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Air-Tom Thumb.

(Key of two Flats-Accompaniment, Double Bass Obligato). Noodle. Oh what a day! what a pitiful majority!

What on earth must now be done to save our skin? Doodle. Public men are “ dressed in but a little brief authority,"

When the nation wears a universal grin.


Noodle. All about us jeer and flout us-Radicals uproarious,

Swear, in lieu of such a crew, they'd rather have a Tory-House. Doodle. Whichever way, your eyes may stray, to dexter or to sinister,

There's nothing seen but the chagrin of some expiring Minister. Both. Oh, such a vote ! such “ a shocking bad" majority!

Such another victory, and we're undone.
The Others. No ! though we drop to " a respectable minority,"

We're not the Boys, for all their noise, to "cut and run."

Notwithstanding the resolution an- jures them, by their past efforts and nounced in the last line, there is an former success in retaining office in obvious want of confidence on the part spite of the most untoward events, of the choristers, which betrays itself to face the matter boldly, and send in a tendency towards a treble, and up the Bill to the House of Lords. in the superfluous shakes and quavers He even affects to doubt whether they introduced in the course of the perform- have sustained any discomfiture at all, ance. At the conclusion, there is and presses the point that, unless a an anxious pause for a few minutes, number of their friends had been acci. which is broken by Lord John Russell, dentally absent, they must have car. who, assuming a theatrical attitude, ried the day triumphantly. We can endeavours to restore confidence by make room, however, only for two an animated address, in which he con. stanzas of this address.

(Flourish of Penny Trumpets.)

AIR" Scots wha hae."

Whigs, whose sires with Hampden bled,
Whigs, whom I have oft mis-led,
Whigs, whom Holland long hath fed,

Once again give ear.

By the thimble-rigging cause-
By th' inexplicable pause
Of the Appropriation Clause,

What have we to fear!

Even the eloquence of the Leader, endurable, even though the evil however, cannot persuade the com- should be of frequent occurrence. pany that their attitude is of a very We remember a passage in Don imposing kind, so, dropping his Don Quixote, in which Sancho, after the Carlos tone, Lord John comes at once, drubbing administered to himself and in plain terms, to the point; and his master by the Yanguesian caradmits that an exemplary drubbing riers, in consequence of the over-frohas been administered, but touches licsome disposition of Rozinante, exon various topics of consolation, and presses sentiments of a nature very explains the course of treatment by analogous to those of Lord John. Sanwhich the painful effects of such cho thus states the grounds which indiscipline may be rendered perfectly duced him to decline the kind offer made by Don Quixote to allow him whatsoever, high or low, rich or poor, to take vengeance on his enemies forth- gentle or simple, without exception to with at his own hand :-“ Sir, I am a rank or circumstance.” In the same meek, quiet, peaceable man, and can spirit in which the resolutions of Panza digest any injury be it ever so hard, are framed is the manifesto of Lord John for I have a wife and small children to Russell composed. He merely stipumaintain and bring up: wherefore let lates, in addition, that compensation me apprise your worship that I will in and castigation-hard kicks and hard no shape whatever use my sword cash-shall bear a due proportion to against either knight or knave; and each other ; and with this judicious that henceforward, in the sight of God, amendment he supports the Christian I forgive all injuries, past, present, or views of the destined Governor of Barato come, which I have already receiv- taria, in the following pious and longed, at this present time suffer, or may suffering strain :hereafter undergo, from any person



AIR-Which nobody can deny.

My friends of The THIMBLE, why should we despair ?
A drubbing, no doubt, is an awkward affair-
But this we must just be contented to bear,
If the Downing-street Livery still we would wear,

Which nobody éan deny, deny,
Which nobody can deny.

A drubbing is always unpleasant enough,
And “ a towel of oak" disagreeably rough ;
But still we are made of more statesmanlike stuff,
Than to toddle down stairs in a heat or a huff,

Which nobody can deny, &c.

A drubbing is never a subject of pride ;
But although not remarkably thick in the hide,
When the kicks and the half-pence are both on one side,
You'll find me a safe, not a sensitive, guide,

Which nobody can deny, &c.

A drubbing a-week (or perhaps rather more)
Runs up in the twelvemonth a pretty long score :
But yet we have ever this comfort in store,
That “ place is a plaster for every sore,"

Which nobody can deny, &c.
A drubbing like this makes us look rather small-
But even on tip-toe I never was tall ;
And we must not omit the great truth to recall,
That the lower we are, the less fear of our fall-

Which nobody can deny, deny,

Which nobody can deny. The audience in general are won- fidget a good deal during the opening derfully comforted by this view of the scene, now rises.

He confesses that, case, and the compliments of the little though it may be a weakness, he Senate are paid to Lord John as to a is still annoyed by some awkward sort of modern Varro, “ quia de re- scruples of conscience; ventures to expublica non desperâsset." "Hobhouse, press some doubt as to the effect of however, who has been observed to Lord John's plaster, and even hints



that there may be cases in which re- nation of Lord Holland, who, “throw. signation will become unavoidable. ing his gouty crutch in thunder down," This startling proposition rouses the and seemingly inspired by the genius Colonial Secretary from a doze on the of old Walter de Mapes, sofa, and excites the vehement indig

“ Sic loquitur."


