Biographical Sketch of the Most Rev. John Carroll: First Archbishop of Baltimore

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John Murphy, 1843 - 321 strán (strany)

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Strana 289 - And the third day there was a marriage in Cana of Galilee ; and the mother of Jesus was there : and both Jesus was called, and his disciples, to the marriage. And when they wanted wine, the mother of Jesus saith unto him, They have no wine.
Strana 135 - States which still restrict them ; when we solicit the protection of Heaven over our common country, we neither omit nor can omit recommending your preservation to the singular care of Divine Providence, because we conceive that no human means are so available to promote the welfare of the United States as the prolongation of your health and life, in which are included the energy of your example, the wisdom of your counsels, and the persuasive eloquence of your virtues.
Strana 67 - The object of the proposed institution is," says the prospectus, " to unite the means of communicating science with an effectual provision for guarding and improving the morals of youth. With this view, the seminary will be superintended by those who, having had experience in similar institutions, know that an undivided attention may be given to the cultivation of virtue and literary improvement...
Strana 104 - Virgin Mary ; and the munificence of that gentleman omitted no circumstance which could possibly add dignity to so venerable a ceremony. The two prelates were attended by their respective assistant priests and acolytes, according to the rubric of the Roman pontifical; the richness of their vestments, the music of the choir, the multitude of wax lights, and the ornaments of the altar concurred to increase the splendor of the solemnity, which made a lasting impression upon every beholder.
Strana 301 - Unhappy man that I am, who shall deliver me from the body of this death ? The grace of God by Jesus Christ our Lord.
Strana 310 - The Book of the Roman Catholic Church; in a series of Letters addressed to Robert Southey, esq. on his "Book of the Church.
Strana 89 - They concurred, with perhaps greater unanimity than any other body of men, in recommending and promoting that government, from whose influence America anticipates all the blessings of justice, peace, plenty, good order and civil and religious liberty.
Strana 106 - Peter upon the ruin of those errors, which the first inhabitants carried forth with them from this country. But if Britain infected them with error, we have the consolation to know that their catholicity is also derived immediately from us; and as we in former ages received the faith of Rome from the great St. Gregory and our apostle St. Austin, so now at the interval of twelve hundred years, our venerable prelate the heir of the virtues and labours of our apostle, will, this day by commission from...
Strana 132 - We have been long impatient to testify our joy and unbounded confidence, on your being called by a unanimous vote, to the first station of a country, in which that unanimity could not have been obtained, without the previous merit of unexampled services, of eminent wisdom and unblemished virtue. Our congratulations have not reached you sooner because our scattered situation prevented the communication and the collecting of those sentiments which animated every breast.
Strana 202 - The great, and the rich, and the poor, and the lowly, assembled to pay the last tribute of respect to the memory of this good and illustrious prelate. The Chapel which has been so long cherished by his fostering care, was crowded at an...

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