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Sub noctem gelidam lignis calefactat ahenum.
Sed vocat ufque fuum, qua populus adfita certis
Limitibus vicina refigit jurgia: tanquam

* Sit proprium quidquam, puncto quod mobilis horæ, Nunc prece, nunc pretio, nunc vi, nunc morte fuprema,

Permutet dominos, et cedat in altera jura.

Sic, quia perpetuus nulli datur ufus, at hæres
Hæredem alterius, velut unda fupervenit undam:
Quid vici profunt, aut borrea? quidve Calabris
Saltibus adjecti Lucani; fi metit Orcus
Grandia cum parvis, non exorabilis auro?


* Gemmas, marmor, ebur, Tyrrhena figilla, tabellas, Argentum, veftes Gætulo murice tinctas, Sunt qui non habeant; eft qui non curat habere.



VER. 248. hang in Fortune's pow'r-Loofe on the point of ev'ry wav'ring hour.] A modern idea (the magnetic needle) here fupplied the Imitator with expreffion much fuperior to his Original, WARBURTON.

VER. 254. All vaft poffeffions,] The next ten lines are far fuperior to the Original, both for their poetry and philofophy; and for the artful introduction of the name of his excellent and amiable friend, Lord Bathurst. WARTON.

VER. 257. Join Cotfwood hills to Saperton's fair dale,] Saperton. His feat is near the Cotswold hills: and his favourite paffion is well alluded to in ver. 260.

Link towns to towns with avenues of oak: for the avenues of oaks at Saperton are very magnificent.


The Laws of God, as well as of the land,
Abhor, a Perpetuity fhould ftand:

Eftates have wings, and hang in Fortune's pow'r
* Loose on the point of ev'ry wav'ring hour.
Ready, by force, or of your own accord,
By fale, at least by death, to change their lord.
Man? and for ever? wretch! what would'st thou



Heir urges heir, like wave impelling wave.
All vaft poffeffions, (just the fame the case
Whether you call them Villa, Park, or Chase,) 255
Alas, my BATHURST! what will they avail?

Join Cotfwood hills to Saperton's fair dale,
Let rifing Granaries and Temples here,
Their mingled farms and pyramids appear,
Link towns to towns with avenues of oak,
Enclose whole downs in walls, 'tis all a joke!
Inexorable Death fhall level all,
And trees, and ftones, and farms, and farmer fall.


* Gold, Silver, Iv'ry, Vases sculptur'd high, Paint, Marble, Gems, and robes of Persian dye, There are who have not,-and thank Heav'n there are,


Who, if they have not, think not worth their care. Talk



VER. 264. Gold, Silver,] These four lines are fine examples of the close, energetic, comprehenfive, style of which he was so perfect a mafter.


Cur alter fratrum ceffare, et ludere, et ungi Præferat Herodis palmetis pinguibus; alter Dives et importunus, ad umbram lucis ab ortu Silveftrem flammis et ferro mitiget agrum : Scit Genius, natale comes qui temperat aftrum: NATURE DEUS HUMANÆ, mortalis in unumQuodque caput, vultu mutabilis, albus, et ater. Utar, et ex modico, quantum res pofcet, acervo Tollam: nec metuam, quid de me judicet hæres,



VER 2-3. All Townshend's Turnips,] Lord Townshend, Secretary of State to George the First and Second-When this great Statefman retired from bulinefs, he amufed limfelf in Husbandry; and was particularly fond of that kind of rural improvement which arifes from Turnips; it was the favourite subject of his conversation. WARBURTON.


He is faid to have been flow in his parts, rough in his manners, and impatient of contradiction, but generous and humane at bottom; and of strong, good judgment. WARTON.

VER. 274 like Bu-] Bubb Doddington, afterward Lord Melcombe, whofe curious Diary has difcovered many defpicable court-fecrets and mean intrigues. WARTON.

VER. 277. fly, like Oglethorpe,] Employed in festling the Colony of Georgia. POPE.

Here are lines that will justly confer immortality on a man who well deferved fo magnificent an eulogium. He was at once a great hero and a great legiflator. The vigor of his mind and body have feldom been equalled. The vivacity of his genius continued to a great old age. The variety of his adventures, and the very different fcenes in which he had been engaged, makes one regret that his life has never been written. Dr. Johnfon once offered to do it, if the General would furnish the materials. Johnson had a great regard for him, for he was one of the firft perfons that highly, in all companies, praised his London. His firft campaign was made under Prince Eugene, against the Turks; and this great General always fpoke of Oglethorpe in the highest terms,, Neither

Talk what you will of Tafte, my friend, you'll


Two of a face, as foon as of a mind.


Why, of two brothers, rich and refless one
Plows, burns, manures, and toils from fun to fun;
The other flights, for women, sports, and wines,
All Townshend's Turnips, and all Grofvenor's mines:
Why one like Bu― with pay and fcorn content,
Bows and votes on, in Court and Parliament; 275
One driv'n by strong Benevolence of foul,
Shall fly, like Oglethorpe, from pole to pole:
Is known alone to that Directing Pow'r,

Who forms the Genius in the natal hour;
That God of Nature, who, within us still,
Inclines our action, not constrains our will;
Various of temper, as of face or frame,
Each individual: His great End the same.
Yes, Sir, how finall foever be my heap,
A part I will enjoy, as well as keep.






Neither he nor Eugene loved Marlborough. He once told me, (for I had the pleasure of knowing him well,) that Eugene, speaking of Marlborough, faid, "There is a great difference in making war en maitre, or en avocat " But his fettlement of the Colony in Georgia gave a greater luftre to his character than even his military exploits. WARTON.

"Scit Genius, natale comes qui temperat aftrum,

VER. 280. That God of Nature, & ] Here our Poet had an opportunity of illuftrating his own Philofophy; and so giving a much better fenfe to his Original; and correcting both the Naturalism and the Fate of Horace, which are covertly conveyed in thefe words:


Quod non plura datis invenerit. et tamen idem
Scire volam, quantum fimplex hilarisque nepoti
Difcrepet, et quantum difcordet parcus avaro.
Diftat enim, fpargas tua prodigus, an neque fumptum
Invitus facias, nec plura parare labores;

Ac potius, puer ut feftis Quinquatribus olim,
Exiguo gratoque fruaris tempore raptim.

' Pauperies immunda procul procul abfit: ego, utrum
Nave ferar magna an parva; ferar unus et idem.
Non agimur tumidis velis Aquilone fecundo :
Non tamen adverfis ætatem ducimus Auftris.
Viribus, ingenio, fpecie, virtute, loco, re,
Extremi primorum, extremis ufque priores.

* Non es avarus: abi. quid? cætera jam fimul ifto
Cum vitio fugere? caret tibi pectus inani
Ambitione? caret mortis formidine et ira?
Somnia, terrores magicos, miracula, fagas,
Nocturnos lemures, protentaque Theffala rides?
Natales grate numeras? ignofcis amicis?



VER. 02. In pow'r, wit,] The fix words in the Original, "Viribus, ingenio, fpecie, virtute, loco, re,"

are wonderfully clofe, emphatical, and compact; but I think they could hardly be better expreffed than by our Author. He has not, perhaps, fucceeded fo well in imitating another line. below,

"Somnia, terrores magicos, miracula, fagas," a line of admirable brevity.


VER. 312. Survey both worlds,] It is obfervable with what fobriety he has corrected the licentioufnefs of his Original, which made the expectation of another world a part of that fuperftition, he would explode; whereas the Imitator is only for removing the falfe terors from the world of spirits; fuch as the diablerie of witchcraft and purgatory. WARBURTON.

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