Longman's Magazine, Zväzok 3

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Longmans, Green, 1884
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Strana 336 - As a remedy of general utility, we much question whether a better is imported into the country, and we shall be glad to hear of its finding a place in every Anglo-Indian home. The other brands, we are happy to say, are now relegated to the native bazaars...
Strana 84 - They collect food for the community, and when an object, too large for entrance, is brought to the nest, they enlarge the door, and afterwards build it up again.
Strana 336 - Browne's, from a firm conviction that it is decidedly the best, and also from a sense of duty we owe to the profession and the public, as we are of opinion that the substitution of any other than Collis Browne's is a DELIBERATE BREACH OF FAITH ON THE PART OF THE CHEMIST.
Strana 112 - GOODALL, BACKHOUSE & CO., Leeds, Enclosing a Penny Stamp for postage, when you will be presented with a valuable book of 100 pages, bound in cloth, and fully illustrated, called, " GOOD THINGS," MADE, SAID, AND DONE, FOR EVERY HOME AND HOUSEHOLD.
Strana 215 - ... against apathy and cajolery." There was only one picture on the walls of Chopin's room ; it hung just above his piano. It was a head of Liszt. The over-intensity of Liszt's powerful nature may have occasionally led him into extravagances of virtuosity, which laid him open to some just criticism. Robert Schumann observed acutely : "It appears as if the sight of Chopin brought him again to his senses.
Strana 284 - A monstrous eft was of old the Lord and Master of Earth, For him did his high sun flame, and his river billowing ran, And he felt himself in his force to be Nature's crowning race. As nine months go to the shaping an infant ripe for his birth, So many a million of ages have gone to the making of man: He now is first, but is he the last? is he not too base?
Strana 336 - DR. J. COLLIS BROWNE'S CHLORODYNE is a liquid medicine which assuages PAIN of EVERY KIND, affords a calm, refreshing sleep WITHOUT HEADACHE, and INVIGORATES the nervous system when exhausted.
Strana 210 - ... connection grew rapidly. He got his twenty francs a lesson at the best houses ; he was naturally a welcome guest, and from the first seemed to have the run of high Parisian society. His life was feverish, his activity [irregular, his health far from strong ; but the vulgar temptations of the gay capital seemed to have little attraction for his noble nature. His heart remained unspoiled. He was most generous to those who could not afford to pay for his lessons, most pitiful to the poor, most dutiful...
Strana 215 - Liszt with his finely-shaped, long, oval head and profile d'ivoire, set proudly on his shoulders, his stiff hair of dark blonde thrown back from the forehead without a parting, and cut in a straight line, his aplomb, his magnificent and courtly bearing, his ready tongue, his flashing wit and fine irony, his genial bonhomie and irresistibly winning smile ; and Chopin, also with dark blonde hair, but soft as silk, parted on one side, to use Liszt's own words, " an angel of fair countenance with brown...
Strana 216 - ... the soul. It has grown so perfect an instrument, and deals with so perfectly mastered an art, that a prelude like Lohengrin or the opening of Parsifal sounds like the actual expression of the inner moods of the spirit rendered outwardly with automatic unconscious fidelity. The rule, the technique are lost, hidden, forgotten, because completely efficacious, and subordinated to the free movements of the composer's spirit. To this latest triumph of the musical art three men since Beethoven have...

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