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The magazines made up of supposed "true stories" have reached such enormous circulations (the original publication of this type has now passed the two-million mark) that the tabloid newspapers have adopted the policy of running daily confession tales. These “true stories" are written by members of the newspaper staff in their spare time. The usual rate of payment is twenty

cabin or tourist's thirdfive dollars per story, and an imaginative

class, whether you sail for Japan mind can average three stories per week. All of these tales follow a set formula. The

or for France, our Travel Dekey-note of that formula can be gleaned

partment is at your service. We VERY Adair First Mortgage from the following excerpt taken from the

accept no commissions either Bond is unconditionally guar- instruction sheet of one of the editors:

from the tourist or from the anteed by the Adair Realty &

"Characters may do anything they please, steamship companies. ThereTrust Company in writing on the but they must do it from some lofty, or ap

fore our advice (based upon parently lofty, motive. If a girl falls, she years of experience in every face of the bond. must fall upward."

country) is given without bias or Our entire capital, surplus and A great editor was dying. A physician

expectation of profit. Let us profits (exceeding $2,500,000) leaned over him with a stethoscope, listened

take care of all the annoying stands pledged behind each and a few minutes, and then rose sadly.

little details. We will build "Poor man!” he announced. “Circulation your itinerary, buy your tickets, every Adair Bond. almost gone."

make your reservations, take As further evidence of the safety With an effort, the editor lifted his head.

care of your visés, and send of Adair Bonds, and as a final "You're a liar!” he proclaimed, weakly.

you maps and guide-books "Over four hundred thousand, and gaining protection to the investor, Adair

which will be of untold value to every day." Bonds have been approved for

you. The Bureau is maintained Some statistics recently compiled by the

for your use. Command us! insurance by one of the largest

Bureau of Census in Washington: Monthly and strongest surety companies average sales of music chain stores for 1925 Hotel and Travel Bureau in America.

totaled $1,101,000, as against $917,000 in
1924. The average monthly sales of the

Adair Guaranteed

1,420 Woolworth stores totaled $19,918,000;
the Kresge Company averaged $8,831,000

120 East 16th Street

New York 6%% Bonds Yield

per month in 298 stores; McCrory, $2,465,

000 in 181 stores; and Kress, $830,000 in 62% more than 4% bonds

166 stores. Child's restaurants averaged a 44% more than 4%2% bonds

monthly business of $2,028,000 in 1925, as 30% more than 5% bonds

compared with the monthly average of Independent travel. Itineraries prepared 18% more than 572% bonds $1,945,000 in 1924. The Census Bureau pre

providing steam ship passage, hotel, rail

road, automobiles, sightseeing tours dicts that the population of continental 8% more than 6% bonds

guides, etc. For individuals and family United States will be 117,135,817 by July 1 groups. Dates of leaving, length of tous Basically sound, amply secured by a closed of this year.

etc., to suit your convenience. first mortgage upon income-earning prop

Simmons Tours, 1328 Broadway, N. 1 erties, backed by a record of over 60 years "I have nothing but praise for the new without loss to any investor, uncondition. minister,” said a member of the congregaally guaranteed,yielding 6%%,A dair Bonds tion to the usher after the morning service.

TEACHER'S AGENCY are the logical investment for that portion

"So I observed while passing the plate," reof your estate that must be free from Auctuation, uninterrupted in the payment

plied the usher. of interest and proof against depressions.

70 Fifth Avenue, New York John Casey, of Dublin, Ireland, a day Recommends teachers to colleges, public and private school Attractive Tax Refunds Serial Maturities laborer who has been drawing an unem

EXPERT SERVICE Denominations, $1000, $500 and $100

ployment dole from the British Govern-
Mail the coupon today!

ment, now has an income of a thousand
dollars a week from two plays written

SCHOOLS AND COLLEGES while idling at the expense of the Govern

District of Columbia ment. One of these dramas, “Juno and the

Paycock," is now playing in New York. You Can Manage a Tea Room CAPITAL, SURPLUS AND PROFITS $2,500,000

Fortunes are being made in Tea Rooms, Motor Inns, and Carees The University of Kansas now announces everywhere. You can open one in your own home-and make ATLANTA PHILADELPHIA that the reported "Red Flag of Bolshev

hand over fist, or manage one already going. Big selaries per NBW YORK: ADAIR REALTY & MORTGAGE CO., Inc.

trained managers: shortage acute. We teach you entire ism" which was secretly hoisted to the top in your spare time. Write for Free Book "Pouring Tea Fort 270 Madison Avenue Ownership identical of the R. O. T. C. flagpole turned out to be

LEWIS TEA ROOM INSTITUTE, Dept. J58-8, Washington. D only a pair of scarlet bloomers. ADAIR REALTY & TRUST CO., Healey Building, Dept. Y-30, Atlanta, Ga.

