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Thyll, til.
Thynke, thing.
Tide, betide.
Tint, loft.
Tit, 11, 147, receive'd, took !
Tite, I, 5, foon, quickly. Titter, fooner.
Tithand, Tithandes, Tithyng, tideings, news.
To, thou (I, 39); til; toe; too.
Toc, took.
To-brefte, 1, 190, burst.
To-drevet, II, 202, driveën, pursue'd,
Todur, other, others.
Tokenyng, token, keep-fake.
Tome, toom, teem, empty,
Too, take; to; toe.
To-dere, too dear,
To-rent, rent, torn.
To-scyverede, Jhiver'd.
To-terys, tears (verb). Țotore, tort. 1
To-whiles, mean-while, mean-time.
To-yeynes, again.
Traised, betray'd.
Traisted, trusted. Traystes, trufts,
Traitour, II, 306, betrayer.

Trappes, II, 13, Trappur, II, 54, Trappure, 37, See Lengell. Neither can be discover'd.

Tre, tree, wood. Goddes tre, Chrifts cross. Trese, trees.

Tredd, III, 79, trod.
Trente, II, 109, embrace'di
“ Bitrent and writhin is the sweet wood binde."

Troilus & Creseide, B. 3, V. 1237, Trewes, Trues, truce,

Trist, fure.
Trompours, I, 188, trumpeters.
Trofels, trifles.
Trowage, I, 127, Truage, tribute.
Trowes, trowell, believeëjt.

Trowth, truth.
3. Tryst, III, 177, post or station.

Tryste, trust.
Tuaste, II, 272.
Turmentrye, II, 73, torment, torture.
Tuye, twice.
Twyes, twice.
Twyn, twine, part, feparate. !'
Tyd, Tyte, tite, quick, foon.
Tyger, III, 15, Tiber.
Tyght, I, 6, begun; III, 17, pitch'd, fix'd.

Tymberde all my teene, III, 24. So in The aunter of fir Gawane :

" Thus shall a Tyber untrue tymber with tene." Again, in Minots Poems :

Towrenay zow has tight

To timber, trey, and tene." Tyre, attire, dress.

Uche, each.
Umage, homage.
Umbithought, I, 67, bethought.
Umbraydest, upbraideft.
Umstrade, 1, $5, beftrode. Thus Minot:

The king of Beme had cares colde,
That was ful hardy and bolde, twitteln

A ftede to umstride,”
Uncouth, Uncouthe, unknown, Arange, foreign.

Underfonge, seize, catch, take, meet with.
Under molde, II, 104, under earth.
Undertane, undertake.

Undo, open. See the note. Undone, prepare'd, made ready for the Spit.

Undern-tyde, I, 179; Under-tyde, I1, 251; Undurne, III, 64; the third hour of the artificial day; nine of the clock in the morning; and not, as mister Ellis thinks, after-noon.So Robert of Brunne: Bituex underon and non was the feld alle wonnen.

Died that lady bituex undron and prime.” (243.) Undur-lace, III, 77, a woman, from her lace.

Undur the molde, III, 82, under-ground, dead and bury'd.

Unement, ointment.
Unfawe, I, 201,

Ungayne, III, 60, These gatys they are ungayne, These ways are not near, or in the right road; III, 79, a roche ungayne, an aukward rock.

Unhele, il health, unhapyness.
Unhende, uncivil, unpolite, disobligeing, rude.
Unkowth. See Uncouth.
Unkunand, not cuning, unknowing,ignorant, uninform'd.
Unlek, II, 77,
Unnese, Unnethes, scarcely.
Unorne, II, 105,
Unpees, no peace, war.
Unryde, II, 162, base, iniquitous : unriht, S.
Unsely, unhapy, unfortunate.
Unshet, Unsteke, unfhut, open.

Unfyght, II, 57, unseen (by each other, on account of their helmets).

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Unther, under; not " befdes," as it is explain'd by mister Ellis, who says, it is ufe'd by the authour of Launfal " with great latitude,which does not appear.

Unther-gare, II, 212, Unther-kelle, II, 217, Unther-lyne, Il, 240, Unther Terke, II, 225, Unther. wede, 11, 214: all figurative appellations for young women.

Unto, until.
Unwelde, III, 5, unwieldy.
Unwreft, II, 308.
Urnare god, II, 307, a good runer. Urneth, runeth.
Us, Uus, use, habit, custom.
Usedenn, ufi'd.
Vacche, Vecche, II, 142, 148, watch.
Valour, I, 212, value, importance.

Vassage, I, 105, 122, Vasselage, I, 53, knight-service, valour, courage.

Vayage, voyage, journey, adventure.

Velany, Vylanye, villainy, evil, baseness, impertinence, impropriety, mischief, injury.

Veneri, hunting, the chace.
Ventall. See Aventayle.

Vernage, probablely Vin de Vernou, a district in Touraine.

Verraye, true. Verraiment, Verrayment, truely.
Vurfte, worft.
Vys, II, 3, Vyys, phyz, face, countenance.
Vys, Il, 12, fwych vys, so powerful.

Wajour, wager.
Wald, would.

Wan, 1, 76, got. Arft yif him wan and wrake, II, 159; If he should even ferf grow pale and wretched. The soudan swart and wan, II, 168, black.

Wandreme, III, 134, joylessness, tribulation, agony of mind: pan, and dream, S.

Wane. Gude wane, I, 60, great many, plenty. Wilof wane, I, 69.

War, I, 1, wary, prudent; 53, were; 68, war with, aware of

Ware, expend, Spend, lay out. Ward, Wared, expended, Spent, lay'd out. Ware, were.

Warisown, I, 39, Warisowne, I, 101, Waryson, III, 24, help, cure, remedy, reward, recompence,

Warist, I, 111, cure'd.
Warm, II, 84, worm, ferpent.

Warned, apprise'd, inform’d, caution'd, or haveing notice.

Warye, curse.
Wate, I, 19, thought; 31, think ; know; knows.
Wax, Waxe, Wex, Wox, wax'd.
Wawe, wave,
Wayes. Be godys wayes, III, 51.

Wayte, III, 121. Or sche wayte us wyth that woo, before fhe can serve us fo.

Wedde, gage, pledge.
Weddewede, widowhood.
Wede, armour, apparel, dress, robe, garment.

Wede, I, 153, III, 71, He ferd right as he wald wede, behave'd as if he were mad. See Awede.

Weders, weather, of different forts; wind, hail, rain, &c.

Welde, wield, rule, reign, govern; II, 194, Me to spouse welde, take me to wife.

Wele-lykeand, wel-looking.
Wele-rinand, wel-runing, swift.
Welk, walk'd.

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