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HELP WANTED EARN $110 to $250 monthly, expenses paid, as railway traffic inspector. We secure position for you after completion of 3 months' home study course or money refunded. Excellent opportunities. Write for free booklet CM-27. Staudard Business Training Institution, Buffalo, N. Y.

GOOD opening with large New York City social welfare organization for well-qualitied financial secretary, some public speaking included. Written applications only. Give full details, education, special training, experience, references. Address W. E. A., 6,625, Outlook.

HOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND WOMEN. Nation-wide demand for highBalaried men and women. Past experience unnecessary. We train you by mail and put you in touch with big opportunities. Big pay, fine living, interesting work, quick advancement, permanent. Write for free book, "YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY.". Lewis Hotel Training Schools, Suite N-5842, Washington, D.C.

LECTURERS: Clergy who can speak on current events and who would be interested in several engagements each month in the churches of their State. Good payment. State qualifications in first letter. 6,573, Outlook.

SALESMEN wanted. $10 daily easy. We start you in auto accessory business. No investment, no experience necessary. Exclusive territory. Motor Products Co., 1760 Lund Ave., Chicago.

WANTED-Thoroughly competent stenog. rapher-typist; must have cultural back. ground, good education, sympathy with foreigners, initiative, inagination, under. stand filing. Protestant. Write, stating expe. rience and salary expected. (New York.) 6,637, Outlook.

By the Way
Fritz KREISLER, the famous violinist

, exist legally it is no crime to steal it.... spent his vacation last year in the Michael Arlen is reported to have made Maine woods. He went there for a rest, $180,000 during the past year. . . . Paul and consequently did not overexert him- Whiteman, of orchestra fame, has reself physically. His guide could not un- jected an offer from the Famous Playersderstand the virtuoso's conception of Lasky Corporation of over one million rest, and complained: "He no fish; he no dollars for three years of forty weeks hunt; he pay me $4.50 a day, and all I each. He claims that he will make more got to do is sit around and listen to him than that from his concert tour. ... play damn fiddle."

When Ellin Mackay disobeyed her

wealthy father and married a Jewish imA German actress has just received

migrant, she did not cut herself off from much publicity for owning the only poo- riches, for that immigrant happened to dle dog with a full set of gold teeth. be Irving Berlin, who, thanks to his pop

ular songs, now has a yearly income of The "New Republic" has listed the

$300,000. ten biggest newspaper stories of 1925 from the editors' standpoint. They are: The canny Scot was not quite sure Evolution trial at Dayton, Tennessee; whether business might keep him away the Shenandoah disaster; Floyd Collins from his evening meal. . "Jeannie, my entombed at Cave City; Gunnar Kas- girl,” said he to his wife ere he left home son's race to Nome; the coal strike; the

in the morning, “if I'm no able to be Caillaux mission; the Rhinelander case; hame I'll ring ye at six precisely. Dinna Gerald Chapman; Amundsen's attempted tak the receiver off, and then I'll no ha' dash to the pole; and Colonel Mitchell's

to put in my tuppence.” attack on the Army.

Figures just released by the Maryland A bon mot from Richard Watts's re

State Racing Commission reveal that : view of Tony Sarg's Marionettes. He grand total of $54,315,272 was bet at thi wrote, “They are very entertaining, but

race-tracks during the seventy-two day they lack sex appeal.”

of the season. The State gets fifteen pe

cent as its share. Some of those whi With all the popularity that radio has received in this country and in Great

win large sums at the track lose then Britain, South Africa and Australia

very quickly. This is evidenced by thi won't have it. Broadcasting has been

recent serious illness of “Nick” Forsh

and the disclosure of his penniless condi attempted in those countries, but given

tion. He had won $800,000 in one sea up for lack of public interest.

son at the New Orleans track. Some of Frank J. Wilstach's collection

From the Boston “Transcript:” of last year's best similes:

“They say she is a very brilliant con Helpless as a cross-word puzzle fiend without a pencil.

versationalist.” Unimportant as a new scratch on a

"Yes; you should hear her play four-year-old car.

bridge.” A secret is about as safe with Ada

Realtors in Florida have stimulate as a police dog tethered with dental floss.

sales in certain boom areas by insertin Mean as the barber who put hair

large advertisements in the papers offer restorer in his shaving cream.

