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) an Exuberance; and though I will not fay that he can remove a Mountain, yet I affirm he has removed many a weighty Cause.


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The Creeds of the Papifts are innumerable; I Mall therefore recite only two Articles of their voluminous Catalogue, the Legend which carry the fureft Face of Probability : This I purpose to do with all the Brevity imaginable.

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• St. Agatha was a Virgin of the stricteft • Virtue, Piety, and regular Way of living; • she was the Domina of a Nunnery, to which < fome Corn-Fields were appropriated for the • Support of the Faithful. It happened, that « fome wild Geese infested those Fields, and

eat up the Fruits of the Earth; but upon • complaint to the Saint, the ordered 'em to • surrender themselves Prisoners to the Stew« ard, who confined the Paffove Enemy in the • Barn. It happened that one of the Sisterhood was in a longing Condition, and yet she • had preserved her Chastity; and by the Con• sent of some others, killed one of the Geese, • and eat it. St. Agatha taking into conside

ration the Sufferings of the Captives, who had fafted forty Days, which was Penance


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( enough, as she thought, dismissed 'em; how

ever not without a Reprimand for the Sacri• lege they had committed, and upon Promise ( not to offend for the future. The Prisoners

were released, but hovered about the Nun'

nery for three Days. St. Agatba commanded « their Leader to declare the Grievance, who, • in a prostrate Manner, thus spoke; Othou merciful and forgiving Virgin, some of your Houshold have killed and eaten one of our Flock, contrary to the Articles to which we consented. • The compassionate Saint enquired into the • Merits of the Complaint, and finding them ' to be true, commanded the Goose to rise s from the Jeakes, assume its Feathers, which • had been scattered by the Wind, and joyn

with its Associates.' This was effected as foon as spoken ; but 'tis faid that all the Flock foon turned Tail.

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The Devil appeared to St. Francis in the shape of a Flea, who being as nimble as one of the French Harlequins, skipped up and down, to and fro, and disturbed the Friar in his nocturnal Lucubrations.

The pious old Man, by incessant Prayer, prevailed to have Dominion over the Devil, and confine

« him to stand Centinel on the Page of his « Book when he left off reading.

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• This he did constantly till the Time of « his Confinement was elapsed. But the De• vil resolving to tempt him again, eslayed ma(ny ways to delude the Saint, but did not

prove successful : For the Friar having a Pow' er given him, ordered him upon Duty a • second time, and to hold a Candle in his • Hand, which he was forced to obey, till 'he • burned his Fingers to the Stumps; and then 6 he was released.' Some People affirm that 'tis a hard thing to hold a Candle to the Devil, but sure 'tis the Devil to hold a Candle to a Friar. • However the restless Fiend would

not defift, but (not regarding the Proverb, Beivare of the third time) makes another

Effay, with all the Rashness and vain Hopes r of a Modern Tory. The good Saint Franocis finding that wholesome Severities rendered

the Devil more obftinate and daring, made a • Noofe of his Girdle, and flipping it about « Satan's Neck, hanged him on a Beam in the

Monastery till he was dead, dead, dead.

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I shall now haften to a Conclusion, believing that a Word to the Wife is sufficient; and lhall only give this Advice to my Readers,

Cum socio credere finge tuo.

This I hope will not be looked upon as an Encouragement of, or promoting Hypocrisy ; for we ought to become all Things to all Men, in order to fave some.






BELIEVE that no Bishop nor Presbyter, Priest or Deacon, of what Church

or . Persuasion foover, whether England, Rome, or Geneva, can, Remit Sins; and he that pretends to it, does blasphemously Usurp the Prerogative of God, and furreptitioully make void the Mediatorship of Chrift.

I Believe that the Protestant Religion is the

most pure and undefiled of any Religion in the Universc; nevertheless it may admit of Emendations.

I Believe that the Mistery of the Blessed TriNITY cannot be proved by the Light of


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