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THE reader is requested to bear in mind that the object of the notes to this play is usefulness and not novelty. Recourse has therefore been had throughout to the labours of former commentators; but it has been thought better to abridge than to select. Nor did it seem necessary to observe scrupulously the right of property, as it were, in such quotations from the ancient authors as tend to illustrate the style or sentiments of the poet : for it is the authority of the writer who has employed such and such an expression, not of the critic who has cited it, that makes the quotation of use. But at the same time great care has been taken to assign every canon or opinion on questions of scholarship to its proper owner.

Reference is always made to Dindorf's text of Æschylus, Sophocles, Euripides, and Aristophanes, unless some other edition is expressly mentioned; to the seconda edition of the Theatre of the Greeks, printed in the year 1827 ; and to the fifth edition of the translation of Matthiæ’s Greek Grammar, revised by Mr. Kenrick and printed in 1832.

a In the third edition, printed in 1830, p. 264, the new translator of Schlegel makes him speak correctly of the Chorus, as "consisting of fifteen persons at least" instead of fifty: see p. 4, note a. In the note on őx® Tetepwtậ, p. 32, after “p. 214” add “p. 264 ed. 3." In p. 60, note x, after “p. 414" add “p. 529 ed. 3.”


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