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Loud cheering follows the conclu- of the law courts, Lord Lansdowne is sion of this animating address, on the called upon for an extempore verpart of those who understand it, and the sion of this Leonine chant, a feat company are observed to drain their which he performs in such a manner glasses with more than usual gusto. as to satisfy even the translator of Lope On the motion of the Attorney-General, de Vega. Thus runs his Lordship's however, who professes to say that he improvisation, which, we understand, has lost some part of the allusions it has excited not a little envy on the contains, owing to his not being accus- part of his great continental rivals, tomed to any better Latin than that Sgricci and Wolff:

My mind is made up, place and pay to retain-
When fairly kick'd out 'twill be time to complain ;
Whatever betide, let us stick to Whitehall-
Resignation, my friends, were the devil and all.
In this Duchy of mine, since the nation began,
To do nothing at all was the Chancellor's plan :
Wise plan! which to follow no man can be apter,
For nothing I'll do to the end of the chapter.

If the nation should hiss us, our comfort is place;
In the Lords, Joseph Miller may cover disgrace:
To our hearths and our altars another may look,
Commend me for one to my kitchen and cook.
While the gout leaves me life, office still shall be mine-
No mortal I'll ever advise to resign :
Like a leech to the side will I stick to my prey,
While a drop's to be drained I will never give way.
Fill Bacchus my goblet, and Ceres my plate-
(Their fair comrade, I fear, must have cut me of late)
Inspired by their aid, I can spout pretty fair-
Old Charlie might own me his genuine heir.

On my tomb let them write, 'stead of commonplace stuff,
“ Here lies one who through life swilled and swallowed enough
He asked but one boon, and fate brought it about,

To be idle with pay, as he idled without.” Lord Melbourne, observing that the electrical; Neptune's “ quos ego" was proceedings had been attended with not more instantaneous; the troubled some heat, now thinks it prudent to elements of the party subside into take a part in the debate, and gives, calmness. Every man lays his hand as we are inclined to think, rather a with an approving smile upon his dexterous turn to the deliberations, by breeches pocket," and, hushed in grim avoiding any positive allusion to re

repose, expects his evening pay," while signation in the outset, and impressing the Premier, in the most dulcet tones, on the attention of his hearers the sim. thus sets forth the charms of Quarter ple fact, that next quarter-day is the 5th Day :of July! The effect of this stroke is


Piano-forte Accompaniment. TM

AIR-“ Love's Young Dream."

There's not a joy the Statesman knows

Like that of QUARTER-DAY!
Amidst his thorns, it is the Rose
That blossoms by the way.

In darkest night

It is the light
That shines with cheering ray:

Oh, what were life

But toil and strife,
If not for Quarter-Day!

Let others vainly talk of Fame

'Tis but a noonday dream,
An empty sound, an idle name,
A bubble on life's stream.

Ev'n Love divine,

And pure, like mine,
Though absolute its sway,

To this fond heart

Can scarce impart
The sweets of Quarter-Day.

[blocks in formation]


“ How sweet an Ovid was in Mel- by the consideration of place in the bourne lost!” So great is the sensa- abstract, and without reference to its tion produced by his recitative, and the occupants: that cæteris paribus it may aria with which it concludes, that Mr be right to give the preference to a Spring Rice, in a fit of enthusiasm, pro- friend; but that no right thinking poses that the whole party, emulating placeman can hesitate which of the the famous oath of the Tennis Court, two to choose, place with a new Minisshould declare their sittings perpetual, try, or principle with an old : he may and swear fidelity, under all circum- “ drop some natural tears" at seeing stances, to their present leaders. Lord an old friend (Grey, for instance), Palmerston entirely concurs in the hustled out of the Treasury door withproposal, so far -as regards the perpe- out very well knowing why, but “he tuity of their sittings, but objects de- wipes them soon"-“ Adieu, he cries, cidedly to bind himself to Lord Mel- and waves his lily hand!” Turning, bourne or to any particular possessor therefore, to Lord Melbourne, on the of office. He reminds his hearers, that' conclusion of his speech, he thus ad. “permanency of position" being their dresses his present friend :true object, that can only be attained

Air-My lodging is on the cold ground.

(Spanish Guitar.)
Believe me, if some of this supple Whig Corps

Which thus hails you as master to-day,
Should supplant you to-morrow, as Althorpe of yore,

(With yourself,) once supplanted old Grey;
Place with them were as dear as with thee it has been,

Let their principles veer as they will,
And amidst all the changes of life's shifting scene

I would cling to my Protocols still.
It is not while pay can with conscience combine,

And honour and office are one,
That we prove that devotion to place, which, like mine,

Loves best when those graces are gone.
No; the placeman still follows where office invites,

And as surely rats on to the close,
As Lord John still surpasses in verse, when he writes,

Even the drivel he utters in prose.

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