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In Ten Volumes, price 28. 6. each; in half-morocco, £2 10s.,

or, with Plates, £3 the set.

Uniform with the Cheap Edition of the Aldine Poets.

The formation of numerous Shakespeare Reading Societies has created
a demand for a cheap portable edition, with LEGIBLE TYPE, that shall pro
vide a sound text with such notes as may help to elucidate the meaning
and assist in the better understanding of the author. The Publishers
therefore determined to reprint Mr. Singer's well-known Edition, published
in 10 vols., small 8vo., for some time out of print, and issue it in a cheap
form, uniform with the well-known Aldine Edition of British Poets.

Vol. I. The Life of Shakespeare. The Tempest. The Two Gentlemen

uf Verona. The Merry Wives of Windsor. Measure for

Vol. II. Comedy of Errors. Much Ado about Nothing. Love's Labour

Lost. Midsummer Night's Dream. Merchant of Venice.
Vol. III. As You Like It. Taming of the Shrow. All's Well that

Ends Well. Twelfth Night, or What You Will.
Vol. IV. Winter's Tale. Pericles. King John, King Richard II.
Vol. V. King Henry IV., Parts L. and II. King Henry V.
Vol. VI. King Henry VI., Parts I. II. and III. King Richard III.
VOL VII. King Henry VIII. Troilus and Cressida. Coriolanus.
Vol. VIII. Titus Andronicus. Romeo and Juliet. Timon of Athena

Julius Cæsar.
Vol. IX. Macbeth. Hamlet. King Lear.
Vol. X. Othello. Antony and Cleopatra. Oymboline.

Uniform with the above, price 28. 6d; in half-morooco, 58.

Giving a succinct account of the origin and source of each play, where

ascertainable and careful criticisms on the subject matter of each.
A few copies of this work have been priniea to range with the fine-paper Edition of the

Aldine Poets. The price for the Eleven Volumes (not sold separately) is £2 168.



POCKET VOLUMES. SERIES of Select Works of Favourite Authors, adapted for general reading, moderato in

price, compact and elegant in form, and exeputed in a stylo fitting them to be perma

Dently preserved. Imperial 32mo., cloth, Gatty's Parables from Nature. George Herbert's Works. 33. 6d. 2 vols. 68.

The sketch Book. By WASHINGTON Captain Marryat's asterman. IRVING. 38. 60. Ready, 28. 6.

Tales of a Traveller. By WASHINGLamb's Elia. Eliana and Last Essay TON IRVING. 38. ed. with Memoir, by BABRY CORNWALL 2 Charles Lamb's Tales from Shak. vols. 6s.

speare. 38. Bacon's Essay. 28. 6d.

Longfellow's Evangeline and Voices, Barns's Poems. 38.

Sea-side, and Poems on Slavery. 88.
Songs. 38.

Milton's Paradise Lost. 38.
Coleridge's Poems. 38.

Regained, & other Poems. 30. C. Dibdin's Sea Songs and Ballads.

Robin Hood Ballads. 38.
And others. 38.

Southey's Lifo of Nelson. 38.
Midshipman, The. Autobiographical
Sketches of his own early Career, by Cap-

Walton's Complete Anglor. Por tain BASIL HALI, R.N., F.R.S. 38. Bd. traits and Illustrations. 38. Lieutenant and Commander. By

Lives of Donno, Wotton, Captain BASIL HALI, R.N., F.R.S. 38. 6á. Hooker, &c. 38. 6d. George Herbert's Poems. 28. 6d. White's Natural History of SolRemains. 2s.

borne. 38. bd. Shakspeare's Plays & Poems. KEIGHTLEY's Edition. 13 Vols, in cloth case, 218,


Small fcap. 8vo. THESE Volumes are issued under the general title of “ELZEVIR SERIES," to distinguish them from other collections. This general title has been adopted to indicate the spirit in which they are prepared ; that is to say, with the greatest possible accuracy as regards text, and the highest degree of beauty that can be attained in the workmanship.

They are printed at the Chiswick Press, on fine paper, with wide margins, and issued le * neat cloth binding. Longfellow's Evangeline, Voices, Irving's Sketch Book. 58. With Sea-side and Fire-side. 48. Od With Portrait. Portrait. Hiawatha, and The Golden

Tales of a Traveller. 58. Legend. 48. 6d.

Milton's Paradise Lost. 45. 6d. With -Wayside Inn, Miles Standish, Portrait. Spanish Student. 48.60.

Regained. 48. 6d. Burns's Poetical Works. 48. 6d. Shakspeare's Plays and Pooms. With Portrait.

