke 102

Letter XIV—On Descartes and Sir Isaac Newton 108

Letter XV—On Attraction 113

Letter XVI—On Sir Isaac Newton's Optics 121

Letter XVII—On Infinites in Geometry, and Sir Isaac Newton's

Chronology 125

Letter XVIII—On Tragedy 130

Letter XIX—On Comedy 136

Letter XX—On Such of the Nobility as Cultivate the Belles

Lettres 140

Letter XXI—On the Earl of Rochester and Mr. Waller ... 142

Letter XXII—On Mr. Pope and Some Other Famous Poets . 147
Letter XXIII—On the Regard That Ought to be Shown to Men

of Letters 151

Letter XXIV—On the Royal Society and Other Academies . . 154

A Discourse Upon The Origin And The Foundation Of The

Inequality Among Mankind 165

By J. J. Rousseau

First Part 168

Second Part 198

Profession Of Faith Of A Savoyard Vicar 239

Of Man, Being The First Part Of Leviathan
By Thomas Hobbes

Chapter I—Of Sense 311

Chapter II—Of Imagination 313

Chapter III—Of the Consequence or Train of Imaginations . . 318

Chapter IV—Of Speech 322

Chapter V—Of Reason and Science . . 330

Chapter VI—Of the Interior Beginnings of Voluntary Motions,
Commonly Called the Passions; and the Speeches by Which

They Are Expressed 336

Chapter VII—Of the Ends, or Resolutions of Discourse . 346
Chapter VIII—Of the Virtues Commonly Called Intellectual,

and Their Contrary Defects 349

Chapter IX—Of the Several Subjects of Knowledge .... 359
Chapter X—Of Power, Worth, Dignity, Honour, and Worthi-
ness 359

Chapter XI—Of the Difference of Manners 369

Chapter XII—Of Religion 376

Chapter XIII—Of the Natural Condition of Mankind as Con-
cerning Their Felicity and Misery 387

Chapter XIV—Of the First and Second Natural Laws, and of

Contracts 391

Chapter XV—Of Other Laws of Nature 401

Chapter XVI—Of Persons, Authors, and Things Personated 413

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