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Above the beautiful Connecticut Valley

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For Sale


On Majo New York-Boston Highway Between Hartford and Springfield

Enfield, Connecticut

" Long View” is an impressive Colonial Mansion of brick in superb condition, containing ten large masters' rooms, modern baths,

mple servants' quarters, and garages, equipped with town water, electricity, and steam heat.

English Park A picturesque park between the road and the house gives an unusual setting.

Farm Lands One hundred and twenty-five acres of excellent farm and garden lands with good pasturage.

Large and complete Farm Buildings, all adequately equipped.

(Foreman resident in farmhouse)

For full information apply to

HENRY M. CLARK 100 Broadway, Springfield, Mass.


Room 1001, 84 State St., Boston, Mass.


Wanted Cartoons | Church Touring Guild

President : REV. S. PARKES CADMAN, D.D


Arrangements handled by


THE OUTLOOK wishes to receive cartoons from its

renders, clipped from their favorite newspaper. Each cartoon should have the sender's name and address together with the name and date of the newspaper from which it is taken pinned or pasted to its back. Cartoons should be mailed flat, not rolled. We pay one dollar ($1) for each cartoon which we find available for reproduction. Some readers in the past have lost payment to which they were entitled because they have failed to give the information which we require. It is impossible for us to acknowledge or return cartoons which prove unavailable for publication

The Editors of The Outlook 120 East 16th Street, New York City



o the form of pictures. Old-time readers f the New York "Herald Tribune" were bocked two years ago when that paper dopted a daily picture page. It is now umored that the New York "Times," ibich has prided itself on its lack of such eatures, is soon to follow suit. Acquaininces in England tell us that the sedate ondon "Times" has for a long while rinted its page of pictures daily.

Field agents for “The Citizens' Lower ax League, Inc.," have done a land-office asiness in soliciting dollar membership es from those in favor of modification of le Volstead Act, according to the testiony of Bird S. Coler, New York Commisoner of Public Welfare. The agents relive half the dollar as their commission.

The Denver "Post” recently conducted a ferendum vote on prohibition sentiment troughout Colorado, Wyoming, New Mex0, and Arizona. The final count showed 1700 against prohibition as against 20,756

favor of it; and 83,356 in favor of the galization of the sales of wines and beer the 18,999 against it.

The “Ohio State Journal" thinks that a
Ight extension of the lie classification now
ems advisable. There are now lies,
mned lies, and wet and dry sta istics.

The Society of American Florists have
tesented the author of the phrase "Say it
ith flowers" with a gold medal and admit
at the slogan has increased the sale of
wers by millions of dollars annually.
The Ford Motor Company expects to
m out 10,000 cars a day this year. The
adson Automobile Company went on a
100 daily production basis on February 1.
lere are between 2,000 and 3,000 Chevro-
& turned out daily, 1,500 Dodges, about
0 Chryslers and Buicks, and about 200

The following order was received by a
m of piano-makers:
"Dear Sir: Please send a string for my
ino. Have the string tuned to G before
u send it, as my husband can put it in,
the can't tune it.-Mrs. X.
"P. S. It's the G on the right side of the

All over the country Charleston mara-
on contests are being held. Usually four

five of the contestants jig for some Irty hours, and are then carried to the ly hospitals in a state of collapse. Silly? course. And what an absurdity it is for e cities to allow such contests and then re for the winners at the public's exnse!

The following classified advertisement
is found in a Seattle newspaper: "Young
enographer wanted to tend telephone and
ach Charleston. Box 94. Does this mean
e advent of the tired business girl?

A classified advertisement clipped from a
cent issue of the New York “Telegram:"
DODGE 24 coupe, special geared car, will
carry 20 cases, disc wheels, new cords, com-
plete, sacrifice. Raymond-7359.
Can any little boy tell us why a coupe
ther should wish to carry twenty cases?

We hear that Irving Berlin's latest song
it, "Always," was not written on the
eviathan, but in his office last November.
Then Mr. Berlin and Miss Mackay married
ad had sailed for England, the publishers
ng up the old number and spread the
ford that it was inspired on the liner. This
fought front-page publicity and imme-
ately put it in the best-seller class.