Carefully edited by THOMAS KNIGHTLEY. Songs and Ballads. 45. 6d. In seven volumes. 68. each, These Editions contain all the copyright Southey's Life of Nelson. 48, 6d.

pieces published in the Aldine Edition. With Portrait of NELSON. Cowper's Poetical Works. 2 vols., Walton's Angler, 4s. 6d. With a each 48. 60. With Portrait.

Frontispiece. Coleridge's Poems. 48, 6d. With

Lives of Donne, Hooker, Portrait.

Herbert, &c. 88. With Portrait.



Rome and the Campagna. A Historical and Topo

graphical Description of the Site, Buildings, and Neighbourhood of ancient Romo. By the Rev. ROBERT BURN, late Fellow and Tutor of Trnity College, Cambridge. With eighty engravings by JEWITT, and numerous Maps and Plans, and an Appendix,

bringing the Work down to 1876. Demy 4to. #3 38. Old Rome. A Handbook of the Ruins of the Ancient City

and the Campagna, for the use of Travellers. By R. BORN, M.A, With Ilustra tions, Maps, and Plans. Demy 8vo. 108. od.

Ancient Athens; Its History, Topography, and Re

MAINS. BY THOMAS HENBY DYER, LL.D., Author of The History of the Kings of

Rome.” Super-royal 8vo. Illustrated, cloth. £1 68.
The History of the Kings of Rome. By Dr. T. H.

DYER, Author of the “History of the City of Rome;" “ Pompeil: Its History,
Antiquities,” &c., with a Prefatory Dissertation on the Sources and Evidence of Early
Roman History.' 8vo. 168.

Modern Europe, from the Fall of Constantinople in

1463. By THOMAS HENBY DYER, LL.D. Second Edition, Revised and Continued. In 5 vols. £2 128. ed.

The Decline of the Roman Republic. By the late GEORGE

LONG, M.A., Editor of “Cæsar's Commentaries," "Cicero's Orations,” &c. 8vo.
Vol. I. From the Destruction of Carthage to the End of the Jugurthine War. 148.
Vol. II. To the Death of Sertorius. 148.
VOL III. Including the third Mithridatic War, the Catiline Conspiracy, and the Con-
sulship of C. Julius Cæsar.

Vol. IV. History of Cæsar's Gallic Campaigns and of contemporaneous events. 14.
Vol. V. From the Invasion of Italy by Julius Cæsar to his Death. 146.

A History of England during the Early and Middle

AGES. By C. H. PEARSON, M.A., Fellow of Oriel College, Oxford, and late Lecturer in History at Trinity College, Cambridge. Second Edition, revised and enlarged. 8vo. Vol. I. to the Death of Cour de Lion. 168. Vol. II. to the Death of Edward 1. 146.

Historical Maps of England. By O. H. PEARSON, M.A.

Folio. Second Edition, revised. 318, 6d. An Atlas containing Five Maps of England at different perlods during the Early and Middle Ages.

The Desert of the Exodus. Journeys on Foot in the

Wilderness of the Forty Years' Wanderings, undertaken in connection with the
Ordnance Survey of Sinai and the Palestine Exploration Fund. By E. H. PALMER, M.A.,
Lord Almoner's Professor of Arabic and Fellow of St. John's College, Cambridge,
Member of the Asiatic Society, and of the Société de Paris. With Maps, and numerous
Illustrations from Photographs and Drawings taken on the spot by the Sinai Survey
Expedition and C. F. TYRWHITT DRAKE. 2 vols. 8vo. 288.




Corpus Poetarum Latinorum. Edited by E. WALKER.

One thick vol. 8vo. Cloth, 188. Containing :-Catullus, Lucretius, Virgilins, Tibullus, Propertius, Ovidius, Horatius, Phaedrus, Lacanus, Persius, Juvenalis, Martialis, Sulpicia, Statius, Silins Italions, Valerius Flaccus, Calpurnius Siculus, Ausonius, and Claudianus. Cruden's Concordance to the Old and New Testament,

or an Alphabetical and Classified Index to the Holy Bible, specially adapted for Sunday School Teachers, containing nearly 54,000 references Thoroughly revised and con

densed by G. H. HANNAY. Fcap. 28. Perowne (Canon). The Book of Psalms. A New

Translation, with Introductions and Notes, Critical and Explanatory. By the Very Rev.
J. J. STEWABT PEROWNE, Dean of Peterborough. 8vo. Vol. 1., Fifth Edition, 185.;
Vol. II., Fifth Edition, 168.

ABRIDGED EDITION for Schools. Third Edition. Crown 8vo. 108. 6d. Adams (Dr. E.). The Elements of the English Lan.