ing to buy land in those sections. This

offers an incentive for new land buyer A few comments on the news of the who visualize immediate turnovers at week which haven't reached the gen- profit. It has worked so well that som eral press: Evelyn Nesbit Thaw sold

of the Long Island and New Jersey the story of her life to one of the Hearst

realty development people have adopte papers in New York for $1,000, with the

the same practice. understanding that it was not to be printed until after her death. Two at- The answer to this puzzle is a word tempts at suicide have brought the story two syllables. Do you know it? out of the Hearst syndicate archives, The first, though ill-bred is well like only to be put back when the drugs and cherished by many. failed to bring death to Harry Thaw's The second is firmly and naturally at ex-wife. ... A Baltimore woman, accused tached to the first by many ties. of stealing a quart of whisky, was dis- Nevertheless the whole suggests 1 missed by Magistrate Johannsen, who process by which the two are frequen:h

SITUATIONS WANTED BY refined woman, social or business secretary, or accountant. Years of experience. Best references. Expert knowledge of auction bridge. L. B. Pritchard, 184 Park Ave., Rochester, N. Y.

CAPABLE young woman, speaking French, German, and English, wishes position as companion, governess, or housekeeper. Experienced traveler. Best references. 6,619, Outlook.

CULTURED, educated, and refined young woman desires position as teacher, tutor, or governess of widower's children. Thoroughly capable of managing household and servants. Excellent references. 6,629, Outlook.

LADY, middle aged, wishes position as companion. Eight years' experience, five in traveling Can read indefinitely, 6,627, Outlook.

NURSE Competent, trustworthy, finest references, desires engagement with invalid. Can go country or travel. 6,621, Outlook.

REFINED American woman, educated, capable, as managing housekeeper, housemother, hostess, companion to a lady. 6,630, Outlook.

TRUDEAU nurse desires tuberculosis patients. Would go South. 6,614, Outlook.

WANTED-Position as caretaker at shore or country estate, or institution ; family man with experience

in charge of country club and grounds. 6,628, Outlook.

WANTED-Position as companion or private teacher, country home, western New York. References. 6,633, Outlook.

WANTED--Position as teacher or companion, with family going to England. Private case experience. References. 6,634, Outlook.

ruled that inasmuch as whisky does not separated, more or less. In writing to the above advertisers, ptease mention The Outlook

WIDOW, college graduate, desires position as teacher or traveling companion to one or two persons going abroad. Speaks English and Spanish. Has traveled abroad. 6,624, Outlook.

MISCELLANEOUS TO young women desiring training in the care of obstetrical patients a aix inonths' nurses' aid course is offered by the Lying-In Hospital, 307 Second Ave.. New York. Aids are provided with maintenance and given a monthly allowance of $10. For further par. ticniars address Directress of Nurses.

CLUB women. Do you need help with your club papers ? Bibliographies

prepared, references looked up, papers corrected and typewritten by college graduate experienced in research work. 6,626, Outlook,

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for he says:

OES religion mean a cer

has furnished in the realm of tain form of worship and

natural science may be valuable a method of living in

to the non-scholastic and nonaccordance with the things you

professional reader." learned in Sunday school or

Dr. Abbott's volumes assume from sermons ? Or does it mean

this truth of the principle of to you a faith and a power be

evolution as defined by Professor yond yourself whereby you seek

Le Conte. And he admits no to satisfy your emotional needs,

ground for controversy in the gaining stability of life ex

deeper underlying questions; pressed in acts of love, charity,

“He who believes and service ?

in the evolution of revelation no Or does religion mean to you

longer has to tease his mind, a life itself,“ mystical in its roots

arguing that the creative days and practical in its fruits"? Or

were æons, that the sun standing do you like to think of it, above

still was an optical delusion due all, as “communion with God,

to peculiar refraction of rays, a calm and deep enthusiasm, a

and that some whales have love which radiates, a force which

mouths big enough to allow the acts, a happiness which over

passage of a man. He frankly flows”-in short, a state of the

treats the stories of creation, soul?

of Joshua's campaign, and of Do you find it easy in these

Jonah's adventures as literature days of religious ferment and

characteristic of the childhood argument and turmoil to hold

age of the world and looks for steadfast to the faith that has

the moral lessons which are bebeen within you? Or do new

hind them.” and disquieting fears crowd in LYMAN ABBOTT-PROPHET OF MODERN TIMES Here, then, are two volumes to haunt your mind, making you

on evolution in the light of hungry for more explicit exposition of religious truth and religion of great value to every man and woman who spiritual experience which must find new expression to fit would understand the Bible and its teachings most clearly. the needs and thought of this new day?

