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Oon came prekyng owt of the prees,
To fyr Emere evyn he chese,

But soone was fellyd hys pryde.
Syr Emere reysyd hys spere on byght,
Thorow the body he bare the knyght,

And downe he felle that tyde. ,
Than they faght hand ouyr hedd,
Many oon there ther lyvys levydd,

That came on Garcyes lyde.


The emperowre of Rome lay on hys wall,
And hys doghtur gent and small,

Florence feyre and free ;
Sche feyde, Fadur, with mylde stevyn,
To us ys comyn helpe fro hevyn,

Fro god in mageftè ;
Yondur ys a nobull knyght,
That styrryth hym styfly in the fyght,

Beholde and ye may fee;
Wyth the whyte dowve and the blak lyon,
The beste that cometh he stryketh down,,

Helpe that he rescowde bee.


The emperowre calde fyr Egravayne,
And fyr Sampson, that was hym gảyne,

Armed well and ryght,

A hundurd men with them he toke,
Up they lepe, so seyth the boke,

On ftedys stronge and wyght.
All that were lefte onlayne,
Fledd unto ther strenkyth agayne,

Hyt was a femely fyght.
Then swere Garcy, in full grete yre,
That he wolde brenne all Rome with fyre,

On the morne yf that he myght.


Then fyr Mylys and fyr Emere, · Wyth ther forty felows in fere,

Come the emperowre beforne;
They falutyd hym full ryally,
And hys doghtur that stode hym by:

He alkyd where they were borne.
They answeryd hym full curteslye,
We were the kynges sonnes of Hungary,

Owre fadur hys lyfe hath lorne,
And hedur are we come to the,
As fowdears, yf mystyr bee;

We speke hyt not in skorne. God, and feynt Petur of Rome, Yylde yow yowre hedur-come,

The emperowre can sey;


So doghtely as ye have begonne,
Was never men undur the sonne

So lykyng to my paye.
Then the maydyn thankyd them efte, 520
He them wythhelde with them they lefte,

To mete then wente thay;
The emperowre set fyr Mylys hym by,
Emere cowde more of curtesye,

And he ete with the maye.

Sche thoght hym a full curtes knyght,
Feyre, yonge, femely, and wyght,

Hur harte to hym can yylde.
Syr Mylys seyde the emperowre too,
And ye wolde at my councell doo,

* 530
Ye schoulde not fyght in fylde,
But close the yatys, and the brygges up drawe,
And kepe us clene owt of ther awe,'

And owre wepons wyghtly welde :
And kepe the town bothe nyght and day,
Tyl they be wery and wende away :

Syr Emere hym behelde.

Emere seyde Mylys unto,
So myght a sympull grome do,"

Kepe an holde wythynne;



But we wyll manly to the felde,
And fyr Garcy batell yelde,

To morne or that we blynne.
Then they made crye thorow the cytè,
That no man schoulde so hardy bee,

That waryson wolde wynne,
But folowe the standard wher hyt goys,
And freschly fyght upon owre foys,

Bothe the more and the mynne.
Than fyr Garcy, wyth mekyll pryde,
Made to crye the same on hys fyde,

Amonge the barons bolde ;
The kynge of Turkay he feyde than,
Thou art a fulle madde man,

And faylefte wyt for elde;
Syr Otes the graunt hath noght gylte,
Let therfore no blode be spylte,

For hym that all fchall welde ;
Nay he warnyd me hys doghtur schene,
And that hath tymberde all my teene,

Full dere hyt fchall be felde.


A Roman stode bésyde and harde,
To the towne full soone he farde,

And tolde the emperowre;

The maydyn mylde up sche rase,
With knyghtes and ladyes feyre of face,

And wente unto a towre.
There fche fawe ryght in the feldys
Baners brode and bryght scheidys

Of chevalry the flowre,
They nowmberde them forty thousand men,
And a hundurd moo then hur fadur had then,

That were ryght styffe iu ftowre.


Allas ! seyde that maydyn clere,
Whedur all the yonde folke and there

Schoulde dye for my fake,
And y but a sympull woman!
The terys on hur chekys ranne,

Hur ble beganne to blake.
“ Put me owt to olde Garcy,
Yf all thes men schulde for me dye,

Hyt were a dolefull wrake."
Hur fadur seyde hyt schulde not bee;
Hors and armowre askyd hee,

And soone hys swyrde can take.


He lepe on hys stede Bandynere,
And in hys honde he hent a spere,

And rode abowte all nyght,

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