A laundry in Brockton, Massachusetts, IMPORTANT TO SUBSCRIBERS Gentlemen : Please send full information and cur.

advertises that it will wash dogs and cats When you notify The Outlook of a rent offerings of Adair Guaranteed 6%% Bonds. as well as collars and shirts.

change in your address, both the old Name..... The gospel of efficiency which on its

and the new address should be given. Address....

negative, joyless side is the inability to see Kindly write, if possible, two weeks (Continued on page 504)

before the change is to take effect. In writing to the above advertisers please mention The Outloole



Tours and Travel
A Successful Record







Hotels and Resorts


A GREAT VACATION More than 1,800 Members in our

Trapper Lodge, Sixteen-Bar-One Ranch European Parties in 1925

Sliell, Big Horn Co., Wyoming

For Students and Others In Big Horn Mountain cow country. Horse-
Wonderful Fiords
Besides tours over the regular

back riding, lake and stream fishing. Our Nearer than Norway routes, we have many special

$375 to $825

garden and dairy herd supply our table. A

complete mountain-top camp maintained. 1. GLASGOW TO OBAN by

For reservations write GAY WYMAN, Mgr. tours : Music Tour, Art Tour, Parties limited to 25. Adequate magnificent swift Saloon Steamer “Co. lumba,” viewing the Shipbuilding on the French School, Spanish School, sightseeing. Expert leadership. Clyde, passing Dumbarton Castle, and

Real Estate calling en route at the beautiful Clyde

Holy Land, etc. watering places of Dunoon and Rothesay,

Our new booklet, sent on rethence by the famous Kyles of Bute,

Connecticut Crinau Canal and Firth of Lorn.

Send for the booklet that quest, explains their many su2. OBAN TO STAFFA AND

interests you. IONA is the grandest One-day Tour in

perior features.



SEASON 1926 the British Isles, visiting Fingal's Cave

A very attractive old-fashioned moderate-size in the Isle of Staffa, St. Columba's Sacred TEMPLE TOURS,

house of seven rooms and bath. Beautifully Isle of lona, with its ancient Cathedral,

Inc. OVERSEAS TOURS situated in the foothills of the picturesque

Berkshires. Address and the burying place of the Scottish Kings, and passing the ancient Castles of 447-A Park Square Building, Boston 447-A Park Sq. Bldg., Boston

ESTHER H. SELLECK, 1115 Main St., Bridgeport, Conn. Dunollie, Duart. Ardtomish, Aros, Mingarry, and Gylen, also Tobermory Bay, where lies the Armada specie ship.


For Sale A Worth-While Summer Home

Hotels and Resorts 3, OBAN TO INVERNESS via tery of the Orient lures visitors

Over 50 acres ; modern house; 850 feet elevabeautiful Loch Linnhe and Loch Eil, from all over the world to

tion; 50 miles from New York City; electric passing the scenes of the adveutures of

District of Columbi a train service ; superb view; located in the most Alan Breck, the hero of Robert Louis

charming section of Connecticut. Inquire Stevenson's famous novel "Kidnapped,"

Jordan & Selleck, Inc., 1115 Main St., Bridgeport, Conn. viewing Glencoe, the scene of the great


D. C. massacre, and calling at the ancient

little town of Fort William, sheltering
The quaintest and most interesting of all

Quiet location.
Moderate rates.

Maine pleasantly at the foot of Ben Nevis, Brit

countries. Come while the old age customs ain's highest mountain, through the

prevail. Write, mentioning "Outlook, famous Caledonian Canal, Loch Oich and

FOR Loch Ness, the land of Prince Charlie and JAPAN HOTEL ASSOCIATION


RENT his loyal Clansmen. Care Traffic Dept.