Volume One considers the evolution of the Bible, of What does your Bible mean to you to-day?

theology, of the Church, of Christian society, and of the Do

you sometimes fear that you must abandon the his- soul, with special attention to the secret and the consumtoric faith of Christendom to accept the theory of evolu- mation of spiritual evolution. tion? Or do you believe that the historic faith of Chris- Volume Two considers creation by evolution, the genesis tendom when stated in terms of evolutionary philosophy is of sin, the evolution of revelation, the place of Christ in not only preserved but is so cleansed of pagan thought evolution, redemption by evolution, the evolution of sacriand feeling as to be presented in a purer and more power- fice and propitiation, and evolution as related to miracles ful form?

and to immortality. Do you accept Professor Le Conte's definition of evo- Your set is ready. It is packed for instant shipping. lution, in its broad sense, which is, " A continuous, pro- The two books contain 449 pages, printed on a good quality gressive change according to certain laws and by means of book paper, and attractively bound in dark-blue cloth with of resident forces”?

gilt stamping. Send your coupon to-day or mail a post-card. Whatever may be your belief, faith, doubt, perplexity, Examination is free, entailing no obligation on your part. or fear, you will find clearly set forth and illuminated in Note the convenient terms of payment. THE OUTLOOK two volumes by Lyman Abbott, which it is now the priv- COMPANY, Publishers, 120 East 16th Street, New York. ilege of The Outlook Company to publish in a special edition, a calm and deep-seeing interpretation of many of & THE OUTLOOK COMPANY the religious questions that are haunting men's minds

120 East 16th Street, New York to-day.

Send me on approval and without obligation Lyman Abbott's

The Evolution of Christianity," and "The Theology of an EvoluThese books are entitled “The Evolution of Chris- tionist.” Within five days I will send yon $1 as my first payment tianity" and "The Theology of an Evolutionist.” In them

and after that three monthly payments of $1 each. Or I will return

the books at your expense and owe you nothing. ($3.75 cash.] Dr. Abbott“ endeavors to indicate the direction in which

Name... modern thought is looking," his sole and simple aim being "so to apply the fundamental principle of evolution to Address... problems of religious life and thought that the life which


State... that principle has afforded and the inspiration which it

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Out. 1-27-26

THE OUTLOOK, January 27, 1926. Volume 142, Number 4. Published weekly by The Outlook Company at 120 East 16th Street, New York, N. Y. Subscription price $5.00 a year. Entered as gecond-class matter, July 21, 1893, at the Post Office at New York, under the Act of March 3, 1879.


The Mail Bag i

Jews, Protestants, and Catholics
An Open Door for the probably be neither Jew nor Christian,
Open Mind

and would be one small atom toward the

working out of God's great plan when A s a Jewess, I cannot but be inter

the peoples of the world will be one. ested in the articles appearing in

H. K.-R. The Outlook relative to Mr. Seitz's article "Jews, Catholics, and Protestants." I have just read the issue for December

In Boston They Divided and 23. My life, too, has always been spent

Got Licked in Christian communities. In fact, we were the only Jews in my home town for In your issue of December 16 Mr. a period of fully forty years. Only twice John F. Gilroy, in commenting on in the history of our family has there Mr. Seitz's article on "Jews, Catholics, ever been a feeling of prejudice even and Protestants,” asks, “How is it that hinted at. And each time it was by the Boston elected a Protestant Mayor when Methodist minister. It is with some seventy-five per cent of its population is show of satisfaction that I tell you in Catholic?" I am in a position to entach of the above-mentioned cases the lighten Mr. Gilroy as to why a Protesoffending minister was transferred to a tant Mayor was elected in Boston. The new parish the following year. My Catholic politicians of Boston have been A hot, well made cup of father was a pioneer in this little north- badly split for a number of years, and delicious ern Iowa town, and was dearly loved by this year, while fighting among themboth rich and poor. When he died, the selves, allowed a Protestant Mayor to be entire community, including all the min- elected. As for any of the Catholic isters in town, paid their homage to his Democratic vote going to a Protestant memory and respect to his family. Republican, it is too absurd for consid

