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too heavy for them to continue to bear. One day, however, unexpected help came. George Marvel, in his quiet way, had conceived a great idea, and in his quiet way had carried it out. Here were these two children thrown upon the world. Not children exactly perhaps, for they were nearly seventeen years of age ; but one was a cripple, and the other was a girl. They had been good children, and their character stood high in the neighbourhood. Who ought to assist them? The neighbours. Some one must take it in hand, and why not he as well as any other person? No sooner had he made up his mind than he set to work. He went round to the neighbours personally, and told them what his errand was.

Poor as they were, they gave their mites cheerfully, with scarcely an exception. When he had made the round of the neighbours, he went to the workshops, and the men there gave their penny each, and the boys their halfpence, and so swelled the total. His own employers and fellow-workmen were more liberal than any. He did not forget his tradesmen, his butcher and baker and grocer. They all gave; and the result was that, at the end of the three weeks during which he had been employed in his self-imposed task, he had a sum

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to bear. The room was full of creeping Ps, visible in the midst of the darkness. He I go out into the streets, into the light, where could not follow him. Where was the door?

elt about the walls for it. It was gone ; he II.

closed in, imprisoned with his terrors. He Women - about with his hands deliriously. The win

! ah, they had not closed that! He dashed ne panes, and tearing open the casement with bleeding fingers, fell from a height of twenty and met a drunkard's death.

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of not less than twelve pounds four shillings in his possession, to hand over to Dan and Ellen to assist them through their trouble. The night he made up his accounts, he told his wife what he had done, and she blessed him for it, and was silently and devoutly grateful that Providence had given her a husband with such a heart.

The following evening George Marvel visited the children, with his bag of money in his coattail pocket. Ellen was at work, and although she looked pale in her black dress, she looked very pretty. The goodness of the heart always shows itself in the face.

Now Dan had been thinking all day, and indeed for many previous days, that he ought to consult some mature person as to what he was to do. You must understand that Dan, notwithstanding that he was so much younger than Susan, considered himself the head of the family. He had his plans, but he wanted advice concerning them. Up to the present time, his business in trained birds had not flourished. It could not be said to have commenced, for he had not sold a bird. He had decided that Mr. Marvel would be a proper person to ask advice of, and by good luck here Mr. Marvel was.


• Have you a few minutes to spare, sir ?'
“Yes, surely, Dan,' replied Mr. Marvel.

'I want to take your advice, sir,' commenced Dan after a slight hesitation. You know how we are situated, and how suddenly our misfortunes have come upon us. Well, sir, we must live; we must have bread-and-butter. Now the only scapegrace out of the lot of us is me-don't interrupt me, Ellen, nor you, sir, please. Susan is earning her bread-and-butter and something more. Ellen is earning enough to keep her; and I am the only idle oue of all of us, and I am the only one who is eating bread -and-butter and is not earning it.'

But, Dan-interposed George Marvel.

“ No, sir, please ; let me go on. I have been eating the bread of idleness all my life, and I am eating it now. It isn't right that I should do so. I ought to earn my own living. But how? I am not like other boys, and cannot do what other boys can do. One thing is certain : I can't let Ellen work for me, and it would break my heart to part from her; and she would feel it quite as much as I should.—Yes, Ellen, keep your arm round my neck, but don't speak.-I tried to earn money, you know that. I trained some birds, and put

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