Modern cottages, good locations, for season. If these tours are in your itinerary, JAPANESE GOVERNMENT RAILWAYS THE BEECHES, Paris Hill, Me. E. S. WARE, P. O. BOX 135 your visit to Europe is incomplete-lell

TOKYO your Travel Agent to include them, or

for full information

fon, with beautiful view, gardens and pine PEoast. urnished cottages with or without

An exclusive conintry house on a Maine hillapply direct to

Maine Rates for a single room without bath and with 3 meals,

groves. Conditions ideal for rest and recuDAVID MACBRAYNE, LTD. $5-6 in cities and popular resorts, $4-5 in the country peration. Garage, electricity, near-by coun- bath, 2 to 10 rooms. $75 to $500 season. Eva

try club. Booklet. Address until June 1 Whitehouse, 136 W.70th St., New York City. The Royal Route" Tours

Box 25, Station B, Poughkeepsie, N. Y. 119 Hope Street, Glasgow, Scotland Clark's Second Cruise to Norway

Seashore Cottage 6 rooms, bath, hot and

cold water, electric lights; fully furnished. and Western Mediterranean, June 30, 1926

New Jersey

8. W. LITTELL, 138 S. Main St., Rockland, Me. WORTHWHILE Çunard new ss. " Lancastria," 17,000 tons, 53 days, $550 to $1,250. Spain, Tangier, Italy,


Massachusetts Student Economical & Ideal Tours T Biviera Norway Fjords Scotland, Berlin

Southland Cottage from $555 to $1,099, using the newest 0 ica. Mediterranean cruise, Feb. 5; 86 days,

BOSTON AVE, and BEACH SEASHORE HOMES IN NEW ENGLANO I Sailing July 2d. Do not delay: U Jan. 29, 8600 to $1,700; 7th round Worla

Delicious Meals
cruise, Jan. 19; $1,250 to $2,900.

North and South Shores of Massachusetts
Write to
R FRANK C. CLARK, Times Building, New York

Cape Cod

The Summer Vacationland of America Boston 30

New York City

1926 Catalog o Listings Sent on Request WORTHWHILE Europe Next Summer

HENRY W. SAVAGE, Inc. 10 State Street, Boston, Mass.

Est. 1840 You want and we offer : The Skillful Leader- Hotel Judson 53 Washington Sq.,

New York City.

SECURE YOUR SUMMER HOME NOW ship of American Gentlemen

Residential hotel of highest type, combining
Tours and Cruises
Real Service in Travel and Hotels

the facilities of hotel life with the comforts of
Lowest prices for Maximun Days in Europe
-GYPT & PALESTINE Write for descriptire Booklet

an ideal home. Ainerican plan $4 per day and

np. European plan $1.50 per day and up. CLARK-SON TOURS, Venice, California SAMUEL NAYLOR, Manager.

desirable; a great bargain. Write for full Sailing June 8 and 19 Eastern Office, Prof. J. E. DUNLAP

description and price. FRANK H. MAIN, EUROPE June 19 and 26

1418 W. Huron St., Anu Arbor, Mich.

owner, 212 S. 15th St., Philadelphia, Pa.

New York
Unusual itineraries.

FOR SALE-Summer Home in Hills of H. W. DUNNING

EUROPE Sailings Jane and July from
Montreal or New York


Central Massachusetts. 9 rooms, bath. England, Holland, Belgium, Rhine, Switzer

Cottages 8 Rawson Road, Brookline, Mass.

30 acres. Pure water piped from mountain land, Italy, Riviera, France. Eight countries

spring. Completely furnished. Some fine old with Student Tours $595. Standard Tours

Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y.

mahogany, Price moderate. For details write $795. Others $360 to $1,100. Send for folder.

Comfortable, homelike. Alti.

to M. Wheeler, 929 West End Ave., New York, 1926

tude 1,800 feet.
MENTOR TOURS 310 S. Michigan Blvd.,



verandas overlooking Keene Charming little Cape Cod cottage to rent ELECT SUMMER TOURS, $775 and UP ligh-grade hotels. Superior service. Cul

ing. Swimming pool. Golf for summer at Harwich, Mass.Good locaared leaders. Independent tours. Motor EUROPE VACATION TOURS

Jimke; mile course 9 well-kept greens. Tennis tion, near bathing beach and golf links. For purs. Spanish study tour. Medical tour.

Sailings Every Week

and croquet. Fresh vegetables. Fine dairy. further particulars address 5,141, Outlook.

$345 and up JUNE-SEPTEMBER Furnished cottages, all improvements. SepTRATFORD TOURS 452 Fifth Ave.

New York

34 to 63 Days-All Expenses Included arate suites and single rooing. Open from June
STRATFORD TOURS 15 to Oct.1. For further information address

New Jersey
452 Fifth Ave.