I am a teacher of the violin. Myeration. The percentage of Catholics in: work has taken me into positions in two Boston is estimated by authorities to be will appease these keen itate schools as well as into a Congrega- about sixty-five per cent. The total vote

appetites and also provide ional college, and I have never felt that of the last election was 182,063, of which

considerable nutrition. leing a Jewess was a barrier. I have the successful candidate received 64,492, lever concealed the fact of my origin, or 35.42 per cent. The seven Catholic

Dr. Louis Fischer, former in nd I know this: because I have not con- candidates received a total of 115,524, or

structor in Diseases of Chil

dren at the New York Post ealed it-in a feeble way-I have 63.45 per cent, which goes to show that

Graduate Medical School and rought light to many a Protestant mind none of the Catholic votes was wasted

Hospital, lists cocoa in

diet for school children. ; to what a Jew may be. (My bit on the Protestant Republican candidate. iward home missionary work.) For This has always been the case in Boston

Walter Baker & Co.Ltd. tree years I made my home with a fine politics.

Established 1780 atholic family, and I know no Jewish Now let us look on the other side of


MONTREAL, CANADA iends who could replace to me the love the fence. In 1921 there were four ad devotion of these Catholic friends. candidates for Mayor, three Catholics

Booklet of Choice Recipes

sent free think my Christian friends-Baptist, and one Protestant. Out of a total of ongregational, Methodist—all lose sight 161,186 votes cast, the Catholic candiour difference in belief, small as it is dates received 156,896 votes, the Protes

reality. Their loyalty to me has tant candidate 4,268. The Protestants loved this fact time and time again, joined hands with the better class of ith tremendous force.

Catholics in an unsuccessful attempt to I have heard many a Jew talk in the elect the best man. Again, there was the rain of The Outlook article for De- Hon. David I. Walsh elected in a strong mber 23, and I cannot understand it, Republican State for Governor and Asthma, Spasmodic r such prejudice has never appreciably United States Senator by receiving thou

Croup. Bronchitis

Coughs, Influenza luched me or mine. I have no desire sands of Protestant votes, the writer's

A household remedy avoiding drugs. Cresobecome Christian, although all my life being one.

lene is vaporized at the bedside during the

night. It has become in the past forty-six years as been spent among Christian people. The City Hall in Boston is as free the most widely used remedy for whooping o quote from the December article, from Protestants as the Desert of Sahara

cough and spasmodic croup.

When children complain of sore throat or Church-going people have destroyed is of water lilies!

cough, use at once. at possibility by their very example.” I believe such a condition should re

while am content in my Jewish faith in the ceive the most possible publicity, and will ne Great God who has been good to appreciate it if you will publish the


Send for descriptive booklet 31A e. Had I a child, he should be taught above.

For Sale by Druggists e principles of both Judaism and


THE VAPO.CRESOLENE CO. hristianity. In the long run he would Egypt, Massachusetts.

62 Cortlandt St., New York

or Leeming-Miles Bldg., Montreal, Canada In writing to the above advertisers, please mention The Outlook



while you sleep



" Used

Vapo Pesolene



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Cover : A portrait of Don C. Seitz by Johan

Bull. Reproduced by courtesy of our excellent

The Forum
The Mail Bag: Jews, Protestants, and

Catholics—An Open Door for the
Open Mind; In Boston They Divided

and Got Licked .
Is the President So Far Wrong, After

What Is a Senator ?
Politicians Will Be Politicians
Common Sense in the Senate
Compromising Taxes .
Come, we stay too long

Cartoons of the Week
The Aluminum Investigation
Buoying the Air
Truth-or a Good “Story”.
'The Cave Dwellers of To-Day
Crooks of the World, Beware! .
The Golden Horseshoe
Testing Germany's Ability to Pay
Will the Dawes Plan Succeed ?
Sparring for Points
“ Bickering”. About the Weather
Why Prohibition ?


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The Book Table :

The Fletcher Cult

By James L. Ford
Current Books
Notes on New Books .

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Published weekly by The Outlook Company, 120 East 16th Street, New York. Copyright, 1926, by The Outlook Company. By subscription $5.00 a year for the United States and Canada. Single copies 15 cents each.

subscription to countries in the postal Union, $6.56.


HAROLD T. PULSIFER, President and Managing Editor ERNEST HAMLIN ABBOTT, Editor-in-Chief and Secretary
NATHAN T. PULSIFER, Vice-President

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