Apply for Illustrated Booklet No. 20

70 Fifth Avenue, New York City

Answer to last week's riddle: "Handkerlief."



EIGHT-ACRE ORANGE GROVE 2-story cottage at Isle au Haut TRURO, CAPE COD

Santa Clara Co.

SEIZED AND SOLD FOR TAXES Enjoy a Real Vacation when we

wheetode vorm


are being their sirable pour SPRUCEWOLD LODGE


One of the best small ranches in northern

780 bearing trees, 2,300 boxes last season, well- Lot fronts on seasliore. House cypress finish TO LET FOR THE SEASON : California, 13 miles from Hollister, near the

equipped packing house, extra-nice 7-room throughout. Nice summer hoine for right parfoothills southwest. 82 acres, 60 nearly level.

house, perfect order, electricity and city con- ties. Mrs. GOODEN GRANT, Isle au Haut, Me. One Old Colonial House, furnished, Very rich valley land. Ample water for irriyeniences, garage. $17,500. M. MCLAUGHLIN,

with 3 master's bedrooins, ? maids' rooms gating all year, fed by mountain springs.

kitchen, dining-room, 2 living-rooms, bathIrrigating system complete with individual Fla. References : Presidents of St.

Augustine Small hotel, residence, or camp for sale

room (modern plumbing), 4 open fireplaces, plant. We know of no other land of equal Real Estate Board and Chamber of Commerce.

Finest resort house coast of Maine, thor.

2-car garage. merit in this part of the State for sale at the price of $200 per acre.

oughly overhauled. Hardwood floors, bath,

fireplace; garage for 12 cars with 8 unfinished

Maine HORACE LANGDON, Monterey, or

One Bungalow, furnished, with large rooms above. Nice sand beach. Only hotel, living-room, 4 bedrooms,

bathroom, diuina WM. H. LANGDON, Hollister, Cal.

20 iniles from Portland, 9 miles from Bruna- room, kitchen, maid's room. Fine views ALL THE PLEASURES OF PRIMITIVE LIVING

wick, good business. Would make nice resi- cellent bathing. Ocean front. 1-car garage WITH NONE OF THE PENALTIES dence or camp. Will sell cheap. Address

Apply by letter to F. A. W.,

T. F. MOREAU, Lewiston, Me.
Valley of Heart's Delight

190 Bay State Road, 26-ACRE FRUIT RANCH, $25,000

Boston, Mass.

room cottage, nicely furnished, modern Beautiful location, climate unexcelled, eyery

improvements. Boat, garage, etc. Address advantage and convenience. 18 acres fruit

H. H. EDGERLY, 51 Howe St., Lewiston, Me. and nuts; 8 acres hill pasture. Good build

DUXBURY On Powder Point ings and equipment; fine soil.

7-room FRED W. STONK (Oak Knoll Orchard,


Plymouth. House, eight rooms, two bath,

cottage, fireplace, hot-water heat. Porch, garage. Paradise Valley), Morgan Hill, Cal.

water front,all improvements, $300 for season; 22,000 feet. Sell to close estate. 4,913, Outlost

also 6-room cottage, $250 season. Particulars, Can a da

Mrs.J. M. Holden, 39 Morris St., Everett, Mass.

For Sale Bungalow,

six rooms and bath

Modern conveniences. Snitshe PEMAFurnished cottages with or without for summer or winter. In the Berkshire


Address Box 297, Great Barrington, Mass. 3 acres lake front. $41

Whitehouse, 136 W. 70th St., New York City. 7 acres on Georgian Bay.

$64 and wholesome health-giving 25 acres hunting camp sile. $72

Pemaquid Harbor, Me. TO LET -6 100 acres suitable for mixed farming.

