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Nor will I, Bacchus-brave, I ween!
Omit thee; nor the huntress queen ;
Nor him whose power with arrow keen

Our fear commands.

Alcides, who no danger shuns,

I'll sing; and Leda's noble sons,

This rides to charge,-on foot that runs,—

Whose shining star,

Soon as the sailor views its beam,

Soothes the wild Ocean with its gleam;

Winds, clouds, and storms-as in a dream-
Retire afar!

Shall Romulus next grace my page?
Or Numa's reign my song engage?
Or splendid pomp of Tarquin's age?
Or Cato's death?

Of Regulus' my muse shall tell,
Of Paulus who at Cannæ fell ;-
How brave Fabricius acted well,

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Whose earliest breath

Was nursed by poverty's hard fare;

And Curius with the flowing hair,

their distinctions by dissimulation.-Vide an article in Lempriere's

Classical Dictionary—' Scaurus.'

Sæva paupertas, et avitus apto

Cum lare fundus.

Crescit occulto velut arbor ævo

Fama Marcelli. Micat inter omnes

Julium sidus, velut inter ignes

Luna minores.

Gentis humanæ pater atque custos,
Orte Saturno, tibi cura magni

Cæsaris fatis data: tu secundo

Cæsare regnes.

Ille seu Parthos Latio imminentes
Egerit justo domitos triumpho,

Sive subjectos Orientis oris

Seras et Indos :

Te minor latum reget æquus orbem ; Tu gravi curru quaties Olympum, Tu parùm castis inimica mittes

Fulmina lucis.

Camillus, too;-for each was heir

To farm and cot.

Marcellus' fame, by lapse of time,
Grows like a tree :-in glorious prime
The Julian star shines o'er each clime,-
A happy lot!

Jove! guardian of the human kind,
To thee our Cæsar is consign'd;

Under thine own propitious mind

Great Cæsar reigns.

Whether in triumph he shall drive
The Parthians who 'gainst Latium strive,


conquer all that are alive

On Eastern plains;

Second to thee, he 'll rule the world!
Thy thunders shall be soon unfurl'd,
Thy wrath against the groves be hurl'd,
Not free from stains.


Mæcenati spondet convivium, sed frugale.

VILE potabis modicis Sabinum

Cantharis, Græcâ quod ego ipse testâ

Conditum levi, datus in theatro

Cum tibi plausus,

Care Mæcenas eques; ut paterni
Fluminis ripæ, simul et jocosa

Redderet laudes tibi Vaticani

Montis imago.

Cæcubum, et prælo domitam Caleno Tu bibes uvam. Mea nec Falernæ Temperant vites, neque Formiani

Pocula colles.



DEAR knight, Mæcenas, prithee think That, here, poor Sabine thou must drink, Stored in Greek cask, of which the brink Was seal'd by me,

At that glad time, when echo's tongue
Back from the mountain, joyous, rung,
As the vast theatre upsprung

To honour thee:

At home, thou sipp'st Campanian wine,


racy Cæcuban is thine ;

Here, juice of rich Falernian vine

Thou ne'er wilt see!

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