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The Hiftory of Sandford and Merton 3 Vols. 45. rodho
Do. abridged. 15. id.
The new Primer or first Book for Children, printed

on much better paper than any fuck book hither.

to, and well bound Price 4d. or 25. 6d. pr. dozen The Pensylvania spelling book, by Anthony Benezet.

Is, id.

JOHN GOUGH is careful to keep a various assort.

ment of the most useful books for Children, as also

those on moral and religious subjects. He is likewise supplied with Account Books of moft


For the use of CHARITY SCHOOLS.


Having a few of Cocker's Arithmetick remaining

which used formerly be sold at 10d. intends disposing of them bound at 6dh. cach, 58. per dozen or

il. 145. idh. per hundred. N. B. This Book was much approved by the late fac mous Dr. Johnson, & the yet more famed Dr. Franklin.

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E is the freeman whom the truth makes free,

And all are slaves befide. There's not a chain That hellish foes confed'rate for his harm Can wind around him, but he casts it off With as much ease as Sampson his green withes. He looks around into the varied field Of Nature, and though poor, perhaps, compar'd With those whose mansions glitter in his Sight, Calls the delightful scen’ry all his own. His are mountains, and the vallies his, And the resplendent rivers: his to enjoy With a propriety that none can fecl, But who, with filial confidence inspir’d, Can lift to Heaven an unpresumptuous eye, And smiling say-My father made them all. Are they not his by a peculiar right, And by an emphasis of int'reft his, Whose eye they fill with tears of holy joy, Whole heart with praise, and whose exalted mind


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