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How the Oliver Engineers Found a New Cheap Fuel for Your Furnace

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It burns with an intense blue white flame. After 300 hours continuous burning scarcely a trace of carbon or soot was found-there was no odor detectable, no smoke passing through the flue. Showing a wasteless combination. (See Section XII.) With the flame turned highest we were able to generate over a three hour period a positive increase over the heat of coal, in the same furnace, for the same length of time.

R. REED MORRILL, Supervising Engineer.

Na way, it is surprising that no one your hot air, steam, or hot water furnaces warm rooms in coldest Winter-exactly hit upon this new fuel

before. without a single mechanical device or move the heat you need on cool and changeable The dirt and drudgery, the extra

ing part-with no noisy motors, no electrical Fall days. If your present plant has a housework that coal or wood burn. connections, with no pumping of air-and thermostat, it can be used-or this can be ing brings has surely justified the without changing the construction of your supplied at a slight additional cost. universal desire to find a cleaner, present furnace!

Special Low Price Introductory cheaper and more convenient substitute. And the yearly strikes, the exorbAlready in Over 150,000 Homes

Offer itant prices, shortages and the constantly At the top of this article I have quoted the The Oliver is a perfected burner, the prodiminishing supply have been responsible last paragraph of the written report of the duct of 17 years refinement bythe oldest and for a concentrated effort to perfect new heating devices, particularly automatic oil experiments of the Oliver Engineers-just largest manufacturers of oil-gas burners in burners for furnaces.

as it was given to me on the 21st of May the world. For a limited time I am mak

1921, by R. Reed Morrill (said to be one ing a Special Low Introductory Price to get It is quite natural that American scientists of the three best Combustion Engineers in people in every community acquainted with should turn first to oil, with its plentifulness America). Today, a great 6 floor factory in the Oliver. If you will fill out the attached and low cost. As a matter of fact, the first St. Louis is working day and night to supply coupon at once I will send you an interefforts of the Oliver Engineers was toward the demand for this amazing burner. Als esting booklet Free and full details about the perfecting of a new oil burning device. ready, Oliver burners are in use in over this new kind of heat-and automatically But our first experiments proved that if we 150,000 homes. Users in Alaska and your name will be filed with those entitled were going to give to the world a desirable Northern Canada report most satisfactory to our Low Introductory Price, whether substitute for coal we would have to give up results right through the Arctic Winters, you buy now or later.-B. M. OLIVER the idea of making simply another oil burner. when the thermometer registers 40 degrees If we were to really achieve our purpose of below zero and even colder.

The Oliver Oil-Gas Burner Co. providing an installation so cheap and so

2176-1 Oliver Bldg.

St. Louis, Mo. simple that anyone could afford and operate

Fits Any Furnace

Canadian Distributor, 2476-1 Oliver Bldg., Toronto, Ontario it, we could not make use of the motors, electricity and complicated machinery form. You can be freed forever from the dirt and erly thought necessary to oil burners. muss and grime of coal-the ashes to shake, Oliver Oil-Gas Burner Co. the coal to scoop, the everlasting tending

2476-1 Oliver Building, St. Louis, Mo. The World's Most Efficient Fuel to fires-cold and unevenly heated rooms

- the fine dust and soot that filters to every Gentlemen:-Send me your Free Book, "New Scientists have long known that oil was the corner of the house and ruins rugs, drapes,

Kind of Heat," and your Special, Low Price, In

troductory Offer. I am interested in burner for a cheapest, most concentrated form of com- and furniture. You can escape the public bustible carbon in existence. But they did burden of supporting coal strikes. You can

O not know how to burn it efficiently with have a real automatic Oil-Gas Burner in out pressure.

your furnace at a cost so low that a small The Oliver Engineers found out how to do part of your coal money will cover it. And

Name this-they actually found a way to convert

this simple device can be installed in your oil into a fuel gas composed of only 5 parts furnace in a few minutes.

Address oil to 95 parts of air. And, most wonderful You can have instant heat, much or little


State... of all you can burn this wonderful fuel in

as needed, by simply turning a valve. Cozy


FURNACE Specify Steam, Hot Air

or Hot Water

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