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Christ's Ascension and Intercession,

HEBREWS ix. 24.
For Christ is not entered into the Holy

Places made with Hands, which are
the Figures of the Truth ; but into
Heaven itself, now to appear in the
Presence of God for us. p. 277


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Of such of the SUBSCRIBERS

Names, as are come to the Hand of the Widow of the late Reverend Mr. Batty.

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THOMÀS Ashby, Elo
| Rev. Towers Ashcroft, M. A.

Rev. George Ault. ". .
Dr. Andrew. : . ..!!!
Mrs. Addenbrook. : .in. w
Mr. C. Arnold. ..
Mr. Asgill.




Mr. Ashton.
Mrs. Attwood.
Rev. Mr. Abbot.
Dr. Adams, Master of Sidney College.
Rev. Mr. Thomas Archer.
Rev. Mr. Aylmer.
Mr. Anderson, A. M.
John Amy, Ela;
Mrs. Kath. Alderson.
Mrs. Arm. Ashfordby.
Mrs. Aynfworth, (Two Sets.)

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Dr.Butler, President of Magdalen College,

Rev. Mr. Banfon.
Rev. Mr. Barker, A. M.
Rev. Mr. Richard Barry.
Rev. Mr. Robert Beachcroft:
Rev. Mr. Bell.
Rev. Mr. Berriman.
Rev. Mr. Birkett, B. D.
Rev. Dr. Bristowe..
John Bradford, A.M.
Rev. Mr. Brown,

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