$124 sports of the outdoors Wonderfully located Bathroom. Fireplace For Sale, to settle an estate Mining claim near mines that have paid millions $234

. The very desirable properties listed above

Small modern hotels Center of Lenox in the Cottages and Farms

Berkshire Hills. 28 rooms, completely with hundreds of other equally choice parcels


furnished, ready to open. and CABINS

Price $8. of land at merely nominal prices. Many of

BAY VALLEY. thein could not be bought in the ordinary


$10,000 may remain on mortgage. Apply way at ten times the price. Beautifully at SPRUCEWOLD

Geo. A. Mole, Executor, Lenox, Mast. situated hunting and fishing camps for moose, BOOTHBAY HARBOR, ME. SUMMER HOME deer, caribou, ducks, partridge, trout, whitefish, bass, etc. Summer homes, heavily wooded

Also bungalow and camps on lake shore. Wood, SEASHORE HOME lands, for pleasure and investment. Easy

Its beautiful situation, charming water and

ice, garage, boats, canoes, tennis, tiled spring. woodland scenery, the tang of its salt air, the

MANCHESTER-by-the-Sea, Mass, monthly payments of $5 upwards. Send for

$100 to $300 season. Photos, references. free illustrated list, with complete explanacool of the deep woods and ideal "close-to

Near the “ Singing Beach" JAS. E. HARVEY, Readfield, Maine Nature" life make the Sprucewood Log tions. Send no money, but send for list today,

Three and three-quarters acres, highly Cabin Colony the favorite of vacationists

vated, ocean and country views. House, 80 you will get first choice.

seeking rest, relaxation, and the zest of out- TO LET - Furnished Summer rooms, 3 baths 5 open fireplaces, hot-sate TAX SALE SERVICE door sports,

heat, electric lights; large garage. Will be sole

Cottage at OWL'S HEAD

delights of sea bathing may be enjoyed Room 619, 72 Queen Street West

furnished at a reasouable figure. JAMES Y in sheltered coves with sandy beaches. Water 6 rooms, 4 bedrooms, screened veranda, large Toronto 2, Ontario, Canada

IRWIN, 33 Prospect St., Brooklyn, X. Y. sports are here at their best-fishing, boating, breakfast aud living rooms. Electric lights, sailing, canoeing. Other sports greatly en

electric stove;

also coal and wood stove, Connecticut joyed are golf, tennis, croquet, horseback

Good water, 2-car garage, near post office and riding, and tramping over woodland trails. store, fine salt-water bathing. Lobster and


fish easily obtainable ; about 4 miles from Estate of the late George W. Cable, Summer cottages for rent and sale. Family re- offers the ideal combination which hundreds

Rockland. NELSON B. COBB, Rockland, Me. author, in beautiful Northampton, Mass. are seeking. All the seclusion of the country

seat of Smith College and loine of Presistantial people. White sand beach. Moderate is here the quiet-the cleanliness there. Seashore Cottage rooms, bath, hot and

Rent for season dent Coolidge. tering. CRUTTENDEN, Crescent Beach, Coun. laxation--the freedom and space of the out-of

Mrs. A. M. BELDEN doors-and yet there is nothing lacking in con- cold water, electric lights; fully furnished.

Real Estate venience and comfort. Streets, lights, water, S. W. LITTÉLL, 138 8. Main St., Rockland, Me. 82 Harrison Ave. Northampton, Miss. telephones, daily deliveries from the storesall are available to the "Log Cabin Colony." FOR RENT at Southwest Harbor: Me. Large furnished cottage, bath, lights,

FOR RENT, FURNISHED To Let, Furnished Cottage hotels. Apply Box 127, Southwest Harbor, Me. SOUTH WELLFLEET, MASS 8 ROOMS, bath, practically new, open fire

The Arey homestead. 5 bedrooms and bata place; attractively located, secluded, fine

For ocean view,8250 for season. Also 6-ROOM

SQUIRREL ISLAND, ME. arge rooms. A typical Cape Cod house,

COTTAGE, 8175, at Squirrel Isle, Me. Pleasant cottage,, comfortably furnished,

bathing beaches. $300 for the season. Ader

ALBERT L. AREY, Roslyu, N. I.
Electric lights. A. A. SOULE, Augusta, Me. beautifully situated among spruce trees, with

ocean view. Living-room, dining-room, guest
room with Javatory, enclosed sun porch: For

Summer Rent, Berkshire foothills.

