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Strana 90 - While the harness sore galls, and the spurs his sides goad, The high-mettled racer's a hack on the road.
Strana 80 - Pamper'd, prancing, and pleas'd, his head touching his breast, Scarcely snuffing the air, he's so proud and elate, The high-mettled racer first starts for the plate.
Strana 89 - When fairly run down the fox yields up his breath, The high-mettled racer is in at the death. Grown aged, used up, and turn'd out of the stud, Lame, spavin'd, and windgall'd, but yet with some blood ; While knowing postilions his pedigree trace, Tell his dam won...
Strana 94 - Bow'd down by degrees, he bends on to his fate ; Blind, old, lean, and feeble, he tugs round a mill, Or draws sand, till the sand of his hour-glass stands still. And now, cold and lifeless, expos'd to the view, In the very same cart which he yesterday drew ; While a pitying crowd his sad relics surrounds. The high-mettled racer is sold for the hounds.
Strana 102 - York he ran four miles in seven minutes forty three and a-half seconds. Dorimant, belonging to Lord Ossory, won prizes to the amount of £13,360. Eclipse was allowed to be the fastest horse that ever ran in England since the time of Childers ; after winning largely for his owner, he covered, by subscription, forty mares at 30 guineas each.
Strana 5 - Barnaby, then desired us to look at our watches, pen the time down in our pocket books, and enter it in our journals, which we accordingly did. When we were laden, we all sailed for England,, and arrived at Gravesend on the 6th of October, 1687 ; Mrs. Barnaby and Mrs. Brian came to congratulate our safe arrival, and after some discourse, Captain Barnaby 's wife, says 'my d.ear, I have got some news to tell you, Old Booty is dead.
Strana 85 - Reynard's turn'd out, and o'er hedge and ditch rush Hounds, horses, and huntsmen, all hard at his brush : They run him at length, and they have him at bay, And by scent and by view cheat a long tedious way...
Strana 104 - O'Kelly purchased the half share of him for six hundred and fifty guineas. He afterwards became his sole proprietor for an additional sum of one thousand guineas. It is said that some of the Bedford family asked O'Kelly, in 1779, how much he would take for Eclipse, when he replied, " By the mass, my Lord, it is not all Bedford level that would purchase him.
Strana 4 - May the 13th, we weighed anchor, and in the afternoon I went on board of Captain Barnaby, and about two o'clock, we sailed all of us for the island of Lucera, wind WSW and bitter weather. Thursday the 14th, about two o'clock, we saw the island, and all come to an anchor in twelve fathoms" water, the wind was WSW, and on the 15th day of May.
Strana 99 - He also ran over the Beacon course, which is four miles, one furlong, and one hundred and thirty-eight yards, in seven minutes and thirty seconds ; covering at every bound a space of about 25 yards.

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