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The edition now proposed will differ from previous collections in several important particulars. It will embrace all that is of general interest and permanent value in English Poetry, from Chaucer to Wordsworth. The whole works of the most distinguished authors will be given, and selections from the writings of the minor poets. Several volumes of fugitive and anonymous poetry will be added, besides what may be taken from the publications of Ritson, Percy, Ellis, Brydges, Park, &c., of the Percy Society, and other Printing Clubs. Particular care will be bestowed on Chaucer, and on the English and Scotch Ballad Poetry. Pains will be taken to secure a correct text; and each work will be accompanied with biographical, historical, and critical notices, and with glossaries where such assistance is needed. — An edition conducted on these principles will, it is thought, deserve to be called, in all essential respects, a Complete Collection of the English Poets.

It is intended that the volumes of this collection shall invite perusal, as well by their form and appearance, as by the character of their contents. The size and the style of the volumes will be those of Pickering's Aldine Poets, and such of the works of that edition as fall entirely within the plan of the present collection will be embodied in it.

Each separate work will be sold by itself, and the price of each volume will be 75 cts.

The following volumes are now ready :


2 vols.
1 vol.
3 vols.
5 vols.
1 vol.
1 vol.


3 vols.
1 vol.
3 vols.
2 vols.
2 yols.
3 vols.




The following are among the notices of this series, and of the volumes already published:

“The enterprise of Messrs. Little, Brown, & Co. is about to give to the American public the best edition of the British Poets, from Spenser to Moore, that bas been isued in this country.

It is reprinted from, and is in fact a fac-simile of the celebrated Aldine edition, equal to it in the beauty of its typography, and in the whiteness and finish of the paper.”

- Buffalo Courier. “ There are few of the enterprises of publication that deserve to command so large a share of public liberality. It is almost incredible that such a treasure as this can be purchased at the low rate fixed by the Boston publishers. The typography is beautiful, the paper exceedingly good for the price, the engravings admirable, and each poet is represented in the fulness of his writings. All that time has done to perfect a knowledge of their labors will find itself recorded in this edition.” – Louisville Journal.

“The edition of Gray we speak of adds a fascination to the poet's verses, akin to that which is given to exquisite thoughts by the accurate and polished delivery of an elocutionist with a cultivated voice and perfect taste. The book feels precisely like an English book, and a practised vision could not detect any difference between the tastefulness of the arrangement or the elegance of the printing, and the proverbial beauty of the English original.” Boston Transcript.

“ The edition of the British Poets, now in the course of publication by Messrs. Little, Brown, & Co., will be an elegant series of books, equal, if not superior, to the best English editions. The last volume issued is Goldsmith's Poems. It contains Mitford's elegant life of the poet and several collections of anecdotes, with a portrait, and is worthy of the attention of lovers of really good books; and we cannot too highly commend this series to all who desire to place on the shelves of their libraries the standard poets.” - Boston Post.

“ The most complete as well as the most desirable collection of the works of the English Poets. The volume before us is so beautifully printed on the finest paper, and so handsomely finished in every manner, that we think we are fully warranted in asserting that the whole series is destined to be the most popular ever issued from the American press.Binghampton Republic.

“ It is a reprint of Pickering's Aldine edition, with Mitford's notes, and his life of the poet; and is in type, paper, and external appearance, an exact reproduction of the London copy, with the advantage of greatly reduced price.” – New York Albion.

“We hope the publishers will find, as they deserve, a large sale for this best edition of the Poets. It is, of all others, the most eligible library edition that can be procured.”- Cincinnati Gazette.

“ They are issued in a style every way equal, and at a much less price than the English editions. We have compared a volume of this series with the Aldine copy; and, if there is any choice, our preference is certainly in favor of the American reprint. It is an exact fac-simile of the London edition, page by page the same. ...

This undertaking cannot fail to prove a most fortunate and successful one just at the present moment, when the productions of the British poets are, to a great extent, out of print, or only to be possessed in expensive English editions; while the desire for them was perhaps never likely to be so great as at present.”Boston Atlas.

“ All persons whose standard of home-comfort embraces more than one single bookshelf must have the British Poets in some form; and they may be sure that they will never be able to procure them in a more convenient and economical form than that which these volumes wear.” — Christian Examiner.

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“ They have already issued the Poems of Gray, Goldsmith, and Pope, in a style which challenges the attention of every admirer of beautiful editions, no less than of the lovers of standard English poetry. The whole series embraces over forty volumes, and in itself will form a rich poetical library.” – New York Tribune.

“Such a series of fine books is highly creditable to the enterprise of the well-known publishers, and shows a great advance in the art of bookmaking in America; while the cheap rate at which the volumes are offered to the public will enable many to possess the standard poetical works of the English tongue who have heretofore been unable to purchase them.” — Southern Literary Messenger.

“ Too much praise cannot be awarded to Messrs. Little, Brown, and Co. for their enterprise in publishing this series: it marks an epoch in American bookmaking. The reprints are fac-similes of Pickering's celebrated Aldine editions, and even eclipse them in clearness and distinctness of type, and snowy whiteness of paper. In every sense, they are books that are books.' ... No bookbuyer can make a better investment than in the purchase of the entire series, which, when completed, will be a superb addition to any library.” – Yankee Blade.

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Sicut aquæ tremulum labris ubi lumen ahenis
Sole repercussum, aut radiantis imagine lunæ,
Omnia pervolitat late loca, jamque sub auras
Erigitur, summique ferit laquearia tecti.

So water, trembling in a polish'd vase ;
Reflects the beam that plays upon its face ;
The sportive light, uncertain where it falls,
Now strikes the roof, now flashes on the walls.

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