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Mrs. Winsmore.
Dr. Warren.
Rev. Mr. John Wells.
Rev. Mr. John West.
Dr. Williams.
Rey. Mr. John Withers,
Rev. Mr. Montague Wood.
Mr. Thomas Wood.
Rev. Mr. Wyllys.
Robert Weston, Esq;
Captain Robert Winter.
Peter Wyche, Esq;
Mrs. Woodroffe.
Mrs. Wright.
Mr. Thomas Ward.
Mr. Jof. Webbe,
Mr. John Weft.
Mrs. Lydia Winthrop.
Mr. Edward Winch.
Mr. Wayte.
Mr. Edward Walmsly.

Rev. Mr. Ed. Yardley. Mrs. Margaret Yardley Mrs. Mary Yardley,

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2 TIMOTHY iii. 16, 17.
All Scripture is given by Inspiration of
God, and is profitable for Reproof, for
Correction, for Instruction in Righte-
That the Man of God may be perfect,
thoroughly furnished unto all goodWorks.

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HERE is nothing gives

a Man greater Pleasure, T re and inspires him with

firmer Constancy in the Su

profecution of any Affair. XXON than the assurance of his having laid a true Foundation, and acting upon right Principles ; becaute this enVol. I.

B :


ables him to press forwards with Certainty, and makes him entire Master of himself and Circumstances in every Part of his Procedure : But fuch an Assurance as this is particularly seryiceable in Sacred Matters; because the infinite Importance of Religion infers the Necessity of the strictcst Caution in every step we take ; and renders every Degree of Certainty we cán arrive at concerning it, as it is more eminently useful, so likewise more fatiffactory.

HERE then we see the wonderful Good· nefs of Almighty God, in that He hath

so fully and clearly revealed in his Holy Word whatever is to be known and pradifed by us, that no one can fatally miftake in the Paths of Righteousness but by his own Default ; no one, except wilfully, need be ignorant or uncertain in the Way that leads to Happiness : But such, on the contrary, is the Perverseness of Mankind, that they frequently neglect and decry this sure, this only, Means of Salvation ; and set up their own Devices in opposition to what the Almighty hath


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