Pe screened piazza, on first floor, in addition to modeled farmhouse-century-old taren FORTUNE ROCKS, Biddeford, Me. Seven CENTRAL CONNECTICUT

kitchen, two maids' rooms and toilet; on 14 rooms, bath, garage. Stream, bathing-pool

second floor four bedrooms and bathcottage, beautifully situated, facing ocean.

near lake. Large acreage. Fruits, tosess

$500 for summer season. Fully and attractively furnished for modern

Address orchard. Photos. Reasonable. 4,887, Outlook Dairy Farm 80 acres, over 60 tillable. Midway between housekeeping. Electric light, city water, ga

Miss BALLARD,14 Butler Pl.,Brooklyn, N.Y. New Haven and Hartford. State road all rage. Miss Esther W. Smith, Andover, Mass. directions. Unusual group farm buildings, 2

Squirrel Island, Me. Desirable 7-room large barns, shop, icehouse, sheds, 3 silos, Camden, on the coast of Maine Takes and henhouse, etc. Good 6-rooin tenant house.

Electric lights, fine water, large firepiace, Remarkable opportunity summer estate demountains in ideal combination. Fully fur

fine location. F.J.C. LITTLE, Augusta, Me. velopment by building house on sightly hill. nished summer cottages for rent ($500 to Wonderful views, fields large, fruit, tiiber, $4,000); best selections now. See ad in Outlook

Massachusetts asparagus. Water, electricity all buildings. of Feb. 17. GEO. E. ALLEN, Camden, Me., Easy distance trolley, churches, central or J. R. PRESCOTT, Newtonville, Mass. school, stores, depot. Established milk mar

SEASHORE HOMES IN NEW ENGLAND earnings $12,000 yearly. 35 cows, registered


North and South Shores of Massachusetts Holstein bull, 2 young horses, hay, silage, ice, New 4-room bungalow with bath, stone milking machines, motor, farm tools. $16,000, fireplace, porch, electric lights, garage.

Cape Cod half cash. Would sell separate. Owi minutes' walk to golf links, tennis courts,

The Summer Vacationland of America CLARENCE R. NEWTON, Rockfall, Conn. and bathing. Also, FOR SALE-A 9- 1926 Catalog of Listings Sent on Request room all-year house, bath, electric lights, 2


glassed-in porches, beautiful view, water-
front, short distance from golf links and

10 State Street, Boston, Mass.

Est. 1840

At NORFOLK, CONN. tennis courts.

IN SOUTHERN MARYLAND Summer Residence, Fully Furnished FOR RENT OR SALE

400 acres. 100 acres timber, 12 acres oyste

beds, 10 acres wild duck pond. Productir Small eighteenth-century farmhouse, thor

soil for tobacco. A self-maintaining estate

bungalo telephone,

Furnished cottage, 10 rooms, on Maine coast; screening; 11 rooms, 2 baths; and coat-room

acre and half ; beautiful sprucewoods; all with toilet and lavatory; butler's pantry;


, deep shore frontage looking out to sea. Exceptional

also sandy beach. Rare estate for fishinz large kitchen with excellent range; kitchen location. Owner, Mrs. JOHN C. BRIDGMAN.

Fine old house, 12 rooms, fireplaces, electric yachting, duck shooting, and entertaining pantry and wood and coa) shed adjoining; Apply ELLIOT P. BREWER, South Bristol, Me.

ity, town water and fire protection. Shady Other large estates in Maryland or Virgini barn and motor shed ; independent water

lawns, mountain views. 2-car garage, barns, 1416 F SL. N.W. R. B. FARQUHAR, Jr. Wask, DC supply, ample for several houses. Tract of

icehouse, and other buildings. 50 acres ferAbout 300 acres, with several available sightly For Rent, Christmas Cove, Me. tile level meadows and orchards, pasture


in thirds mise frontage on Litchfield Road; two $400. 10-room summer cottage, facing ocean.

