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N° 210. SATURDAY, AUGUST 12, 1710.


Sheer-lane, August 10. I DID myself the honour this day to make a visit to a lady of quality, who is one of those that are ever railing at the vices of the age ; but mean only one vice, because it is the only vice they are not guilty of. She went so far as to fall foul on a young wo

who has had imputations ; but whether they were just or not, no one knows but herself. However that is, she is in her present behaviour modest, humble, pious, and discreet. I thought it became me to bring this censorious lady to reason, and let her see she was a much more vitious woman than the person she spoke of. Madam,” said I, “

you are very severe to this poor young woman, for a trespass which I believe Heaven has forgiven her, and for which, you see, she is for ever out of countenance." Nay,” Mr. Bickerstaff," she interrupted, “ if you at this time of day contradict people of virtue, and stand


for ill women"- “ No, no, Madam, said I, so fast; she is reclaimed, and I fear you never will. yol, Y.


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