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Cui per ardentem sine fraude Trojam
Castus Æneas patriæ superstes
Liberum munivit iter, daturus

Plura relictis :
Di, probos mores docili juventæ,*
Di senectuti placidæt quietem,
Romulæ genti date remque, prolem que,

Et decus omne.
Quique vos bobust veneratur albis
Clarus Anchisæ Venerisque sanguis,
Imperet bellante prior, jacentem

Lenis in hostem.
Jam mari terrâque manus potentes
Medus, Albanasque timet secures:
Jam Scythæ responsa petunt, superbi

Nuper et Indi.
Jam Fides, et Pax, et Honor, Pudorque
Priscus, et neglecta redire Virtus
Audet; apparetque beata pleno

Copia cornu.





Augur, et fulgente decorus arcu
Phæbus, acceptusque novem Camænis,
Qui salutari levat arte fessos

Corporis artus;
Si Palatinas videt æquus arces,
Remque Romanam, Latiumque felix,
Akerum in lustrum, melius que semper

Proroget ævum.


* Moris docilis juventæ.

Quæque vos bobus. || Palatinas videt aras.

+ Dî senectutis placidæ. $ Impetret bellante prior.

surviving his country, secured a free passage, without damage, through the burning Troy, about to give them more ample possessions than those that were left behind : Oye Deities, grant to the tractable youth probity of manners; to old age, ye Deities, grant a pleasing retirement; to the Roman people in general, wealth and a numerous progeny, and every kind of glory. And may that prince, the illustrious issue of Anchises and Venus, who this day worships you with offerings of white bulls, reign superior to the warring enemy, but merciful to the prostrate. Now the Parthian, by sea and. land, dreads our powerful forces, and the Roman axes : now the Scythians beg to know our commands, and the Indians, but lately so arrogant. Now truth, and peace, and honour, and ancient modesty, and neglected virtue, dare to return, and happy plenty appears, with her horn full to the brim.

CHORUS OF YOUTHS. Phæbus, the god of augury, and conspicuous for his shining bow, and dear to the nine muses, who, by his salutary art, sooths the wearied limbs of the human body: if he, propitious, surveys his own Palatine, may he prolong the Roman affairs, and the happy state of Italy, to another lustrum, and to a still improving age.

[blocks in formation]


Quæque Aventinum tenet Algidumque,
Quindecim Diana preces virorum
Curet, et votis puerorum amicas

Applicet aures.


Hæc Jovem sentire, Deosque cunetos,
Spem bonam certamque domum reporto,
Doctus et Phæbi chorus et Dianæ

Dicere laudes.



And may Diana, who possesses mount Aventine and Algidus, regard the prayers of the Quindecemviri, and lend a gracious ear to the supplications of the youths.

CHORUS OF YOUTHS AND VIRGINS. We, the choir, that were taught to sing the prises of Phæbus and Diana, bear home with us a good and certain hope, that Jupiter, and all the oner gods, perceive and attend to these our supo pications.


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