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Sakles, I, 106, fackless, innocent, guiltless.
Sal, shal.
Sale, I, 191, Salle, a hall: falle, F.
Salmes, psalms.
Sambus, I, 211, a houseing, or saddle-cloth : sambué, F.

Same, Samen, Samin, Samyn, In or Yn fame, together.

Samyte, II, 36, a rich filk, or stuf, more precious than Saye. See Memoires de chevalerie, II, 223.

Sarazynes, Saracens, Pagans, heathens, Danes, Northmen.

Sar, Sare, fore. Sari, forry, forrowful. Sarily, forrowfully.

Saugh, saw.

Savage, I, 946, wild. Savagelych, I, 175, wildly, inconfiderately. Mister Ellis prints it fan gelyth, and supposeës this unintelligible word may possiblely.be a mistake in the MSS.” [MS.] which, however, is not the case. If savagely mean sagely, the poet must be ironical.

Sawe, speech, words, sayings. Sawes, Speeches, sayings.
Sawnfaile, without doubt.
Sawter, the psalter.
Sawtry, a psaltery.
Say, II, 4, a sort of stuf.

Sayn, 1, 63, say. Sayne, III, 13, 120, hgn. Sayned him, 26, cross'd himself, or made the sign of the cross. So Cryste me save and sayne (III, 13).

Sayde, assay'd.
Scath, harm.
Schalmuses, II, 75, Jhalms.
Schare, Share, shore, cut.

Schawe, II, 48, III, 64, shaw, shade, grove, copje, within a wood. Schawys, II, 258, shaws, &c. scead, S.Q.

Sche, she.

Schend, II, 86, put to death, hil, say; Schende, 1, 193, defame, degrade, injure, hurt. Schent, ruin'd, undone.

Schene, shineing.
Schepe, a ship.
Schere, I, 188, as skere, free, clear.
Schilde, shield. Schelde, I, 177, shield, prevent.
Scho, she.
Schold, Schud, fhould, should go.
Schome, shame.
Schop, shape'd, form'd, made, createëd.

Schrede, I, 187, II, 2, screed, screen, clothe, dress kimself.

Schrewe, II, 80, Shrewes, Shrew, Threws, atrocious Tascals.

Schrive, Schryve, confess (to a priest). Schrofe, Shriveën.

Schyre, I, 180, III, 5, clear.
Scill, skill, cause, reason; advice, counsel; art, knowlege.

Sclaveyn, II, 135. See the note on V. 1060 of King Horn.

Sclawe, sain. .
Sclegh, II, 16, lly.
Sclo. To sclo, to be slain, or put to death.
Scryed, III, 15, discover'd, describe'd.
Scyverede, shiver'd.
Se, fee, look to, regard, preserve.
Seek, Seke, fick.
Seende, II, 162.
Segge, II, 297, say. Seggeth, 297, says.
Seh, saw.

Seker, Sekyr, ficker, certain, fure. Sekyr me, assure me. Sekerly, surely. Sekernes, certainty, surety, assurance.

'Selcouth, strange.
Selde, seldom; II, 108, Of kunde me ne selde.

Selly, I, 5, 147, filly, fimple, foolish. A grete felly, 147, a great folly.

Selve, I, 4, self, same, self-fame.
Sernbelde, assemble'd.
Sembland, semblance, appearance.
Semblant, welcome.
Sembyll, assemble.
Semelant, II, 261, resemblance.
Semelych, seemly.
Sen, fince.
Sendell, III, 8, a thin filk like cypress.
Sent, III, 11, assent, consent.
Sensours, cenfers, incense-pots.
Ser, I, 61, Sere, several, different.
Sere, I, 181, fir. Serrys, firs.
Sered, cered (with a cere-cloth).
Serewe, Serwe, forrow. .
Serke, II, 225, fark, shirt.
Servandes, fervants.
Sese, fees; cease. Sesed, ceafe'd.

Sesowne. This day was us set sesowne, This day was the season, or time, appointed to us.

Sete, fat.
Seth, seeth'd, boil'd.
Sethen, Sethin, Seththe, Seythen, fince, afterward.
Sevé, feven.

Seyde, I, 195, V. 569. Mister Ellis perverts Seyde to Geyde, and explains it, upon whatever authority, “ Thought.”

Seygh, saw.
Seylys, sails.
Shame, I, 10, ashame'd.

Share, scar, cut.
Shaws, coppiceës.
Shenche, II, 106, ferve, minister (wine or other drink).
Shene, fhineing.

Shent, Shente, hurt, vex'd, ruin'd, undone, blame'd. See Schend.

Shete, shoot.
Sho, Mhe.
Shonde, harm, mischief.
Shoope. See Schop.
Shrede, to clad, or clothe.
Sibbe, II, 94, relateëd, ally'd.
Sicles, III, 178.
Sith, Sithes, time, times.
Skalde, I, 4, scold, Speaker of Scandal, il tongue'd.
Skapy, to escape.
Skath, harm, lofs. .

Skere, I, 204, 208, 213, II, 13, sheer, free, clear, quit, acquit, Mister Ellis explains it secure, assure."

Sket, II, 21, ready, apt: rceot, S.
Skyere, Squire.
Skyll, II, 78.
Slake, I, 199, to cool, Nacken, decline.
Slape, sleep.
Slen, slay.
Slik, Slike, fuch.

Slo, Nay. Slogh, flew. Slon, Sloo, Nay. Slogh, 1, 86,

Slod, sid.
Slope. On Nope, III, 69, afleep.
Slouthe, III, 105, Noth.
Smertly, quickly.
Snell, quick, sharp, keen, Swift, nimble, active: ifnel, F.


Snytes, fripes.

So, as.

Softe, fought.
Sold, Solde, Suld, should, should be.

Solers, 1, 35, uper rooms, enjoying the light and heat of the fun, for the purpose of retirement; gerrets, lofts.

Somers, Somer-horses, sumpter-horseës, loaded, or carrying baggage: Sommiers, F.

Somned, summon'd.
Sond, Sonde, a message, or messenger.
Sonde, fand.
Sote, fweer.

Soth, truth. Mister Ellis has printed this word, cor. ruptly, for, and explain'd it, absurdly, sure.

Sothely, truely.
Sothen, sodden.
Sotheyr, soother, more true.
Sowdears, foldiers..

Sowles hele, Sowle-hele, the health, or salvation, of the foul.

Sowpeth, fup'd.
Soyorne, Sojourn.
Sparryd, Spar'd, fhut, faften'd, bolted.
Spec, Spoke, or bespoke.

Spell, I, 37, Speech, narrative, relation, Rory, tale: Lutel spelle, few words.

Sper, Spir, to ask, or enquire. Speryd, Spird, ask'd, enquire'd. Evyr speryng ther gatys gane, ever asking their near ways.

Sperd, Sperred. See Sparryd.
Spred, A bytter spred, III, 78. '
Spreteth, I, 181, Spreadeth.
Spylle, dye, be put to death. For drede sche schulde

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