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London, Printed for James Munn, Great Queen Street, Lincolns Imn Fields, 1807.

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Pl. XX.

Chrysalis, Aurelia, Scarabæus, Musca, Pouches Emblemata,

av forlace

et Korchero Desumpta.

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set off with many of the emblems, of which I have been speaking. She is figured as a beautiful female personage; and has a chaplet, in which are seen ears of corn like rays. Her right hand reclines on a pillar of stone ; to shew on what good basis her faith is founded. In her left are spikes of corn; and on each side a pomegranate. Close by her stands the Seira or Cupselis, that mysterious emblem, in the express form of a hive: out of the top of which there arise corn and flowers, to denote the renewal of seasons, and promise of plenty. In the centre of these fruits, the favourite emblem, the Rhoia appears again, and crowns the whole. In one corner towards the upper part is a bale of goods, bound up in such a manner as is practised, when people are going upon a course of travel; or are to make a voyage to some distant part of the world. :

But the most pleasing emblem among the Egyptians was exhibited under the character of Psuche, Yuxen. This was originally no other than the 4 Aurelia, or butterfly : but in aftertimes was represented as a lovely female child with the beautiful wings of that insect. The Aurelia, after its first stage as an Eruca, or worm, lies for a season in a manner dead; and is inclosed in a


Ψυχη, πνευμα, και ζωυφιον πτηνον. Ηesych.

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