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"Power had I o'er this treacherous bull, Revenge I'd take complete and full,


Tearing his horns with fiercest pull,

Though once so dear.

Wicked, I left my father's home!
Why sank I not 'midst ocean's foam?

Grant, gods! that naked I may roam

'Mongst ravenous beasts,

"Rather than fall by slow decay,

And by consumption waste away!

Let tigers on my beauty prey,

And make dire feasts!

"Base child!' exclaims, with anger fraught,
My absent sire; 'to die take thought:-
'Thy neck (by girdle aptly brought,)

Hang from yon ash :

"Or, if high rocks, acute and steep,
Delight thee more, then take the leap!
If thou wouldst not, o'er-labour'd, weep
'Neath slavery's lash.

"""Twere sad, indeed, that child of mine Became barbarian's concubine!'"Here Venus, with her smiles divine,

And Cupid came :

And when the maid was re-assured,

"Though here," cried Venus, "thou wert lured,

Cùm tibi invisus laceranda reddet

Cornua taurus.

Uxor invicti Jovis esse nescis ?

Mitte singultus: bene ferre magnam

Disce fortunam: tua sectus orbis

Nomina ducet.

Be cheer'd; thy fate may be endur'd,

For, know thy fame;

"Thou art the wife of mightiest Jove!
Weep not, thou object of his love!
Part of the world' on which men move

Shall bear thy name."

1 Europe.




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