A Paradise for Children

New Hampshire miles from village green, Address

Electric lights, hot and cold water. Wide

porches. H. A. Cushing, 43 Cedar St., New York

Open fireplace. For information BOX 525, AMHERST, MASS. address Mrs. P. R. COLWELL, The

EXETER, N. H. Knox School, Cooperstown, N. Y. Bungalow, camping or log cabin club site

CAPE COD Longnook Beach In and near this old town, famous for schools,

Old Truro we sell town residences and farms. for sale. About 20 acres high wooded land

, ,

Furnished cottages, $235 to $385 for Ancient house, large rooms, fireplaces on tidewater between Baybrook and New Lon

Harrington, Me. 8-room furnished
season. Private colony, ocean front. Electric

acre in Exeter, $6.500. don. Accessible. Only ipile from State

cottage. Shore front; glorious view. $125 for

Jights, baths, fireplaces, screened porches. 6 acres, attractive location, 10-room house,
Address OWNER, Box 306, New London, Conn.
season, Miss L. B.Whittemore, Taunton, Mass.
L.C. GREENLEAF, Owner, 101 Tremont St., Boston.

beautiful site, 85,000.

7-room house, 14 acres, sha le trees in -a

orchard, State road, 83,800. Herrick's, Me. For rent, furnished bunConnecticut bill. 7 miles from New

Salow, by month or season: CAPE COD TRURO, MASS: Farın of 50 acres, 2 miles ont, splendid

Large living-room, fireplace,5 bedrooms, kitchHaven and the sea. Good water, fireplace,

buildings and location, $6.500. bath, veranda, view, Furnished. Helen F. en, bathroom, private slip, rowboat, garage. among dunes. Near ocean. $200 season. Many places for selection. In eine Newton, Woodbridge, Westville P. O., Conn. | Apply Miss Elsie F. Packer,22 Girard Ave., Hartford, Conn. Herbert Lloyd, 603 N. Church St., Bound Brook, N. J. I THE BAKER AGENCY, EXETER, N. H.





oughly renovated, modern plumbing, telec CHRISTMAS COVE, MAINE

A New England Country Home of 10 rooms, charming grounds, overlookins

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College St. W. & 42nd S, W.


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Why HARPERS Magazine

Has Gained Over 40,000 New Readers

The new Harpers Magazine's astonishing increase in circulation of 65% since September is due to nothing more or less than the material it publishes. Not only does it offer you brilliant and authoritative writing, but subjects and points of view about which intelligent readers naturally feel strongly. A man said the other day, “ It seems to me I never go out to dinner or drop in at the club that I don't run into a discussion about something in Harpers." And why not ! People aren't going to take Dr. Fosdick calmly—nor“ Thunder on the Left;" and from all over the country, echoes still come from tremendous arguments over Ex-President Hadley's “ Law Making and Law Enforcement;" Bruce Blivin's “Great Coolidge Mystery;" Dr. Joseph Collins' “Childish Americans.”

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For a Limited Time-In Other Words, Cut This Coupon TODAY

HARPERS MAGAZINE, 49 East 331 STREET, NEW YORK, N. Y. o I am enclosing one dollar. Please enter my subscription for five months to begin with the April issue.

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Puff Cheeks and













T'S mighty easy for one man to
criticise another. It's the easiest
thing there is. I don't want to criti-
any one; but a fellow's got to tell
t's so, just as he sees it. If you
k this tale is faked, you're wrong.
uff Cheeks and I used to have ele-
I arguments. Elegant is a slang
d, but I like it sometimes. Mostly I

good English; but if you mix up
i all sorts of people, you have got to The microscope shows that the cutting edge of a
w their lingo or you can't talk with

razor really consists of exceedingly fine teeth. n without their thinking you a high

The slightest moisture left on the blade after

shaving—even moisture in the air-will cause enough v.

corrosion to damage these microscopic teeth and seriuff Cheeks wasn't his real name. A ously affect the cutting quality over night. ll girl of my acquaintance named him To preserve the keenness of your razor blades use

He was plump and round-faced; a • little middle-aged man with a

The High Quality adly smile.

