Lines of Enquiry: Studies in Latin Poetry

Predný obal
Cambridge University Press, 20. 1. 2005 - 228 strán (strany)
In these studies of Latin poetry Niall Rudd demonstrates a variety of critical methods and approaches. He shows how it can be fruitful at different times to consider the historical background of a poem, its language or structure, its place in a literary tradition, the role of critical paradigms, and so on. But if no single approach has special and invariable authority this does not imply critical anarchy. Each has its own validity for different purposes, its own strengths and limitations. The reader must be versatile and sensitive to a range of possibilities, but not doctrinaire.


Didos culpa
association of ideas in Persius
poets and patrons in Juvenals
theories about
sincerity and mask
Autorské práva

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