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A Collection of posthumous and orphan
Delivered at St. Pauls and St. Giles his Church,

. BY
The Right Honourable

Reverend Father in God

VS, ar burders
Lord Bishop of VVinchester.

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Never before excant.
'Arolavar Iti destita. Heb. 11. 4.

Printed by R. Hodgkinsonne , for H. Moseley, A. Crooke,

D. Pakeman, L.Fawne, R. Royston, and N.Ekins. 1657.

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MANOS there is nothing that a Christian

can more desire than a personal
union with bis mystical Head; lo
there is nothing that a Christian

ought more to value than the pretious meanes of its atchievement : For, as the higheft degree of perfe&t Happinesse, is to be a&tually, present with Christ in Heaven; so the highest des gree of imperfect happinesse (Juch of which wee are capable in this valley of Teares) is our assu- . rance of hope that we shall be happy in perfecti - - Planespaçke. on. Non amongst the severall Requisites and c. il. meanes of Blisse, our invoking of God Almighty is not the least : for whosoever (hall call up-biem.10.13 on the name of the Lord shall be saved. But as De cannot call upon him in whom we have not belee.. ved, nor beleeve on him of whom we have not yet heard; so neither can mee heare without a Preacher. Upon which it followes, That because verjet Faith commeth by Hearing, and Invocation by a verse 17. Faith, therefore ( in order of Nature, though nat. of Dignity) Invocation is the third step; Faith


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