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Sub rastro crepet argenti mihi seria dextro
Hercule ! pupillumve utinam, quem proximus hæres
Impello, expungam! namque est scabiosus, et acri
Bile tumet. Nerio jam tertia ducitur uxor.
Hæc sanctè ut poscas, Tiberino in gurgite mergis
Mane caput bis, terque, et noctem flumine purgas.
Heus age, responde, minimum est quod scire laboro :
De Jove quid sentis ? estne, ut præponere cures
Hunc, cuinam cuinam? vis Staio ? an scilicet hæres,
Quis potior judex, puerisse quis aptior orbis ?
Hoc igitur, quo tu Jovis aurem impellere tentas,
Dic agedum Staio: pro Jupiter ô bone, clamet.
Jupiter! at sese non clamet Jupiter ipse?
Ignovisse putas, quia cum tonat, ocyus ilex
Sulfure discutitur sacro, quam tuque, domusque ?

crimes away.

“ O Hercules, when next I rake the soil,
“ With a rich treasure recompence my toil!
“ Or might I, Gods, to my young ward succeed,

Urge on his fate, nor Heaven condemn the deed; “ The sickly child already seems to pine, “ And bile and ulcer hasten his decline. “ Three times hath Hymen's torch for Nerius burn'd, “ Three times hath he to widowhood return'd. And now, fanatic wretch, to purge your soul, Plunge where the sacred waves of Tiber roll; To them each morn the night's foul stains convey, And in their waters wash

your To one plain question honestly reply: What are your thoughts of him who rules the sky? As all our judgments rest on what we know, And good is still comparative below; Is there a man whom even as Jove you prize, Like him believe beneficent and wise? What, are you doubtful? such may Staius be.? Who is the juster judge, or Jove or he ? But let me ask, to Staius did you say One half of what you utter when you pray, Would he not from you with abhorrence turn, And you and all your bribes indignant spurn? But do you hope, that Jove will lend an ear To prayers, which Staius would refuse to hear ? Do you believe that Heaven at you connived, Because its lightnings flew, and you survived : Because o'er you the thunder harmless broke, While the red vengeance struck the blasted oak ?

An quia non fibris ovium, Ergennaque jubente,
Triste jaces lucis, evitandumque bidental,
Idcirco stolidam præbet tibi vellere barbam
Jupiter? aut quidnam est, qua tu mercede Deorum
Emeris auriculas ? pulmone, et lactibus unctis ?
Ecce avia, aut metuens divum matertera, cunis
Exemit puerum, frontemque, atque uda labella
Infami digito, et lustralibus ante salivis
Expiat, urentes oculos inhibere perita.
Tunc manibus quatit, et spem macram supplice voto
Nunc Licini in campos, nunc Crassi mittit in ædes.
Hunc optent generum rex et regina : puellæ
Hunc rapiant: quicquid calcaverit hic, rosa fiat.
Ast ego nutrici non mando vota : negato
Jupiter hæc illi, quamvis te albata rogarit.
Poscis opem nervis, corpusque fidele senectæ :
Esto, age : sed grandes patinæ, tucetaque crassa

Do you

conclude that you may mock your God, Because his mercy still hath spared the rod; Because no silent grove's unhallow'd gloom By mortals shunn'd hath yet conceal’d your tomb, Where in last expiation of the dead, The augur worshipp'd, and the victim bled ? What are the bribes with which Jove's ear you win, Excusing guilt, and palliating sin ? Will prayer do this ? will vows your pardon gain? While entrails smoke, and fatted lambs are slain?

Lo, from his cradle all his parent's joy, The superstitious grandam lifts the boy; Well skill'd the lines of destiny to trace, She bathes his eyes, with spittle daubs his face, Lays the mid-finger on his little brow, Extends her hands, and meditates the vow. In her quick thought Licinius quits his fields, And wealthy Crassus his possessions yields. “ Let every bliss, sweet child of hope, be thine, “ Bright stars beam on thee, and mild planets shine. “ Let rival monarchs bow to thee the head, “ And queens design thee for their daughter's bed. " To thee their charms may blooming nymphs expose, “ And still thy footsteps press the springing rose.” May never nurse with drawling canting whine, Invoke such blessings on a child of mine! But if she should, good Jove, the infant spare, Though rob’d in white she shall prefer her prayer You ask strong nerves, age that is fresh and hale: 'Tis well ; go on. But how shall you prevail?

Annuere his superos vetuêre, Jovemque morantur.
Rem struere exoptas cæso bove, Mercuriumque
Arcessis fibra : da fortunare penates,
Da pecus, et gregibus fætum, quo, pessime, pacto,
Tot tibi in flammis junicum omenta liquescant ?
Et tamen hic extis, et opimo vincere ferto
Intendit: jam crescit ager, jam crescit ovile,
Jam dabitur, jamjam : donec deceptus, et exspes
Nequicquam fundo suspiret nummus in imo.
Si tibi crateras argenti, incusaque pingui
Auro dona feram, sudes, et pectore lævo
Excutias guttas, lætari prætrepidum cor:
Hinc illud subiit, auro sacras quòd ovato
Perducis facies, nam fratres inter ahenos,
Somnia pituita qui purgatissima mittunt,
Præcipui sunto, sitque illis aurea barba.
Aurum, vasa Numæ, Saturniaque impulit æra,
Vestalesque urnas, et Tuscum fictile mutat.
O curvæ in terris animæ, et cælestium inanes !

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