A Narrative of the Events which Have Taken Place in France, from the Landing of Napoleon Bonaparte, on the 1st of March, 1815, Till the Restoration of Louis XVIII: With an Account of the Present State of Society and Public Opinion

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John Murray, Albemarle Street, 1815 - 390 strán (strany)

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Strana 229 - in yielding to the necessity which separates me from the brave French army, I am confident that by its eminent services, it will merit that praise from its country, which is not refused even by its enemies. Soldiers, I shall follow your steps though absent. I know every corps, and not one of them will gain any signal advantage, without my having kept an account of the bravery it shall have shewn. We have both been calumniated, you, and myself. Soldiers, a few more efforts, and the coalition is dissolved....
Strana 109 - Vive 1'Empereur" from the soldiers and populace. Having thus obtained possession of the second city in France, he assumed, without hesitation, his former dignity, entitling himself " Napoleon, by the grace of God, and the constitutions of the empire, Emperor of the French.
Strana 150 - I am Kosciusko!" The movement was electric. The soldiers threw down their arms, and falling prostrate on the ground, according to the custom of their country, covered their heads with sand. It was the prostration of the heart. On Kosciusko's return to his house in the neighbourhood of this scene, he found a Russian military post established to protect it.
Strana 387 - Powers, and their respect for the independence of the nation, so positively expressed in their manifestoes. It declares that the Government of France, whoever may be its chief, ought to unite the wishes of the nation legally expressed, and to assimilate itself to other Governments, to become a common bond and the guarantee of peace between France and Europe.
Strana 57 - ... assembly, and offering no guarantee except to a small number of arrogant men whose pretensions are hostile to its rights. Soldiers, the imperial throne alone can guarantee the rights of the people, and especially the first of interests, that of our glory. We are going to march to drive from our territory those princes, the auxiliaries of foreigners ; the nation will not only aid us with its vows, but will follow the impulse we shall give it. The French people and myself rely on you. We will not...
Strana 197 - Europe, bear witness to our patience and fidelity; it is our perseverance that we have to regret, and the blood of three millions of Frenchmen. Go, tell your brother that we will trust him no longer; we will ourselves undertake the salvation of our country.
Strana 184 - At last he took the officer by the arm, saying, " The affair is over, — we have lost the day,— let us be off ! " In this heartless manner, and thinking only of himself, Napoleon abandoned an army which was wholly devoted to him.
Strana 21 - Assemblage inouï de mensonge et d'audace, Tyran de ton pays, est-ce ainsi qu'en ce lieu Tu viens donner la paix, et m'annoncer un dieu?
Strana 152 - L 4 knew knew me too well to insult me with any offer in this predatory expedition; he has adopted this mode, which I can neither answer nor resent, and which he attempts to colour with the pretext of liberty. His notions and mine respecting Poland are at as great a distance as our sentiments on every other subject/' LETTER LETTER 4rtt& BONAPARTE, on the failure of his ally, Murat, was now left to his own resources.
Strana 131 - Allah !" says he to the chief priests of Cairo. " There is no other God, but God; Mahomet is his prophet, and I am his friend. The divine Koran is the delight of my soul, and the object of my meditation.

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