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Davies Myles, account of 222.
Day Professor, his paper on the theories respecting meteoric stones, review.
ed 140. See meteoric stones.

Editor's notes 231, 403.

Ferguson (Col.), anecdote of 123, note.'

Gordon's history of the American revolution 108.
Greece modern, literature and language of 80. Resemblance between the

modern Greek language and the ancient ib. Corruptions of the modern
Greek 81. Possibility of restoring its purity 83. Account of literature
and learned men 86. List of books in the modern Greek in the Athenæ.

um, Boston, 91.
Green Dr, remarks upon a sermon by him 341.

Halyburton, his reply to lord Herbert quoted 317.
Hamilton Gen. anecdotes relating to 113, 135.
Hebrew Bible with points, notice of Dr. Mason and Professor Matthews' pro.

spectus of 394. Difficulty of printing with the points 396. Errors of

the prospectus 399, note,
Hebrews i. 4. explained 238.
Herbert lord, spoken of 305, 313, 317.
Holmes Rev. Dr. letter to with an introduction 299. Reply of Dr. Holmes

312. Second letter to him 316.
Horace, lib. ii. od. 16, imitated 103.
Horsley. See Controversy.
Howe Gen. his character 107.

Intelligence, literary foreign 224. List of new. publications 227.
Isaiah, ix. 6 explained 42.

Jamieson. See Controversy,
Jews. See Adams.
John X. 30–36, explained 236.

-Kimchi Rabbi David and Rabbi.Moses 391.
Koschiusko Gen., character of 129.

Lincoln Gen. 116. See Lee's memoirs. .
Lee's Gen. memoirs of the war in the Southern Department. Extract from

60. Review of 105. Account of works on the American Revolution ib,
Character of the war in the southern states 110. Anecdotes 113. Siege
and surrender of Charleston 115., Account of a manuscript letter on this
subject 116. Accounts of Marion, Sumpter and Pickens 120. Of their
mode of warfare 121. Character of Gates 122. Character of Greene 124.
His retreat and the subsequent operations in the southern states 125.
Character of Gen. Lee's work 137. Reflections on the importance of an

history of our country and on its present state. 138.
Locke, notice of a manuscript work of his 224.
Luke xvi. 31. explained 323.

Maimonides account of 391.
Marshall's life of Washington 109.
Martyrs (a poem) Chateaubriand's reviewed 164. Account of its author 165.

Analysis of the work with extracts 168. Its character 185.
Melish's travels reviewed 379. Compared with Mr. Cuming's and their

character ib. Extracts from 382.
Mondolsohn Moses, account of 391.
Meteoric stones, Day's account of the theories respecting them reviewed 140.
General account

of their phenomena and those of meteors probably of the
same class ib. Facts and particular cases 143. Different bypotheses to

account for their origin examined 149.
Meteorology 232, 404.
Milton, his sonnet on his blindness 104.
Morning inquiry, No. iii. 6. Use of language by trinitarians contrary to all

analogy ib. Various classes of texts by which their doctrine is contradict.
ed 7. Not preached in any discourse recorded in scripture by Christ or
his apostles 11.

Necessity on the doctrine of 1.
New Year's address (poetry) 98.

Panoplist its character 369.
Priestley. See Controversy.

Rainbow (poetry) 95.
Ramsay's history of the revolution in South Carolina 109. History of the
American revolution ib.

Satisfaction the doctrine of, as explained by Calvin, the Council of Dort,

and the Westminster Assembly 321.
Self-examination essay on 52.
Son of God, reply to the essay on the phrase 46. Messiah and Son of God

not synonymous 47: Ancient Jews expected a preexistent being as their
Messiah ib. A son not necessarily equal to his father 49. That Christ
was literally the Son of God taught by the apostles, &c. 50 Defence
of the essay 233. Recapitulation ib. Additional proofs from the Chaldee
paraphrases as to the meaning of the phrase 235, note. John X. 30–36.
explained and commented upon 236. Hebrews i. 4. explained 238.
Christ, not literally the Son of God because that implies equality of na-
ture 239. 'Messiah' and 'Son of God'synonymous 240. The Jews did
not expect one, literally the Son of God, as their Messiah, nor could this
have been the belief of the early Christians 241. Arguments from the
use of language in the scripture 254. Of the belief of Christians at the
present day 247. The defenders of the scheme of literal generation in.

consistent with themselves 248.
Summer evening (poetry) 101.

Tarleton Lt. Col. (now Lt. Gen.) his character 106. Notice of his history of

the campaigns, &c. ib. and 124, 126.
Theological seminary of the Gen Assembly of the Presbyterian Church 355.
Theological institution at Andover 359.
Theological instruction at Cambridge 36% Theological seminary proposed 363

Ware Professor account of his lectures at Cambridge 362.
Washington facts and anecdotes relating to him 61, 123, 135.
Westminster Assembly account of 345.
Whitby, his Disquisitiones Modestæ quoted 29. Refutes Bull in this work 31.

Quoted ib. Referred to 34, 36, 261, 262, et alibi. His comment. 323.
Worcesters (Noah and Thomas) referred to 250. Their writings praised 370.

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