New York

until May 1,K.Belknap, Mgr.,776 James St., Syracuse, N.Y.,

after that date Hurricane Lodge, Hurricane, Essex Co., N.Y. To Rent, Furnished six.com seven lediterranean Cruise $390

lovely home, beautifully, situated in best

residential section of Cranford, N.J., 17 miles days, including Italy, Switzerland, France. Unusual Summer Tour of Europe OTEL


ALCADEL and THE To Weeks' extension, Belgium, Holland,

from New York, consisting of three bedrooms

HURRICANE MT'N INN. gland, $100. Europe 36 days, $290, to 85 Small Private Party

and bathroom, sitting room, dining-room, (Hurricane, Essex Co., N. Y.) In the Adi

and kitchen. Adults only. 5,173, Outlook. 3 $785. Write for booklets, fifty tours.

EDUCATIONAL TOURS rondacks. Beautifully situated. All modden Tours, Back Bay, Boston.

59 Prospect St., East Orange, N. J. ern equipment. On international motor route
to Montreal. Golf course. Write for booklet.

New York

Hotel Alcadel, 208 Center St., New York City.
ven Summer Tours
Conducted hikes through the White, Green,

ADIRONDACK COTTAGES up. Naples to Edinburgh. Gibraltar. Adirondack Mts. Limited to boys 14 to 18. riaa (Tanis. Carthage). Vienna.. Berlin. Conductors are men of experience and re


at Keene Valley, N. Y. a year. Illustrated Red Book with

Maps. sponsibility. References exchanged. E. G.
Bridgham, 50 Noblehurst Av., Pittsfield, Mass.

Johnson Tours, 210 E. Preston St., Baltimore

PantiChester, THE MAPLES Delightfully located in wood, modem, 11

$500 to $1,200. W. H. OTIS, P!

summer home. Cheerful, large, airy rooms, in Your Trip to EUROPE ecuring Europe via Mediterranean jaitheant:

pure water ; bath, hot and cold; broad piazza, * for one of my tours. Established 1900. 70 days. Naples to England.$1,035.Small party. croquet, fine roads. Terms reasonable. Reler- For other Classified BCOCK'S TOURS, Inc., East Orange, N. J. Miss HAWLEY, Newhall St., Malden, Mass. ences exchanged. The Misses Sargeant.

see next pag

Mass. S



Real Estate

New York Adirondack Cottages For Rent 6 rooms, garages, boats. Completely furnished and equipped. Electricity, telephone, running water ; ice furnished. Boating, bathing, and fishing unsurpassed. Rates $300 to $400 the season. FRED C. GORDON, Keeseville, N. Y.

On Lake Champlain—Adirondacks


the value of things that cannot be used is HOTELS NEED TRAINED MEN AND

illustrated by Dean Sperry as follows: "A WOMEN Nation-wide deinaud for high

young American who was found perched salaried men and women. Past experience unnecessary. We train you by mail and put

upon a hillside looking out over the Pacific you in touch with big opportunities. Big pay,

Ocean, where not a sail nor a smudge of ne living, interesting work, quick advance. ment, permanent. Write for free book,

smoke on the sky-line was visible, was “YOUR BIG OPPORTUNITY." Lewis Hotel Training Schools, Suite J-5842, Wash

overheard to say, 'Yes, it's beautiful, but I ington, D.C.

hate to see all that water out there doing REFINED, educated middle-aged Protes

tant woman to oversee housekeeping for
widower, 2 children. Must be kind, good
natured, and have good reference.


Dr. D. Fourmenthal, who was sent to Jersey city, 1 hour from New York. Address, giving age, salary, all particulars, 6,789,

America by the French Government to Outlook.

study our methods of making women more SALESMEN wanted. $10 daily easy. We start you in auto accessory business. No

beautiful, found that forty per cent of the investment, 110 experience necessary.


clients of the Chicago beauty doctors are clusive territory. Motor Products Co., 1760 Lunt Ave., Chicago.

men wanting wrinkles removed from about WANTED-Competent woman as house

their eyes.
keeper and entire charge child aged three,
widower's home;.cook is kept. Best refer-
ences required. Write for appointment,

"Henry, it's raining cats and dogs. We Apartment 8C, 655 Park Ave., New York.

must lend Mrs. Whitaker an umbrella, or
WANTED - Protestant working house-
keeper. Best references required. Address

she will get drenched going home.”
Penllyn,” Whippany Road, Morristown,
N. J.

