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Vagabond Songs & Ballads of Scotland

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Publisher by Appointment to the late Queen Victoria


This work, originally issued in two LARGE VOLUMES (the first in 1899, and the second in 1901)—the earlier of which went suddenly out of print, and is now sought for by collectors—is here issued in one VOLUME, the lesser prized and less characteristic songs and ballads only being omitted, while many new tunes are added, and fuller notes are occasionally given.

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Nor many words are required to introduce a work the scope and character of which are so fully expressed on the title-page as in the present instance. I desire only to say, therefore, that the songs and ballads embraced in the succeeding pages—many of them not to be found in any previous collectionare more genuinely those of the rural population of the Scotland of yesterday than almost any that have heretofore appeared together in book form. A number of the pieces, to be sure, including “The Wee Wifukie,"

," "Heather Jock," and “The Barrin o'the Door,” are

to all the modern standard collections of Scottish song. But the career of each of these has been nomadic and vagabond, notwithstanding; and while I expect that 6. The Barrin o' the Door” will be welcome in the company of the old melody to which the country people have always preferred to sing it, “ Heather Jock” should be equally, if not more welcome,



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