Shaving Oil uff was a preacher. He told me once After wiping blade, draw between thumb and finger previ

ously moistened with 3-in-One. The oil will displace any inn I asked him, because I wanted to

visible moisture or lather left between the teeth and protect from w just what his idea on the matter moisture in the air. When next you use that blade-a day, a

week later-it will be just as keen as when you put it away. that the streets of heaven were

Handy Oil Can To keep your strop pliable and make it take hold of your ed with shining gold. I don't like razor better, rub in a few drops of 3-in-One occasionally.

THREE IN ONE OIL I don't look forward to smoked

FREE-Special circular, " A Razor Saver for Every Shaver,

and generous sample of 3-in-One ; also Dictionary of Uses, free ses and horn rims to the end of time.

on request. Use a postal. Vhen last I saw Puff Cheeks, it was in

3-in-One is sold at all good stores in 1-oz., 3-oz., and % pt.

bottles and in 3-oz. Handy Oil Cans. basement of his church. I was a cop

F 388 he time, on night duty-six to six.

THREE-IN-ONE OIL CO., 130 RS. William St., New York

Factories : Rahway, N. J., and Montreal was winter.

The basement was htly lighted, and a large wood-stove

going full blast. Puff was walking and down, rubbing his hands and TEACHER'S AGENCY SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES ling all over. At little tables all

District of Columbia ind were women who were making

70 Fifth Avenue, New York ck-gingham aprons for the Eskimos.

You Can Manage a Tea Roorn
Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private schools.

Fortunes are being made in Tea Rooms, Motor Inns, and Coffee Shes vas some sort of a missionary society

everywhere. You can open one in your own home-and make money

hand over fist, or manage one already going. Big salaries paid to ting.

trained managers; shortage acute. We teach you entire business

in your spare time. Write for Free Book " Pouring Tea For Prolit." 'uff beamed when he saw me come

LEWIS TEA ROOM INSTITUTE, Dept. J5828, Washington, D.C. in the cement steps into the baseit. Then he stared, sort of surprised.

Massachusetts ere was a queer-looking young man at back, a fellow I'd found trying to

AN ENDOWED SCHOOL FOR GIRLS pin a draughty, damp shed.

Thorough Preparation for all Colleges

Intensive reviews for High School Graduates for a month or so I'd been having it THE OUTLOOK each week goes into 100,000

substantial, refined homes. It is carefully Two-Year Graduate Course with Diploma in Home and down with Puff Cheeks. I'd at

making, Secretarial Training, Music, Expression read by parents who desire the best possible Art, Advanced Academic subjects. All Indoor and ded three revival meetings at his place school facilities for their children, and who

Outdoor Athletics, Gymnasium, Swimming Pool.

Olive Sewall Parsons, Prin., Lowell, Mass. possess the means to send them to the best private business, and he was disappointed that

schools. Your advertisement in The Outlook iadn't got religion. He used to say, will reach a selected and interested audience.

SHORT-STORY WRITING 's high time you got off the fence and ned the church.” It was no use for THE SPECIAL SCHOOL RATE IS

lesson course in writing and marketing of tho

Short-Story and sample copy of THE WRITER'S

85 CENTS A LINE to tell him that the fence was a irch too. Stars up above didn't mean

Write us for further information ything to him. He was one of that

The Outlook Company

SUMMER CAMP FOR GIRLS t of men who must worship under a of and in a crowd. But I always liked

120 East 16th Street


FRENCH SUMMER CAMP FOR GRIS Puff. He meant all right. Most folks

New York, N. Y.

Canoeing and other Water Sports

Riding. Tennis, Mountain Trips I do myself. A fellow has at best

EDWARD D. COLLINS, Director, Middlebu In writing to the above advertisers please mention The Outlook


The Pratt Teachers Agency

School Proprietors


Particulars of Dr. Esenweln's famous forty

MONTHLY free. Write today.


Springfield, Megs.

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