“My dear, it's impossible. The only umWANTED-Refined young woman, assist

brella we've got has her husband's name with children and housework. Tel. Atwater

engraved on it." 9255.

FOR SALE, desirable summer estates and summer hotel. Hotel completely equipped and furnished. Also desirable farın properties. Prescott, Thomas & Gordon, Keeseville, N. Y.

Paradox Lake, Adirondacks Ten fully equipped camps, bungalow style, modern conveniences, fireplaces, etc. Ex. clusive, attractive, comfortable. Boating, bathing, fishing, tennis. Gentile colony. Booklet and photographs on application. CHARLES A. DARBY, JR., Paradox, N. Y.

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Rhode Island For rental or sale, on the South Coast of Rhode Island miles east


Hill, 2 well-built, attractively furnished cottages, season June 1 to October 1. Ideal place for children. Inland and ocean bathing, boating. Wide piazzas 3 sides each cottage. Fine drinking water. If interested direct inquiry to Mrs. E. H. GLADWIX, 930 Asylum Ave., Hartford, Conn.

TO RENT-Summer Cottages

The "Epworth Herald" tells the following story:

Coal Man: "When I got around with that load o' coal for Mr. Jones, 'is 'ouse was on fire."

Coal Merchant: "That's unfortunate. I suppose he told you to bring it back?"

"No; 'e said if it was anything like the last lot I'd better throw it on."

From five to twelve rooms, completely furnished and all modern improvements, on ocean front and beautiful salt-water pond, near Watch Hill, R. I. For particulars address

M. S. DAMEREL, Westerly, R. I.

My beautiful bungalow. 6 bedrooms, 2 baths
and lavatory, also shower and lavatory in
basement. Large living-room, extra large
porch with fine mountain view, also dining-
room and kitchen. 10 acres of ground, with
1-room cottage, suitable for studio. Also
garage. House complete for summer living.

For particulars address
Mrs. GEORGE M. HOEGER, River Edge, N. J.

Rupert Hughes is going to cash in on ihe publicity he received last Washington's Birthday by criticising the private life of our first President. He admits that his forthcoming book on George Washington was written on account of that publicity.

AN educated woman, experienced in insti.
tutional care of children, desires position in
a children's home as caretaker, matron, or
supervisor. Good references. 6,780, Outlook.

CAPABLE, adaptable young woman of
refinement, having some hospital training,
wishes position-nursery governess, com-
panion, or any position of trust. Al refer.
ences. 6,787, Outlook.

DARTMOUTH graduate, Amos Tuck student, desires position, preferably traveling, Specialty tutoring. Typist. Drive car. Best references. 6,784, Outlook.

EXECUTIVE POSITION in educational field desired by university graduate, American, 38. Experienced. References. 6,742, Outlook.

EXPERIENCED housemother desires connection with boys' school or institution. Highest references. Would accept assistant housekeeper school or hotel. 6,783, Outlook.

GIRL, 23, wishes work in garden or apiary, or as nature study councilor in children's camp. Has sone agricultural college training. A. Hull, 424 Main St., Agawam, Mass.

GOVERNESS, companion, mother's assistant. Educated, experienced woman. 6,785, Outlook.

INTELLIGENT woman wishes position traveling companion. 6,719, Outlook.

NURSE, graduate, desires position with an invalid or children. Will travel, or go to the country. Excellent references. 6,767, Outlook.

POSITION as practical nurse or compau-
ion by young woman, home or travel. Ex-
cellent references. 6,781, Outlook.

SUPERVISING housekeeper, 50. Refined.
Lewis trained. Hotel experience. 6,771,

TUTORING by young college man, for
summer, in refined family. Box 131, Upton,

TUTOR or governess. Summer position de sired by college Bophomore, Protestant. References. Will travel. Address 6,786, Outlook.

Apartments For Rent Well-furnished apartattractive porch overlooking brook and trees, for the summer months. Apply to Miss F. E. BROWNING, 185 South Orange Ave., South Orange, N. J. Phone 8.0.1409-J.

A Connecticut lady's hobby of collecting every wooden cigar-store Indian she hears about accounts, no doubt, for the inability to find one of these old landmarks in the city of New York. Sitting Bull, Rain in the Face, Black Hawk, and all the other dignified chiefs of the redskins now stand in solemn rows across a bleak Connecticut field.

