The life and death of Lancelot Andrewes. To which is added A brief view of the plantation and increase of the Christian religion in Great Britain [&c.]. Ed., with a memoir [&c.] by S. Isaacson

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Strana 27 - or with some other selected companion, with whom he might confer and argue, and recount their studies, and he would often profess, that to observe the grass, herbs, corn, trees, cattle, earth, waters, heavens, any of the creatures; and to contemplate their natures, orders, qualities, virtues, uses, &c. was ever to him the greatest mirth, content,
Strana 27 - recreation that could be : and this he held to his dying day. After he had been some while a Master of Arts in the University, he applied himself to the study of Divinity, wherein he so profited, that his fame began to be spread far and near. Insomuch,
Strana 55 - Reader, if thou art a Christian, stay; it will be worth thy tarrying, to know how great a man lies here. A member of the same Catholic Church with thyself, under the same hope of a happy resurrection, and in expectation of the
Strana 40 - the living of Waltham, in Hampshire; and Master Mulcaster, his other schoolmaster, whom he ever reverently respected during his life in all companies, and placed him ever at the upper end of his table; and, after his death, caused his picture, having but few others in his house, to be set over his study door;
Strana 58 - A Manual of Private Devotions, and Meditations for every day in the week. A Manual of Directions for the Visitation of the Sick. His Opera Posthuma. Concio ad Clerum pro gradu Doctoris. Ad Clerum in Synodo Provinciali coram Rege habita V". August,
Strana 46 - he caused to be engraven about the seal of his Bishopric, those words of St. Paul, " et ad haec quis idoneus? and who is sufficient for these things?" 2 Cor. ii. 16. One note of his modesty,
Strana xix - of error and dark doubt Discern the dawn of Truth's eternal ray, As when the rosy morn buds into day. Now that Time's empire might be amply fill'd, Babel's bold artists strive below to build Ruin a temple, on whose fruitful fall History rears her
Strana 43 - scholars and strangers, his table being ever bountifully and neatly furnished with provisions, and attendants answerable; to whom he committed the care of providing and expending in a plentiful yet orderly way; himself seldom knowing what meat he had, till he came from his study to dinner, at which he would
Strana 32 - came there in time of divine service, were very much elevated, and themselves stirred up to the like reverend deportment ; yea, some that had been there were so taken with it, that they desired to end their days in the Bishop of Ely's chapel.
Strana 29 - pulpit, and that in St. Paul's Church, where he read the lecture thrice a week in the term time; and, indeed, what by his often preaching at St. Giles, and his no less often reading in St. Paul's, he became so infirm, that his friends despaired of his life. Upon the death of Dr. Fulke,

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