GUAGÈ. By ERNEST ADAMS, Ph.D. Eighteenth Edition. Post 8vo. 48. Edhe Whewell

(Dr.). Elements of Morality, including Polity. By W. WHEWELL, D.D., formerly Master of Trinity College, Cambridge. Fourth Edition. In 1 vol. 8vo. 158.

BIOGRAPHIES BY THE LATE SIR ARTHUR HELPS, K.C.B. The Life of Hernando Cortes, and the Conquest of

MEXICO. Dedicated to Thomas Carlyle. 2 vols. Crown 8vo. 168. The Life of Christopher Columbus, the Discoverer of

AMERICA. Fourth Edition. Crown 8vo. 68. The Life of Pizarro. With Some Account of his Asso

dates in the Conquest of Peru. Second Edition. Crown 8vo. 68. The Life of Las Casas, the Apostle of the Indies.

Seoond Edition. Crown 8vo. 68.


This work is a

The Life and Epistles of St. Paul. By THOMAS LEWIN,

Esq., M.A., F.S.A., Trinity College, Oxford, Barrister-at-Law, Author of "Fasti Sacri,” “Siege of Jerusalem," "Cæsar's Invasion," " Treatise on Trusts,” &c. apwards of 350 Illastrations finely engraved on Wood, Maps, Plans, &c. Fourth

Edition. In 2 vols., demy 4to. £2 28. " This is one of those works which demand from critics and from the public, beforo attempting to estimate its merits in detail, an anqualified tribute of admiration. The first glance tells as that the book is one on which the leisure of a busy lifetime and the whole resources of an enthusiastic author have been lavished without stint. kind of British Musenm for this period and subject in small compass.

It is a series galleries of statues, gems, coins, documents, letters, books, and relics, through which the reader may wander at leisure, and which he may animate with bis own musings and reflections. It must be remembered througbout that this delightful and instructive collection is the result of the devotion of a lifetime, and deserves as mnch honour and recognition as many a museum or picture gallery which has preserved its donor's name for generations." -Mimes. LONDON : GEORGE BELL & SONS, YORK STREET, COVENT GARDEN.



Dante's Divine Comedy. Translated by the Rev. HENRY

FRANCIS CABY. With all the Author's Copyright Emendations. Post 8vo. 38. Bd. Shakespeare. Shakespeare's Plays and Poems. With

Notes and Life by CHARLES KNIGHT, and 40 engravings on wood by HABVEY. Royal

8vo. Cloth, 108. 6d. Fielding. Works of Henry Fielding, complete. With

Memoir of the Author by THOMAS ROSOOE, and 20 Plates by GEORGE CRUIKAHANK.

Medium 8vo. 148. Fielding. The Novels separately. With Memoir by

THOMAS ROSCOE, and Plates by GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. Mediam 8vo. 73. 6d. Swift. Works of Jonathan Swift, D.D. Containing

Interesting and valuable passages not hitherto published. With Memoir of the Author

by THOMAS ROSCOE. 3 vols. Medium 8vo. 248. Smollett. Miscellaneous Works of Tobias Smollett.

Complete in 1 vol. With Memoir of the Author by THOMAS ROBCOE. 21 Plates by

GEORGE CRUIKSHANK. Medium 8vo. 148. Lamb. The Works of Charles Lamb. With a Momoir

by Sir THOMAS NOON TALFOURD. Imp. 8vo. 108. 6d. Goldsmith's Poems. Illustrated. 16mo. 28. 6d. Wordsworth's White Doe of Rylstone; or, the Fate of

THE NORTONS. Wustrated. 16mo. 38. 8d. Longfellow's Poetical Works. With nearly 250 Illustra

tions by BIRKET FOSTER, TENNTEL, GODWIN, THOMAS, &c. In i vol. 218. Longfellow's Evangeline. Ilustrated. 16mo. 38. 6d. Longfellow's Wayside Inn. Illustrated. 16mo. 38. 6d. Adelaide Anne Procter's Legends and Lyrics. The

Illustrated Edition, With Additional Poems, and an introduction by CHARLES
DICKENS, a Portrait by JEENS, and 20 Illustrations by Eminent Artists, and a short

Memoir by Mrs. EWING. Fcap. 4to. Ornamental cloth. 218.
Mrs. Gatty's Parables from Nature. A Handsomely

Illustrated Edition ; with Notes on the Natural History, and namerous Full-page
Illustrations by the most eminent Artists of the present day. New complete edition,

with Short Memoir by J. H. EWING. Fcap. 4to. 218. The Book of Gems. Selections from the British

POETS. Illustrated with upwards of 150 Steel Engravings. Edited by S. C. HALL.
3 vols. Handsomely bound in walnat. 218. each.



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