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Lady wishes to rent her Park nished, from May to Oct., or longer, to two or three adults. Very choice location. Ref. erences required. 26 Plaza-9441, before 10.

UNIVERSITY student, responsible, expe. rienced in boys' camp work, wants charge of one or two boys for four months, beginning June 1. For information apply to Helena M. Mackie, 6 East 61st St., New York City.

WANTED - Position as companion by American girl; cultured, cheerful, and ca. pable. Will travel. Excellent references. 6,775, Outlook.

YALE student desires summer position traveling as tutor to small boy or companion. Excellent references. 6,779, Outlook.

YOUNG lady, commercial teacher, wishes summer position traveling as companion or secretary. Will exchange services for traveling expenses. 6,774, Outlook.

YOUNG woman desires position as goverpess. Can instruct all elementary subjects, including piano, also rowing, canoeing, and swimining. 6,791, Outlook.

37 ,

3 attractive light rooms and bath. Maid service, restaurant optional. References required. Tel. Madison Sq. 4936 before 10 A.M.

A very popular Broadway drama tells the story of a jazz singer who becomes a famous cantor in a synagogue. Chicago pa. pers now tell us of Bud Varn, until recently a Baptist evangelist and the possessor of a Doctor of Divinity degree, who is now a blackface singing comedian on a Chicago vaudeville circuit.

Instruction Opportunity to become TRAINED NURSE. $15

monthly allowance. Ideal living conditions. Tennis, surf bathing. 3 hours from New York. 8-hour day. 2% year course. Age 18 to 32; 2 years high school. Send for descriptive folder and application. Southampton Hospital Association, Southampton, Long Island, N. Y.

Mama: "Where have you been, my son?"
Small Boy: "Playing ball."

Mama (severely): “But I told you to beat the rug, didn't I ?"

Small Boy: “No, ma'am; you told me to hang the rug on the line and then beat it."


PARTNER waited for the well-known Hotel Rumsey and Mineral Bath Resort at Westfield, N. Y. (Nature's cure for rheumatism, nervousness, and that run down condition.) Apply in person. Terms $15,000, half interest, few thousand dollars down, balance 10 per cent a year. Don't delay! Get this quick. Chance to clear $20,000 year and more. 6,763, Outlook.

A theater in Brockton, Massachusetts, conceived the publicity scheme of staging a tug of war between eight bobbed-haired girls and eight unbobbed girls. Difficulties experienced in finding eight young ladies with long hair almost killed the stunt.


WRITE for free sainples of embossed at $2 or printed stationery at $1.50 per box. Thou. sands of Outlook customers. Lewis, stationer, Troy, N.Y.

TO young women desiring training in the
care of obstetrical patients a six months'
purses' aid course is offered by the Lying-In
Hospital, 307 Second Ave., New York. Aids
are provided with maintenance and given a
monthly allowance of $10. For further par-
ticulars address Directress of Nurses.

PERPLEXITY Bureau. Information and
suggestion along various lines. Reasonable
charge. Anna Wildman, The Clinton, Phila-

DESIROUS of joining private party for touring and hiking on Continent this buinmer. 6,777, Outlook.

DESIROUS of sharing home and expense in New York suburbs, by widow whose only son is located in city. '6.776, Outlook.

ENGLISH boy for adoption; 7 years old, good looking blond, blue eyes, good family. 6,778, Outlook.

Teacher: "Why are you late?"

Pupil: "A man lost a dollar bill, and there were a hundred people looking for it."

Teacher: "That's no excuse."

Pupil: "It certainly is. I was standing on it."

EMPLOYMENT AGENCY SECRETARIES, social workers, superintendents, matrons, housekeepers, dietitians, caleteria managers, companions, goveruesses, mothers' helpers. The Richards Bureau, 68 Barnes St., Provideuce.

Answer to last week's anagram: *East,** "seat,” “teas," "eats," "sate."

In writing to the above advertisers please mention The Outlook

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volumes. Within 5 days I will send you Today

$1 as my first payment and $2 a month for the four months following. Or I will return the books within 5 days at your expense and owe you nothing. [If you prefer to pay for the books now,

send $8.50 cash.]

Free Examination
THE OUTLOOK, April, 7, 1926. Volume 142, Number 14, Published weekly by The Outlook Company at 120 East 16th Street, New York, N. Y.
Subscription price $5.00 a year. Entered as second-class matter, July 21, 1893, at the Post Office at New York, under the Act of March 3, 1873.

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